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The Staff Senate

The Staff Senate
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September 3, 2009 - 9:00 a.m.
Morris University Center Mississippi Room
Approved Minutes

The regular meeting of the Staff Senate was called to order on September 3, 2009 at 9:09 a.m. in the Morris University Center Mississippi room by Brian W. Lotz, President

Present: Bartholomew, Dusenbery, Erb, Gorsage, Harris, Herbeck, Hicks, Kremer, Lotz, Pulley, Robinson, Schoenborn, Stunkel. Panel members: Gaffney, Miller, McKaig, Mumphard, Scaturro. Ex Officio: Senkfor, Wense

Excused: Candela, Downey, Fetters, Hamil

Absent: Turley

Guests: Adelmo Marchiori of Human Resources

Approval of Minutes: Corrections were made to the August 6 revised minutes. Melanie made a motion to approve the revised minutes as corrected. Jeff Hicks seconded the motion. The minutes were approved as corrected.

Announcements: The Treasurer's Report will only be presented and placed on the agenda quarterly according to the USS Constitution and By-Laws. Brian Lotz announced that Kyle Stunkel will be the new Elections Chair with thanks. Brian Lotz thanked Melanie for all her work as the past Elections Chair.

Old Business:

Letters: Brian read a letter from William (Bill) Dusenbery, Parliamentarian regarding "need to set aside an election". The letter is filed with the minutes.

Michael Pulley sent an email to the Open Range constituency regarding his seat that will become vacant when he becomes President-Elect on September 1. He requested a recommendation for his replacement. He then sent a recommendation of Catherine Miller from the Senate Open Range Constituency to Brian W. Lotz, President as candidate to fill his open seat for his remaining term. The email is filed with the minutes.

Elections: Brian gave Kyle Stunkel, Elections Chair the floor. Kyle Stunkel called for approval of Catherine Miller as Open Range Senator for the remaining of Michael Pulley's term expiring in 2010. It was approved by majority vote that Catherine Miller would fill the Open Range Senator seat until the term is up in 2010.

Kyle requested nominations for a Chair of the Administrative Staff Panel.

Bill Dusenbery nominated Jesse Harris. Jesse accepted the nomination. Kyle requested other nominations. There were none. Kyle requested a vote for approval of Jesse Harris as Chair of the Administrative Staff Panel. The yeas won; therefore Jesse will serve as Chair of the Administrative Staff for another term.

Kyle requested nominations for a Chair of the Open Range Civil Service Panel. Those eligible are: Kyle Stunkel, Melanie Schoenborn and Catherine Miller. Michael Pulley asked if a nominee has to be a Senator before he/she can serve as a Panel Chair. Bill Dusenbery said yes. Michael Pulley also asked if all of those Open Range Senators mentioned were eligible to be Chair. It was determined that each were eligible.

Laura Scaturro nominated Catherine Miller to be Chair of the Open Range Civil Service Panel. Kyle asked for other nominations. There were none. Kyle requested a vote by yeas and nays for Catherine Miller as Chair. The yeas won; therefore Catherine Miller will serve as the new Chair of the Open Range Civil Service Panel until her term of Senator is up in 2010.

Brian reminded Catherine the Staff Senate Executive Committee meetings are on the third Thursday of each month.

Absence exception request: Reported by Bill Dusenbery. Bill briefly reviewed sections in the By-Laws 16a&b and16e regarding absence at meetings. Brian read a memo from Bill Dusenbery regarding attendance policy and a request for a blanket exception for members affected prior to September 1, 2009. The memo is filed with the minutes. Melanie pointed out that Panel members are not required to attend Staff Senate meetings, but there are also attendance policy rules that apply to their Panel meetings.

Brian called for a yea or nah vote to accept the request. The request was accepted.

Cabaret: Melanie presented the program for everyone's review to make additions and corrections. Final arrangements are being made by Jesse Harris for the entertainment and Laura Scaturro has almost 60 really nice donated gifts for door prizes. The event is Friday, September 4, 11:30 a.m. -1:00 p.m.

Other Old Business: none

New Business: Jesse brought up some new ideas for the Brown Bag Lunch Series for the near future. Relevant issues like healthcare, retirement system, elected member who is from Carbondale campus serving on the SURS board as a possible guest. Jesse suggested having the Brown Bag on future agendas.

