1904 Born 30 August/12th September in Novocherkassk
1922-30 Studies with Nikolayev, Shcherbachov, and Steinberg at Leningrad Conservatoire
1925 Images for piano
1927 Chamber Symphony (Septet) in C
Song for violin and piano
1928 Large Suite for piano
1928-34 First Symphony
1933 Symphonic Suite No. 1
1937 Concerto-Poem for violin and orchestra
1941 Alexander Nevsky (uncompleted opera)
Melody for cello and piano
1943 Second Symphony, "Motherland"
1944 2 Mazurka-Caprices for piano
1946 Third Symphony for strings
Symphonic Aria in Memory of A.N. Tolstoy for cello and strings
1947 2 Pieces for piano
1948 Condemned as a formalist
2 Skazki for piano
1949 Fourth Symphony
1950 Epic Tale About Lenin, vocal-orchestral poem
1951 String Quartet
1953 3 Lyric Poems for piano
1956 Fifth Symphony
1970 Sixth Symphony, "Festive"
Organ Concerto
1972 Dies 17 January at Repino

[NB This list omits 40 choral works and 39 film scores]

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