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URCA Associates come from nearly all disciplines on the SIUE campus. Presented here are a variety of proposals that received funding in recent years. These model proposals are available here as a resource for future URCA Associate applicants, as well as to demonstrate the full breadth of URCA Associates and their research. Links to the proposals can be found by clicking on the student's name. Some proposals are in PDF files, while others are in Microsoft Word. The format is indicated by each proposal.

If you are interested in submitting a URCA Associate proposal, take time to view several of the ones presented here, even those outside of your discipline, to get a feel for the variety of ways that they can be written. Pay particular attention to budgets and timelines, which are becoming delineating areas as the URCA proposals becoming stronger and more sophisticated each year.

One special note: the proposal format was slightly altered beginning with the 2007-2008 academic year. Please keep in mind that these proposals should serve as samples of successful URCA Associate proposals, and not templates for new applicants.

Elizabeth Adams Marks, 2004-2005 PDF Icon
Art and Design (Fibers)
Handmade Paper from the Crops of Madison County

Sara Barry, 2004-2005 PDF Icon
Maternal-Newborn Nurses' Attitudes and Beliefs Toward Adolescent Mothers Who Breastfeed
Marquetta Brown, 2006-07 PDF Icon
Behavioral Consequences of Self-Oppression for African-Americans: Relationship among African Self-Consciousness, Self-Responsibility, and Life Satisfaction
A. Bradley Duthie, 2006-2007 PDF Icon
Biological Sciences
The Effects of Seed Dormancy and Mass on Germination and Viability in Federally Threatened Floodplain Species, Boltonia decurrens

Whitney Elmore, 2002-2003 PDF Icon
Theater and Dance (Theater Performance)
Exploring and Developing Stage Combat Methodologies
Andrew Givens, 2006-2007 PDF Icon
Political Science
The Impact of Failed States on Terrorism in the Middle East
Bryan Grubaugh, 2004-2005 PDF Icon
Computer Science and Psychology
The Effects of the Testing Environment on User Performance in Software Usability Testing

Ross Mead, 2005-2006 PDF
Computer Science
Algorithms for Control and Interaction of Large Formations of Robots
Amber Myers, 2001-2002 PDF
Historical Studies
Garden of Delight: A Comparative Study of the Love Poetry of Ancient Egypt and its Historical Context
Shari Pray, 2005-2006 PDF
Art and Design (Metalsmithing)
Aesthetic and Conceptual Coloring of Metal Through Patination
Amy Rogers, 2004-2005 PDF
Biological Sciences
Strategies for Efficient Control of Euonymus fortunei Based on Physiological Status
Nellie Shaul, 2004-2005 PDF Icon
Synthesis of 2-Substituted Benzofurans
Matt Warren, 2003-2004 PDF Icon
The Evolution of Ethics
Jennifer Wilkey, 2003-2004 PDF
Anthropology and Art and Design (Ceramics)
Determining the Function of Stumpware in the American Bottom through Experimental Archaeology
Amy Winkler, 2004-2005 PDF Icon
Physics and Electrical Engineering
Design of a Laser Using Trivalent Europium Doped Silicate Glass
Mary Witte, 2004-2005 PDF Icon
Speech-Language Pathology (Special Education and Communication Disorders)
The Effects of Linear Predictive Coding Analysis/Resynthesis of the Dysarthric Speech for Persons with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis





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