1931 Born 24 October in Chistopol, Tatar Republic
1954 Graduates from Kazan Conservatoire
1956 Fatseliya for soprano and piano
1957 Piano Quintet
1959 Graduates from Moscow Conservatoire, studying with Peiko. Post-graduate study with Shebalin.
1960 Serenada for guitar
1963 Chaconne for piano
Allegro rustico for flute and piano
1965 Piano Sonata
Five Etudes for harp, doublebass and percussion
1966 Pantomime for doublebass and piano
Sonata for 14 percussion instruments
1968 Night in Memphis, cantata for mezzo-soprano, male chorus and chamber orchestra
1969 Rubaiyat, cantata for baritone and chamber ensemble
Musical Toys, 14 piano pieces
1970 Vivente - Non Vivente for synthesizer
1971 Concordanza for chamber ensemble
Music for harpsichord and percussion instruments
First String Quartet
Fairytale, poem for orchestra
Toccata troncata for piano
1972 Detto II for cello and chamber ensemble
Roses, 5 songs for soprano and piano
Steps for orchestra
1973 Counting Rhymes, 5 songs for children
1974 Hour of the Soul, poem for mezzo and orchestra
Rumore e Silenzio for percussion and harpsichord/celesta
Ten Preludes for cello
Quattro for 2 trumpets and 2 trombones
Invention for piano
1975 Forms Astraea group with Vyacheslav Artyomov and Viktor Suslin.
Concerto for bassoon and low strings
Laudatio Pacis, oratorio for sopr, alto, tenor, bass, speaker, 3 mixed choruses and orchestra without strings
Sonata for double-bass and piano
1976 Concerto for symphony orchestra and jazz band
Light and Darkness for organ
Two Ballads for trumpet and piano
Dots, Lines, and Zigzags for bass clarinet and piano
Trio for 3 trumpets
1977 Mysteriozo for 7 percussionists
On Tatar Folk Themes for domra and piano
Lamento for tuba and piano
Song Without Words for trumpet and piano
Duo Sonata for 2 bassoons
Quartet for 4 flutes
In the Beginning There Was Rhythm for 7 percussionists
1978 Introitus, concerto for piano and orchestra
Te Salutant, capriccio for orchestra
Detto I, sonata for organ and percussion
Sounds of the Forests for flute and piano
Flute Sonatina
De Profundis for bayan
1979 Jubilatio for 4 percussionists
Two pieces for horn and piano
In Croce for celli and organ/bayan
1980 Along with Denisov and others, denounced by Khrennikov for composing atonal music "unconnected with real life".
The Garden of Joy and Sorrow for flute, harp and viola
Offertorium, concerto for violin and orchestra
1981 Descensio for 3 trombones, 3 percussionists, harp, harpsichord and piano
Rejoice, sonata for violin and cello
1982 Offertorium, concerto for violin and orchestra (second version)
Seven Words for cello, bayan and strings
1984 Hommage à Marina Tsvetayeva, suite for a capella chorus
1985 Quasi Hoquetus for viola, bassoon (or cello) and piano
Letter to the Poetess Rimma Dallosh for soprano and cello
Et Exspecto, sonata for bayan
1986 Perception for soprano, baritone and 7 stringed instruments
Offertorium, concerto for violin and orchestra (final version)
Steps for symphony orchestra (second version)
Stimmen... Verstummen, symphony in 12 movements
1987 Witty Waltzing in the Style of Johann Strauss for soprano and octet
Second String Quartet
Third String Quartet
Hommage à T.S. Eliot for soprano and octet
1988 Night in Memphis, cantata for mezzo, male chorus and chamber orchestra (second version)
Two Songs on German Folk Poetry for mezzo, flute, harpsichord and cello
String Trio
1989 Pro et Contra for large orchestra
The Unasked Answer, collage for 3 orchestras
Witty Waltzing in the Style of Johann Strauss for piano and string quartet
Jauchzt Der Gott for mixed chorus and organ
1990 Alleluja for mixed chorus, boy soprano, organ and large orchestra
1991 Aus dem Stundenbuch for cello, orchestra, male chorus and female speaker
Can You Hear Us, Luigi? Look at the Dance a Simple Wooden Rattle is Performing for You for 6 percussionists
Even And Uneven for 7 percussionists
Lauda for alto, tenor, baritone, speaker, mixed chorus and large orchestra
Silenzio for bayan, violin and cello
1992 Leaves Russia, settling in Germany near Hamburg.
Tatar Dance for bayan and 2 doublebasses
Night in Memphis, cantata for mezzo, male chorus and chamber orchestra (final version)
Steps for orchestra (final version)
1993 "And: The Festivities at Their Height" for cello and orchestra
Dancer on a Tightrope for violin and piano
"Early in the Morning, Just Before Waking..." for 4 kotos and 3 bass kotos
Meditation for harpsichord, 2 violins, viola, cello and double-bass
Now Always Snow for chamber ensemble and chorus
Meditation on the Bach's Chorale "Vor deinem Thron tret ich hiermit" for harpsichord and string quintet
1994 Fourth String Quartet with tape
Ein Engel for alto and doublebass
Figures of Time for symphony orchestra
Aus den Visionen von Hildegard von Bingen for alto
In Anticipation for saxophone quartet and 6 percussionists
Music for flute, strings and percussion (Flute Concerto)
1996 Galgenlieder 15 Pieces for Voice (mezzo), doublebass, and percussion
Viola Concerto
Impromptu for violin, flute and strings
Quarternion for 4 cellos
1997 Canticle of the Sun for chorus, cello, and 2 percussionists
1998 In the Shadow of the Tree for koto, bass koto
1999 Two Paths (A Dedication to Mary and Martha) for 2 violas and orchestra

[NB This list excludes around 30 film and theatre scores]
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