The Beatles' Records and The Sixties

- Music Media Book of the Year 1995 -

'The masterpiece The Beatles deserved.'
Max Bell, Vox

Admired by Sir George Martin, Sir Paul McCartney, and the late Derek Taylor,
REVOLUTION IN THE HEAD has become the must-have book on The Beatles.
This new, fully updated edition, currently unavailable in North America, may be
ordered direct over the WorldWide Web through any of the following UK sites:

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ISBN: 1-85702-684-5


'A brilliant electrical storm of a book.'

'A tour-de-force of pop/rock criticism... A complex swan-song
for the decade when pop music really mattered. Brilliant.'
Liam Carson, The Irish Tribune

'Arguably the most indispensable Beatles book ever published has just become
even more indispensable. MacDonald's track-by-track analysis of the Fabs' entire
recorded output, originally published in 1994, was a breathtaking overview not just
of the world's greatest group but of the politics and culture of the Western world
over the last 35 years. This new edition is updated to include the extra material
from Apple's exhaustive Live At The BBC double and the three Anthology sets.
Those of you who missed out the first time, what the hell is wrong with you?
The best 20 quid you'll spend in a bookshop all year.'
Terry Staunton, Uncut

'MacDonald's inspired critique has become the work against which all other
Beatles books are measured. In a dazzling piece of scholarship, he unravels the
dynamics and production-tricks of The Beatles' records and music, and shows how
the group reflected and shaped the century's most contentious decade.'
The Observer

'Impassioned... Compelling... Historical context and technical and musical
insight intertwined with forensic throughness. It's a vigorous testament
to the legacy of The Beatles that it can provoke work as challenging as this.'
Adam Sweeting, The Guardian

'Rock writing has finally acquired a serious status
with masterpieces like Ian MacDonald's Revolution in the Head
offering deft and witty socio-musicological analysis of the Sixties
through the refracting lens of The Beatles' music.'
Sleeve notes, The Independent

'Witty, admiring, disrespectful, and knowledgeable.'
Harpers and Queen

'One of the best-written books I've ever read about music.'
Joanna MacGregor, A Good Read

'What a critique! And what songs!
MacDonald analyses the Fab Four's output beautifully,
mixing anecdote with serious scholarship. His feeling for his subject,
and his ability to convey that feeling, are exemplary.'
The Daily Telegraph

'Stunningly exciting.'
The Irish Times

'Ref reshing as a summer thunderstorm. A truly remarkable book.'

'In Ian MacDonald, The Beatles at last have a critic worthy of their
oeuvre. Displaying mastery of technicalities and insightful judgement,
his song-by-song analysis represents a pinnacle of popular music criticism.'
The Independent

'An extraordinary book about an extraordinary pop group.
Elaborate and engrossing, Revolution in the Head succeeds like very few
pop culture music books do: it brings you back to the music.'
Tony Clayton-Lea, Tribune

'No other book traces The Beatles' career with anything
approaching this level of insight. Combines musical analysis and
acute historical awareness with jaw-dropping facility.'
Nicholas Lezard, The Guardian

'A chronological catalogue of The Beatles' music
which raises mere discography to the level of social history.
Should join the reading list of any student of the period.'
The Independent on Sunday

'One of the most convincing cultural analyses
of recent British musical history you could ever hope to read.'
Peter Aspden, Financial Times

'One of the most lucid assessments of the Sixties that I have read.'
George M. Eberhart, New Publications

'In a hundred years' time, books such as MacDonald's will be crucial texts for
anybody who wants to understand what British post-war culture was about.'
Jonathan Coe, The Sunday Times

'Admirable... Irresistible... Book of the Week.'
Times Educational Supplement

'I absolutely adored it. A glorious book.'
James Naughtie, A Good Read

'The only useful book ever written about the most neglected aspect of
The Beatles: their music. This is the most powerful and enlightening
work on British pop since Jon Savage's England's Dreaming.'
Charles Shaar Murray, Time Out

'A triumph. After finishing it, I went out and bought a pile of Beatles CDs
and listened to the songs properly for the first time in my life. Quite brilliant.'
Nick Hornby, The Sunday Times

'A brilliant piece of work that that puts Revolution in the Head in the same
hallowed company as Hunter Davies's The Beatles and Philip Norman's Shout!.'
Tony Parsons, The Daily Telegraph

'A piercingly vivid account that stands beside
Mark Lewisohn's Complete Recording Sessions as the book
beside which all "definitive" Beatles appraisals will be judged.'
Q, Recommended

'Consistently brilliant. The Beatles have never been so discriminatingly adored.'
Robert Sandall, The Sunday Times

'An astonishing achievement. The most sustainedly brilliant
piece of pop criticism and scholarship for years.'
Stuart Maconie, Q

'Fucking amazing book, man. Fascinating, totally.'
Noel Gallagher of Oasis

'The finest piece of Fabs scholarship ever published.'

'Certainly the best book about The Beatles
and probably one of the best about rock music full stop.'
Sean Body, Manager of Helter Skelter Bookshops
4 Denmark Street, London WC2H 8LL
[Tel. 0171-836-1151]

'Beatles books are an industry;
this product pretty much closes down the factory.'
Giles Smith, The Guardian

REVOLUTION IN THE HEAD: The Beatles' Records and The Sixties

Fourth Estate, London, 1997