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How to Apply? 

Students apply for URCA Assistant positions through the website. Below is a complete listing of all Assistant positions that are available for the Spring 2024 semester. 

Students are able to apply for multiple positions, but a new application must be completed for each position. Also, students are only allowed to accept one Assistant position per semester! Once you’ve committed to one faculty’s position, you are not allowed to accept another faculty offer. 

Note for prospective funded students: Any funded URCA student who does not have a social security number, including Foreign National students, needs to have one in order to receive the award.  To do this, please email for assistance with this process. 



  • Any undergraduate student of any level (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) 
  • Must have and maintain cumulative grade point average of 2.3 or above 
  • Enrolled as a full-time student (minimum 12 credit hours) at SIUE for the semester participating in the URCA program 
  • Not allowed to be an URCA Associate and Assistant 
  • Submit URCA Assistant Application! 


URCA Assistant Applications

Note: Only students who applied through the website by the deadline are eligible for the URCA program! 


Assistant Application DEADLINE: Thursday, November 30th, 2023 @ 5pm.

Faculty must select students to fill their positions by Monday, January 8th, 2024. However, faculty may choose to fill their positions earlier.  As such, be sure to frequently check your email over the break.   


- This position is only open to students who have declared a major in this discipline.

- This project deals with social justice issues.

- This project deals with sustainability (green) issues.

- This project deals with human health and wellness issues.

hand - This project deals with community outreach. 

purple i  - This project is interdiciplinary in nature. Please scroll to the very bottom to determine the types of students who may apply. 


College of Arts and Sciences

Susan Kooiman S24-051 Apply Now!
Julie Zimmermann S24-101 Apply Now!
Art & Design
Brigham Dimick S24-019 Position Filled.
Shelly Goebl-Parker S24-032 hand purple i Apply Now!
Joseph Page S24-067 Apply Now!
Laura Strand S24-083 Apply Now!
Michael Strumbras S24-084 Apply Now!
Rodrick Whetstone S24-094 hand Apply Now!
Environmental Sciences
Joseph Kusi S24-052 hand Apply Now!
Kyong-Sup Yoon S24-097 Apply Now!
Zhi-Qing Lin S24-055 purple i Apply Now!
Biological Sciences
Tom Anderson S24-002 Apply Now!
Maurina Aranda S24-004 purple i Apply Now!
Carolyn Butts-Wilmsmeyer S24-012 hand purple i Apply Now!
Susanne DiSalvo S24-020 Apply Now!
Elizabeth Esselman S24-025 Position Filled.
Richard Essner S24-026 Apply Now!
Thomas Fowler S24-031 Apply Now!
Luci Kohn S24-050 Apply Now!
Danielle N Lee S24-053 hand purple i Apply Now!
Darron Luesse S24-059 Apply Now!
Brittany Peterson S24-071 Position Filled.
Emily Petruccelli S24-072 Apply Now!
Jie Dong S24-021 purple i Apply Now!
Andres Durantini S24-022 purple i Apply Now!
Myron Jones S24-045 Apply Now!
Yun Lu S24-057 Apply Now!
Sarah Luesse S24-058 Apply Now!
Mina Sumita S24-085 purple i Apply Now!
Kevin Tucker S24-088 Apply Now!
Chin-Chuan Wei S24-093 Apply Now!
Thomas Foster S24-030 purple i Apply Now!
Abdullatif Hamad S24-038 Apply Now!
Howard Rambsy S24-074 hand purple i Apply Now!
Geography and GIS
Alan Black S24-010 Apply Now!
Tianyu Li S24-054 purple i Apply Now!
Shannon McCarragher S24-062 Apply Now!
Jason Stacy S24-082 purple i Apply Now!
Kathleen Vongsathorn S24-091 purple i Apply Now!
Political Science
Sophia Wilson S24-095 Apply Now!
Theater and Dance
Kathryn Bentley S24-095 hand purple i Apply Now!
Geovonday Jones S24-044 hand Apply Now!
Alicia Canterbury Vorel S24-013 Apply Now!
Foreign Languages & Literature
Olga Bezhanova S24-009 purple i Apply Now!
Carolina Rocha S24-077 purple i Apply Now!



School of Business

Markus Nauroth S24-066 purple i Position Filled.
Economics & Finance
Ariel Belasen S24-006 purple i Apply Now!
Ayse Evrensel S24-027 Apply Now!
Shrikant Jategaonkar S24-042 purple i Apply Now!
Marketing & Management
Ripinka Patil S24-068 purple i Apply Now!
Yuping Zeng S24-099 Apply Now!
Gloria Sweida S24-086 Apply Now!

