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Congratulations to the winners of the fall 2011 URCA Assistant program Awards!!

Vaughn Vandegrift URCA Assistant Research Mentor of the Semester Award


Dr. Julie Holt, Anthropology

Nominated by: Aslin Fanning

"Julie does an amazing job with balancing her many tasks at the university... She is a wonderful mentor and an excellent role model for her students. Her level of integrity is something that I aspire to have in my own professional career."

URCA Research Assistant of the Semester Award


Shaun Diltz, Geography

Nominated by: Dr. Elizabeth Walton

"Whether it is hiking around in the woods, mowing grass at the research site, repairing traps, mopping the floor, washing turtle tanks, or completing paperwork, Shaun does it all with a smile and, most importantly, without fail. He is a shining example of what the URCA program aspires to achieve: a creative undergraduate research experience made all the more successful by the manner in which the student embraces the opportunity."

URCA Creative Activities Assistant of the Semester Award


Megan Smith, Special Education

Nominated by: Dr. Caroline Pryor

"Megan has demonstrated tremendous energy and dedication in her creative work on the [ Learning for Democracy: An International Journal of Thought and Practice] journal. Her work demonstrates to me that Megan is an outstanding student whose dedication to the work of this journal deserves recognition."

URCA Assistant Creative Activities Mentor of the Semester Award

No nominees

Other nominees:

Research Mentor

Dr. Anita Joy, Dental Medicine
Nominated by: Samantha Hamilton

Dr. Dan Segrist, Psychology
Nominated by: Tonya Hatter

Research Assistant

Charles "CJ" Massie, Psychology
Nominated by: Dr. Danice Brown

Ashley Henry, Community Health Education
Nominated by: Dr. Dayna Henry

Jessica Eichhorst, Civil Engineering
Nominated by: Dr. Susan Morgan

Alyssa Humphreys, Exercise and Wellness
Nominated by: Dr. Jen Gapin

Rosey Morr, Psychology
Nominated by: Dr. Joel Nadler

Tim Kluthe, Computer Science
Nominated by: Dr. Dennis Bouvier

Andrew Klutta, Computer Science
Nominated by: Dr. Gary Mayer

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For more information about the URCA program, contact Dr. Laura Pawlow at 618-650-2608 or

The calls for nominations for these awards go out mid-fall and mid-spring.

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