1929 Born 6 April in Tomsk
1946 Studies piano at Tomsk Music School
1951 Graduates from Tomsk University as a mathematician
5 Romances on Lyrics by Burns
1952 Piano Variations
1952-56 Studies at Moscow Conservatoire with Shebalin and Gershkovich
1953 Improvisations for violin and piano
1954 Trio
1955 Symphony in C
1957 First String Quartet
1958 Sonata for 2 violins
1959 Ivan-soldat opera
1960 Flute Sonata
1961 Siberian Soil oratorio
Second String Quartet
1962 Symphony for 2 string orchestras and percussion
1963 Violin Sonata
1964 Sun of the Incas cantata
Italian Songs
1965 Crescendo and Diminuendo for harpsichord and 12 strings
1966 Laments
1967 3 Pieces for cello and piano
3 Pieces for piano
1968 Ode for clarinet, piano, and percussion
Romantic Music for oboe, harp, and string trio
Autumn for 13 soloists
1969 Trio
1970 Peinture for orchestra
Alto Saxophone Sonata
5 Songs of Ivan Bunin
1971 2 Autumn Songs for voice and orchestra
Piano Trio
Canon in memoriam Stravinsky for flute, clarinet, and harp
Cello Sonata
Solo for oboe
1972 Cello Concerto
Solo Clarinet Sonata
1973 La vie en rose for voice and 5 instruments
1974 Piano Concerto
Signes en blanc for piano
1975 Flute Concerto
1977 Violin Concerto
4 Pieces for flute and piano
1979 Flute and Oboe Concerto
5 Baratynsky Songs
1980 Requiem
1981 L'Ecume des jours opera
Partita for violin and orchestra
The Bonfire of Snow, song-cycle for soprano and piano
1982 Chamber Symphony
Bassoon and Cello Concerto
Death Is A Long Sleep for cello and orchestra
Chamber Music
1983 Epitaph for chamber orchestra
1984 Concerto for 2 violins, harpsichord, and strings
1987 Symphony
Piano Quintet
1989 Reflets for piano

[NB This list omits some stage, cinema, and electronic works]

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