School of Engineering

Civil Engineering
Rohan Benjankar S24-007 hand purple i Apply Now!
Alaa Elsisi S24-023 purple i Apply Now!
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Amardeep Kaur S24-047 purple i Apply Now!
Jon Klingensmith S24-048 Apply Now!
Timothy York S24-098 Apply Now!
Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering
Arman Dabiri S24-017 Apply Now!
Jagath Gunasekera S24-036 Apply Now!
Nima Lotfi S24-056 Apply Now!
National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center
Yan Zhang S24-100 purple i Apply Now!
Computer Science
Gunes Ercal S24-024 Apply Now!
John Matta S24-061 Apply Now!
Robert Ware S24-092 purple i Apply Now!
Chris Gordon S24-034 purple i Apply Now!

School of Education, Health and Human Behavior

Applied Health
Chaya Gopalan S24-033 Apply Now!
Brianne Guilford S24-035 Position Filled.
Cedric Harville II S24-039 hand purple i Apply Now!
Marie Klopfenstein S24-049 purple i Apply Now!
Allison Sauerwein S24-078 Apply Now! 
Bryan Smith S24-081 Apply Now!
Joshua Wooten S24-096 Apply Now! 
Ashley Abraham S24-001 Apply Now! 
Rachel Bradley S24-011 Apply Now! 
Marie Childers S24-014 Apply Now!
Sarah Conoyer S24-016 hand purple i Apply Now!
Jason Finley S24-028 Apply Now!
David Fisher S24-029 Apply Now! 
Carlee Beth Hawkins S24-040 Apply Now!
Jeremy Jewell S24-043 Position Filled.
Elizabeth McKenney S24-065 Apply Now! 
Laura Pawlow S24-069 Position Filled. 
Jonathan Pettibone S24-073 Apply Now! 
Eunyoe Ro S24-076 Apply Now! 
Mitsuru Shimizu S24-079 Apply Now! 
Educational Leadership
Candace Hall S24-037 purple i Apply Now! 
Graham Slater S24-080 purple i Apply Now!
Teaching and Learning
Barbara Martin S24-060 Apply Now!
Research, Teaching, and Learning
Elizabeth Kamper S24-046 purple i Apply Now! 

School of Nursing

Family Health and Community Health Nursing
Annie Imboden S24-041 Position Filled.
Amelia Perez S24-070 hand Position Filled.
Primary Care and Health Systems
Sheri Compton-McBride S24-015 Apply Now!
Kelley McGuire S24-064 Apply Now!
Amy Reed S24-075 Position Filled.
Angela Andrews S24-003 Position Filled.
Nurse Anesthesiology
Leah Baecht S24-005 hand Apply Now!
Jenna Tebbenkamp S24-087 Apply Now!

School of Dental Medicine

Development, Growth and Structure
Alicia De Maria S24-018 Apply Now!
Barbara McCracken S24-063 Apply Now!
Cinnamon VanPutte S24-089 Position Filled.


Other Projects

University Museum
Erin Vigneau-Dimick S24-090 purple i Apply Now!


Interdiciplinary Projects

Shelly Goebl-Parker: Any area can be relevant
Maurina Aranda: Biology, Education, Psychology, Sociology, and Black Studies.
Carolyn Butts-Wilmsmeyer: BIOL, CHEM, ENSC, CS, CMIS, MATH & STAT
Danielle N Lee: Education
Jie Dong: Engineering Disciplines
Andres Durantini: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacy, Biological Sciences, and Environmental Sciences
Mina Sumita: Biology
Howard Rambsy: English and similar fields.
Zhi-Qing Lin: ENSC, BIOL, and CHEM
Thomas Foster: Psychology, Anthropology, and Economics
Tianyu Li: Environmental Science, Crime, Health
Jason Stacy: English, Communications, Political Science, and Sociology
Kathleen Vongsathorn: Any field
Kathryn Bentley: Black Studies, Art & Design, and Mass Communications
Yan Zhang: Engineering, Environmental Science, Biologycne
Olga Bezhanova: Political Sciences, Philosophy, and History
Carolina Rocha: Film Studies and Honors
Erin Vigneau-Dimick: Art, Anthropology, and History
Markus Nauroth: Mathematics, Engineering, and Physics
Ariel Belasen: Applied Health, Nursing, Analytics, and Statistics
Shrikant Jategaonkar: Any discipline
Ripinka Patil: Management, Marketing, and similar fields
Rohan Benjankar: Geography, Environmental Science, Chemistry and other Engineering disciplines
Alaa Elsisi: Civil or Mechanical Engineering 
Robert Ware: Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Chemistry
Chris Gordon: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechatronics & Robotics Engineering, and Cybersecurity Engineering
Amardeep Kaur: ECE, Physics, Chemistry 
Cedric Harville II: Applied Health and similar fields
Marie Klopfenstein: English (Linguistics Minor)
Candace Hall: Communications, Media Studies, and Black Studies
Graham Slater: Anthropology, Art, English, Liberal Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology
Elizabeth Kamper: Psychology, Sociology, Women & Gender studies, Education, History, Anthropology, English, and LQBTQIA+ research.
Sarah Conoyer: Education and Special Education



For more information on the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Program,
contact Dr. Ariel Belasen at (618) 650-2940 or 

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