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SPRING 2014 URCA Assistant Projects



- This position is only open to students who have declared a major in this discipline.

- This project deals with social justice issues.

- This project deals with sustainability (green) issues.

- This project deals with human health and wellness issues.

College of Arts and Sciences

Aminata Cairo S14-010 APPLY NOW!
Julie Holt S14-031 APPLY NOW!
Gregory Vogel S14-076 APPLY NOW!
Art & Design
Brigham Dimick S14-019 APPLY NOW!
Thad Duhigg S14-022 APPLY NOW!
Justin Sutters S14-075 POSITION FILLED
Biological Sciences
Kelly Barry S14-004 APPLY NOW!
Richard Brugam S14-009 APPLY NOW!
Betsy Esselman S14-024 APPLY NOW!
Richard Essner S14-025 POSITION FILLED
David Jennings S14-034 APPLY NOW!
Darron Luesse S14-043 APPLY NOW!
Paul Wanda S14-077 APPLY NOW!
Biological & Environmental Sciences
Bill Retzlaff S14-063 APPLY NOW!
Robert Dixon S14-020 APPLY NOW!
Myron Jones S14-036 APPLY NOW!
Yun Lu S14-042 APPLY NOW!
Sarah Luesse S14-044 APPLY NOW!
Leah O'Brien S14-045 POSITION FILLED
Tim Patrick S14-047 APPLY NOW!
Nahid Shabestary S14-072 APPLY NOW!
Chin-Chuan Wei S14-078 APPLY NOW!
English Language and Literature
Jessica DeSpain S14-018 APPLY NOW!
Kristine Hildebrandt S14-030 APPLY NOW!
Howard Rambsy S14-062 APPLY NOW!
Foreign Languages and Literature
Carolina Rocha S14-064 APPLY NOW!
Geography & Environmental Sciences
Adriana Martinez S14-050 APPLY NOW!
Historical Studies
Bryan Jack S14-033 APPLY NOW!
Mass Communications
Suman Mishra S14-055 APPLY NOW!
Mathematics & Statistics
Marc Schapman S14-068 APPLY NOW!
Prince A. Wells III S14-080 APPLY NOW!
Edward Ackad S14-001 APPLY NOW!
Mohammad Yousef S14-085 APPLY NOW!
Political Science
Denise DeGarmo S14-016 APPLY NOW!
Suranjan Weeraratne S14-079 APPLY NOW!
Speech Communication
Jocelyn DeGroot S14-017 APPLY NOW!
Zach Schaefer S14-067 APPLY NOW!
Sociology and Criminal Justice
Georgiann Davis S14-015 POSITION FILLED
Erin Murphy S14-057 POSITION FILLED
Theater & Dance
Kathryn Bentley S14-006 POSITI0N FILLED
Johanna Schmitz S14-069 APPLY NOW!

School of Engineering

Civil Engineering
Laurent Ahiablame S14-002 APPLY NOW!
Jianwei Huang S14-032 APPLY NOW!
Abdolreza Osouli S14-046 APPLY NOW!
Jianpeng Zhou S14-086 APPLY NOW!
Computer Science
Gunes Ercal S14-023 APPLY NOW!
Construction Management
Marcelo Azambuja S14-003 APPLY NOW!
Xing Su S14-074 APPLY NOW!
Anne Werner S14-081 APPLY NOW!
Mechanical Engineering
Jeff Darabi S14-013 APPLY NOW!
Jenna Gorlewicz S14-027 APPLY NOW!

School of Education

Curriculum & Instruction
Caroline Pryor S14-061 APPLY NOW!
Victoria Scott S14-070 APPLY NOW!
Kinesiology & Health Education
Dayna Henry S14-029 APPLY NOW!
Lindsay Ross-Stewart S14-066 APPLY NOW!
Joshua Wooten S14-082 APPLY NOW!
Huaibo Xin S14-084 APPLY NOW!
Lynn Bartels S14-005 APPLY NOW!
Danice Brown S14-008 APPLY NOW!
Catherine Daus S14-014 APPLY NOW!
Mike Dudley S14-021 APPLY NOW!
Eva D. Ferguson S14-026 APPLY NOW!
Jeremy Jewell S14-035 POSITION FILLED
Elizabeth McKenney S14-051 APPLY NOW!
Thad Meeks S14-052 APPLY NOW!
Elizabeth Meinz S14-053 APPLY NOW!
Joel Nadler S14-058 APPLY NOW!
Laura Pawlow  S14-048 APPLY NOW!
Jonathan Pettibone S14-049 APPLY NOW!
Christopher Rosnick S14-065 APPLY NOW!
Mitsuru Shimizu S14-073 APPLY NOW!
Special Education & Communication Disorders
Kathryn Brady S14-007 APPLY NOW!
Amie King S14-038 APPLY NOW!
Stacie Kirk S14-039 POSITION FILLED
Marie Klopfenstein S14-040 APPLY NOW!
Craig Miner S14-054 APPLY NOW!

School of Nursing

Primary Care and Health Systems Nursing
Andrew Griffin S14-028 APPLY NOW!
Kathy Ketchum S14-037 APPLY NOW!
Amelia Perez S14-060 POSITION FILLED

School of Pharmacy

Michael Crider S14-012 APPLY NOW!
Maria Kontoyianni S14-041 APPLY NOW!
Marcelo Nieto S14-059 POSITION FILLED
Walter Siganga S14-071 APPLY NOW!
Ronald Worthington S14-083 APPLY NOW!

Library and Information Services

Elizabeth Moreton S14-056 APPLY NOW!

For more information on the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Program,
contact Dr. Laura Pawlow at (618) 650-2608 or

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