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2022 - 2023 URCA Associates








2022-2023 Cohort






URCA Associate Jana Hamade 

Jana Hamade

Major: Psychology

The Effects of Religious Trauma on Internalized Homophobia and Wellbeing in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual Individuals

Mentor: Dr. Rachel Bradely


URCA Associate Trevor Rallo

 Trevor Rallo

Major: Biology

Analyzing the Shredder and Microbial Interactions and their Relation to Stream Health

 Mentor: Dr. Thomas Anderson

URCA Associate Lucia Thompson  

Lucia Thompson

Major: Biology

Validating Fecal Sampling as a Noninvasive Method of Measuring Thyroid and Stress Hormone Levels in Mice

Mentor: Dr. Cinnamon VanPutte


URCA Associate Mackenzie Sievers  

Mackenzie Sievers

Major: Biology

Effects of Previous Alcohol Exposure on Drosophila STAT Activity

Mentor: Dr. Emily Petruccelli

URCA Associate Kelly Cruise

Kelly Cruise

Major: Psychology

Age and Technological Mistakes in a Virtual Job Interview

Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Pettibone

URCA Associate Jenna Grabowski 

 Jenna Grabowski

Major: Biology

Exploring the Elicitation and Efficacy of Host Immune Defenses Against Bacterial Infections in the Amoeba-Paraburkholderia Symbiosis System

Mentor: Dr. Susanne DiSalvo

 URCA Associate Hope Krisko 

Hope Krisko

Major: Anthropology

Decolonizing Senegalese Worldview: A Grounded Theory Discourse Analysis of Senegalese Literature Through Time

Mentor: Dr. Cory Willmott



URCA Associate Kimberly Roskamp

Kimberly Roskamp

Major: Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Sciences

Solar Panel Performance Enhancement: The Synergestic Effects of Water and Green Roofs for Cooling

Mentor: Dr. Bill Retzlaff & Dr. Serdar Celik



 URCA Associate Simon Harper

Simon Harper

Major: Biology

Population Survey of Ambystoma annulatum in an Introduced Biotope

Mentor: Dr. Thomas Anderson


URCA Associate Victoria Lefler 

Victoria Lefler

Major: Theater and Dance, History

Dance on Camera: Echoing the Past

Mentor: Professor Kristen Best-Kinscherff



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