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2018 - 2019 URCA Associates


2018-2019 Cohort


 Ben Harsin

Major: Biology (pre-med) and Spanish

Examining the role of Kismet with respect to cell adhesion molecule expression and synaptic endocytosis

Mentor: Dr. Faith Liebl


Bobbi Potter

Major: Chemistry ACS 

Investigating the effects of silver nanoparticles on Daphnia magna through dietary and waterborne exposure

Mentor: Dr. Kevin Tucker


Chelsie Zajac

Major: Exercise Science

Prevalence of the Male Athlete Triad in SIUe NCAA Division One Athletes

Mentor: Dr. Brianne Guilford


Erica Periandri

Major: Biological Sciences and Foreign Languages/Literature (French) 

Identification of the Causative Mutant Locus in the Arabidopsis mutant gravity persistent signal 5

Mentor: Dr. Darron Luesse


Haylee Altenburg

Major: Exercise Science 

The effects of sex differences and diet on the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease 

Mentors: Dr. Joshua Wooten


Jacob Worms

Major: Chemistry and Genetics and Cell Biology 

Exploration of the Ugi-Smiles Oxy-Michael Reaction: Phenol, Solvat and Aldehyde Modifications

Mentor: Dr. Sarah Luesse


Kelly Sopek

Major: Anthropology and History 

Hopewellian Interaction in the American Bottom: An Analysis of Artifacts At the Gehring Site (11MS99)

Mentor: Dr. Julie Zimmermann


Paige Niepotter

Major: Nursing

Determination of Physical and Mental Exhaustion with Ketogenic and Intermittent Fasting Diets in Normal and Obese Rats

Mentor: Dr. Chaya Gopalan


Robin Cummins

Major: English and German

Non-Carolingian Letters and Scribal Errors in the Hildebrandslied

Mentor: Douglas Simms


Sarah Burt

Major: English/History 

The Ghosts of Christmas Past: An Analysis of Pre-Dickens Christmas Literature 

Mentor: Dr. Jessica DeSpain


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