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All URCA Associate applicants are required to write a proposal that includes an abstract, literature review, hypothesis, time line, budget and reference/citation page (see proposal guidelines.) URCA Associate proposals also include a cover/application page, which contains relevant information about the applicant, his or her mentor, and signatures by the student's mentor, department chair, and dean. The URCA Associate application is a two-tier process consisting of an electronic submission and a hard-copy submission of the student's proposal and cover/application page, which contains original signatures.

Both electronic and paper copies of Associate proposals are due at noon on the third Friday of March for application to the following academic year URCA Associate Program (e.g., a student wishing to be a URCA Associate during his senior year would apply in March of his junior year). Please e-mail the electronic copy to Dr. Ariel Belasen ( and deliver the paper copy to Dr. Belasen faculty mailbox in the Main Business Office, in Alumni Hall, Room 1102; both copies must be received by the deadline. Please note that this is a firm deadline and late applications will not be accepted!

Please note: Your cover page will require the signatures of your Department Chair and Dean. These are very busy people whose work often takes them off-campus. Don't wait until the last minute to obtain these signatures, or you may find they will not be available to sign for you! Please plan accordingly to have your application compete and signed by the deadline. (You may need to make an appointment with your Department Chair and Dean to get their signatures.) Regarding the electronic submission, please scan the cover sheet after you've obtained all of the required signatures. If you don't have a scanner, check with your mentor to see if your department has one you can use. Again, plan ahead to make sure you complete all of these steps by the deadline!

The URCA Board meets in April to evaluate proposals for the next academic year. Selected students begin work on their projects during the summer/fall semesters and finish in the spring.

URCA Associate proposals should be no longer than five typed pages, excluding abstracts, budgets, reference pages and supplemental material, such as glossaries or illustrations. Applicants may find it helpful to view previous successful URCA proposals, which can be found under the link Sample Proposals. It may be useful to look at several different proposals, even if they are from unrelated fields. This will provide a more thorough picture of successful URCA proposals as well as an overview of the various ways students have presented different components, such as budgets and timelines. The proposal format and cover pages were altered slightly in 2007, so applicants are advised not to use these samples as templates.

We recommend that URCA Associate applicants have their proposals read by an experienced professional from SIUE's Writing Center. Students should visit the Writing Center webpage or call 618-650-2045 to schedule an appointment with a writing coach. Applicants can consult with these professionals on multiple occasions and at various stages of the writing process, so it is recommended that students get aligned early with their coaches for best results.

Useful links/information for URCA Associate applicants:

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