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2008-09 Academy

2008-2009 students at their Symposium. Back row, from left: Daniel Banks, James Feucht, Michael Parrish, Ashley Jabs, Lauren Riseman, Lance Spinnie, Whitney Stephenson, Kelsey Hubert. Front row, from left: Zak French, John Jachna, Stephanie Matteson, Mindy Young-Lawson, Gina Rosienski, Angela Cooper, Jamie Berner. Not pictured is Christopher Stroot.

Members of the 2008-09 Undergraduate Research Academy, their projects, and mentors included:

Daniel C. Banks, Chemistry
Project: Synthesis of Variable Composition Europium-doped Aluminosilicate Glasses
Mentor: Dr. Eric Voss

Jamie E. Berner, Anthropology
Project: A Study of Foraging Behavior and Diet of C. capucinus in a Tropical Forest in Costa Rica
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer A. Rehg

Angela Cooper, Anthropology
Project: Inspiring Pride and Saving the Past: An Archaeological Survey of the Belleville-Mascoutah Area
Mentor: Dr. Julie Zimmerman Holt

James Feucht, Electrical and Computer Engineering & Music
Project: The Effect of Sympathetic Resonance in the Musical Ensemble
Mentors: Dr. Darryl Coan & Dr. Scott Smith

Zachary L. French, Biological Sciences
Project: Quantitative Assessment of Edge Effects in Oak-hickory Forest Fragments in Southwestern Illinois
Mentor: Dr. Peter R. Minchin

Kelsey Hubert, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
Project: Journaling with Aphasia
Mentor: Dr. Steffany Chleboun

Ashley Jabs, Biological Sciences
Project: A Comparison of Feeding Behavior in the Tiger Salamander, Ambystoma tigrinum and Northern Leopard Frog, Rana pipiens
Mentor: Dr. Richard Essner

John Jachna, Mechanical Engineering
Project: Application of Stirling Coolers to Refrigeration Systems
Mentor: Dr. Serdar Celik

Stephanie Matteson, Biological Sciences (Medical Science)
Project: Investigation of Glutamate Receptor Localization and Expression Using Drosophila melanogaster
Mentor: Dr. Faith Liebl

Michael Parrish, Computer Science
Project: An Investigation on Using Swarm Intelligence for Routing in Mobile Wireless Networks
Mentor: Dr. Dennis Bouvier

Lauren Riseman, Biological Sciences
Project: Developing a Technique for Measuring Mucus Production in Freshwater Snails
Mentor: Dr. Paul Brunkow

Gina Rosienski, Art and Design: Metalsmithing
Project: Study in Argentium Silver with an Emphasis in Filigree
Mentor: Professor Paulette Myers

Lance Spinnie, Electrical and Computer Engineering & Physics
Project: Antenna Model Development for Wireless Power Transmission via Evanescent Wave Coupling
Mentors: Dr. Andy Lozowski & Dr. Rebecca Lindell

Whitney Stephenson, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
Project: A Model for Auditory Training of Professionals in Speech and Language Pathology: Application of Perceptual and Motor Learning Principles to the Perception of Voice Qualities
Mentor: Dr. Christine Bergan

Christopher Stroot, Political Science
Project: European Integration and the Spanish Political System: Internal Agreement in the Congress of Deputies from 1998 to the Present
Mentor: Dr. Lynn Maurer

Mindy Young-Lawson, Philosophy
Project: Transaesthetics: The Philosophy of Hamid Dabashi
Mentor: Dr. Lucian Stone

For more information on the Undergraduate Research Academy, contact Dr. Laura Pawlow at (618) 650-2608 or

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