1903 Born 24 May/6 June at Kidzhori, near Tbilisi
1925 Poem for piano
1926 Lullaby for violin and piano
Dance for violin and piano
1927 Ballade for violin and piano
Poem for piano
Pantomime for oboe and piano
1929 Graduates from Gnesin Music School
Song-Poem for violin and piano
Allegretto for violin and piano
First Field March for wind orchestra
1930 Second Field March for wind orchestra
1931 String Quartet
1932 Toccata for piano
Uzbek March and Dancing Song for wind band
Armenian Folksong and Dance for wind band
Suite for piano
Violin Sonata
Clarinet Trio
1933 Third Dance for piano
Dance Suite for orchestra
Macbeth, incidental music
1934 Graduates from Moscow Conservatory (teachers: Glier, Gnesin, Myaskovsky)
First Symphony
1936 Piano Concerto
1937 The Big Day, incidental music
Song of Stalin, for orchestra and chorus
1938 Poem about Stalin for orchestra and chorus (rev. Song of Stalin, 1937)
Film: Zangezur
1939 Ballet: Happiness
1940 The Valencian Widow, incidental music
Violin Concerto
1941 Masquerade, incidental music
1941-2 Ballet: Gayane
1942 The Kremlin Chimes, incidental music
"To the Heroes of the Patriotic War", march for wind band
1943 Second Symphony, "(The) Bell" (rev. 1960)
1944 Russian Fantasy for orchestra
Armenian State Anthem for chorus and orchestra
3 Pieces for two pianos
1945-47 Scenes from Childhood for piano
1946 Cello Concerto
3 Concert Arias for high voice and orchestra
The Adventures of Ivan for piano
1947 Third Symphony, "Symphony-Poem"
A Tale of Truth, incidental music
1948 Ode in Memory of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin for orchestra
1949 Documentary Film: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Ilya Golovin, incidental music
Film: The Battle of Stalingrad
1950 Triumphal Poem for orchestra
Film: Secret Mission
1953 Film: Admiral Ushakov
1954 Ballet: Spartacus
1956 Film: Othello
Ode To Joy, cantata for mezzo-soprano, mixed chorus, violins, harps, and orchestra
1957 rev. Gayane (1943)
1958 Greeting Overture for orchestra
King Lear, incidental music
Sonatina for piano
1959 Suite from Lermontov for orchestra
1961 Piano Sonata
Concerto-Rhapsody for violin and orchestra
Ballad of the Motherland for bass and orchestra
1963 Concerto-Rhapsody for cello and orchestra
1964-5 10 Children's Pieces for piano
1966 Recitatives and Fugues for piano
1973 March of the Soviet Police in E flat major
1974 Sonata-Fantasy for solo cello
1975 Triumphal Fanfares for trumpets and drums
Sonata-Monologue for solo violin
1976 Sonata-Song for solo viola
1978 Vocalise for piano
Dies 5 January in Moscow

[NB This list omits some stage, cinema, songs, instrumental works]

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