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Congratulations to the winners of the Fall 2013 URCA Assistant Program Awards!!

Vaughn Vandegrift URCA Assistant Research Mentor of the Semester Award

Betsy Meinz

Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Meinz, Department of Psychology 

Nominated by: Todd Vogel + URCA Team

"...Dr. Elizabeth Meinz has proven to be an inspirational and capable leader that has provided guidance, patience, and understanding over the course of our charter in her cognitive psychology lab. She has gone above and beyond the status quo in nurturing our academic ambitions and training us in the research process. The skills learned through being a research assistant in her lab will be valuable beyond our undergraduate careers and into our academic futures."

Leah O'Brien

Dr. Leah O'Brien, Department of Chemistry

Nominated by: Taylor Dahms

"Dr. O’Brien always puts her students first. She will stay on campus late or arrive early to fit the student’s schedule. She always participates and is interested in each student outside activities and really cares about the well-being and overall success of her students. With our research being in Physical Chemistry and specifically spectroscopy, her ability to teach us very difficult and abstract concepts is so important. Dr. O’Brien is able to facilitate an atmosphere of scientific curiosity in the lab. She allows every student ask questions and encourages us to explore new ideas without any fear of being wrong. Most importantly, she provides us with many opportunities to get involved in the scientific community.

URCA Research Assistant of the Semester Award

Corey Huber

Corey Huber, Speech Communication

Nominated by: Dr. Zach Schaefer

"...Corey Huber deserves this award [because] he is not only contributing to the project in unanticipated positive Ways, but he is also practicing the intangible skills of an effective researcher: critical thinking, expressing disagreement, problem solving, and overcoming unforeseen obstacles. In addition to
Corey’s ability to grasp dense theoretical ideas, he connects with, critiques, and challenges ideas without attacking a persons credibility -he calmly expresses his evidence-backed reasoning. IfI were hiring new employees for my consulting business, I would try to hire ten people like Corey."

Tiffany Maglasang

Tiffany Maglasang,  Psychology 

Nominated by: Dr. Joel Nadler 

"Tiffany is truly exceptional in the amount she has accomplished as an undergraduate and as a research assistant. Tiffany is determined to obtain her Ph.D. and become a rigorous researcher examining international issues in the field of I/O psychology. She has shown consistent determination to excel in all areas as an undergraduate. She is a Meridian Scholar, an exceptional student ...a dedicated and inquisitive research assistant, an invaluable teaching assistant, and has completed two I/O pplied internships."

Other nominees:
V.V. Research Mentor
Dr. Danice Brown, Psychology
Nominated by Megan Wilson

Dr. Ed Navarre, Chemistry
Nominated by Robert Mackin

Dr. Georgiann Davis, Sociology & Criminal Justice
Nominated by Kaylin James

Dr. Greg Vogel, Anthropology
Nominated by Melanie Chester

Dr. Huiabo Xon, Kinesiology & Health Education
Nominated by Brittany Sarhage

Dr. Jeremy Jewell, Psychology
Nominated by Brandy McAdams-Hart

Dr. Joel Nadler, Psychology
Nominated by Tiffany Maglasang

Dr. Julie Holt, Anthropology
Nominated by Joseph Gackstetter

Dr. Song Chew, Mathematics & Statistics
Nominated by Erica Metheny

Dr. Thad Meeks, Pyschology
Nominated by Mike Hahn

Dr. Zach Schaefer, Speech Communication
Nominated by Corey Huber

Research Assistant

Todd Vogel
Nominated by Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Meinz

Michael Webb
Nominated by Dr. Paul Rose 

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For more information about the URCA program,
contact Dr. Laura Pawlow at 618-650-2608 or
The calls for nominations for these awards go out mid-fall and mid-spring.

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