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Congratulations to the winners of the Spring 2014 URCA Assistant Program Awards!!

Vaughn Vandegrift URCA Assistant Research Mentor of the Semester Award

sarah luesse

Dr. Sarah Luesse, College of Arts & Sciences, Chemistry Department 

Nominated by: Chante Summers 

"Dr. Luesse is a mentor worthy of the utmost recognition. She works humbly and aids her research students whenever and wherever possible. I have been able to learn about the equipment and instruments I utilize, have obtained knowledge regarding safety regulations, developed methods to tackle problems, and to find creative ways to approach difficult situations. Dr. Luesse provides key insight into Chemistry with the vast amount of knowledge she has gained from her experiences in academia and industry."

URCA Research Assistant of the Semester Award

Kelsey Stout

Kelsey Stout, Kinesiology & Health Education 

Nominated by: Dr. Joshua Wooten  

"From the day I met Kelsey, she demonstrated herself to be professional, extremely hard working, and passionate about research. During the past year, Kelsey played an integral part in the completion of two studies that will be presented this summer. Based on her work as an R.A., I believe that she has demonstrated herself to be one of the top research assistants in the URCA program."

URCA Assistant Creative Activities Mentor of the Semester Award 

Justin Sutters

Dr. Justin Sutters, College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Art & Design 

Nominated by: Keirsten Savering

"Even though Dr. Sutters has only been with the art education program for less than two years, he has surely proven his worth and dedication to the field through research and practice. With his inclusion to the URCA program, Dr. Sutters is an asset to art education research and excellence at SIUE." 

URCA Creative Activities Assistant of the Semester Award


No Photo Available 

Carl WingbermuehleArt & Design

Nominated by: Dr. Brigham Dimick 

"From the beginning of our collaboration this semester, 
Carl's energy and focus have remained at a high level.
Carl has been an invaluable addition to my studio 
practice. In fact, he has been instrumental in making
my first experience with an assistant after over thirty
years of creative activities an exceptional one."

Other nominees:

Research Mentor

Dr. Jonathan Pettibone, Psychology
Nominated by: Josh Prince, Megan Klann, Mollee Pezold,
and Tatiana Sanchez

Dr. Joshua Wooten, Kinesiology & Health Education
Nominated by: Kelsey Stout & Tayler Nick

Dr. Richard Brugam, Institute for Urban Research
Nominated by: Amanda Deardeuff & Jessica Loethen

Dr, Zachary Schaefer, Organizational Communication
Nominated by: Corey Huber

Research Assistant

Austin LaMay, Biological Sciences
Nominated by Dr. Paul Wanda

Corey Huber, Applied Communication Studies
Nominated by Dr. Zachary Schaefer

Scott Prause, School of Engineering
Nominated by Dr. Anne Werner

Stephanie Pruitt, Library & Information Services
Nominated by Dr. Elizabeth Moreton

Taylor Dahms, Department of Chemistry
Nominated by Dr. Leah O'Brien

Creative Activities Student

Keirsten Savering, Art & Design
Nominated by Dr. Justin Sutters

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For more information about the URCA program,
contact Dr. Laura Pawlow at 618-650-2608 or

The calls for nominations for these awards go out mid-fall and mid-spring.

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