Donation of $150.00 to the Scholarship Fund - it was coordinated by Catherine Miller through candy sales in her department. Catherine received a big thank-you from everyone.

Other New Business: none


Ex-Officio Reports

Personnel: report below

SURS - Linda Wense reported that effective October 1, 2009 dental insurance will come out of retirees' pockets. There was a discussion about benefits.

SUCSAC - none

Panel Reports

Negotiated and Prevailing - none

Open Range - none

Professional Staff - Jesse reported that he spoke with John Bill Misiak from Human Resources and the Professional staff grievance plan is being worked on. A document has been submitted. Jesse will keep the Senate informed on whether it is accepted or needs modified.

Satellite Campus Reports

Alton - no report

E. St. Louis - Bill Dusenbery reported that the H1N1 plan is not being addressed at any of the satellite facilities, yet. Policies will not be changed for the H1N1 absences, so make sure you use your absences wisely.

UPBC - Todd Bartholomew reported that the first meeting is Friday, September 4.

Policy Review committee - none

Scholarship Committee - Brian acknowledged that Melanie Schoenborn is Chair for the coming year. Melanie reported that the Faculty for Collective Bargaining Scholarship will be in the spring and asked if there were funds available in that account to have a spring 2010 scholarship. Jesse Harris, Treasurer reported the balance of the Faculty for Collective Bargaining Scholarship account as $1,439.00 as of July 31, 2009. Jesse recommended a cap at $500.00. Bill Dusenbery made a motion to cap it at $250.00 and offer one scholarship for one spring Faculty for Collective Bargaining Scholarship.

Jesse Harris seconded the motion. There was a discussion about funding and tuition. The motion was approved.

Fundraising Committee - Jesse reported some leads for the Valentine fundraiser; Lana Hagan and Kerry Shaul of Theater and Dance, a suggestion from Brian to buy a block of tickets from Theater and have dinner at the Meridian Ballroom and attend the theater in Dunham Hall afterwards.

Bill Dusenbery made a motion to suspend the order of the agenda for Human Resources Director Sherrie Senkfor and Adelmo Marchiori to speak to the Senate and answer questions about H1N1 and the SIUE community. It was seconded by Gail Erb. The motion passed.

Personnel: Todd Bartholomew introduced Sherrie Senkfor and Adelmo Marchiori to the Senate. Sherrie gave the Senate information about how SIUE has prepared for the H1N1 flu within the SIUE community by forming a Pandemic Planning Committee and are working with The Emergency Management and Safety Department and University Health Services. There was a Q & A session. A website for H1N1 was forthcoming and would include Frequently Asked Questions.

Goals Committee - no report

Newsletter - Michael Pulley reported for Mike Hamil that the newsletter was ready for mailing.

Council of Councils - Michael Pulley made a request for questions and topic ideas for the round table discussions. He asked if Senate members could be at the round tables to help facilitate questions. Michael pointed out that people need to RSVP if they are attending so that the catering order can be made.

Other Reports - Reminder that EAC will be meeting locally the week of the Council of Councils and has invited the Senate and other State University representatives attending the Council of Councils to dinner at "Lotta Watta" in Fairview Heights on Wednesday evening, October 21, and Thursday evening, October 22 at City Buffet "Buffet City" in Edwardsville.

Brian reported that he spoke with the Chancellor regarding the letter that the Chancellor sent out via email. Brian had several responses from staff members about the fourth paragraph that refers to hiring staff. Brian read that paragraph.

"In light of these budget uncertainties, the Chancellor's Council will continue its practice of evaluating all new and replacement staff positions. While we expect to expedite the hiring of all faculty positions, each vacant or new staff position will need to be approved individually at the Chancellor's Council. At this time, we expect to operate through this recession without layoffs."

The Chancellor did not want it to come across the way it was taken, and asked Brian to pass along an apology to the people that had contacted him as well as the Staff Senate.

Jesse Harris reported that the University Center Board meets every month at 7:30 and a projected fee increase will be about 2%. The coffee shop in the new Student Success Center is to open September 10. The new Housekeeping staff will be under the Morris University Center.

Melanie Schoenborn reported that the back door to the Library will be open for the first time, and people can come and go and check out materials from that entrance. There will be a collection of general purpose magazines (50 titles) placed near that entrance. These magazines are being purchased by a local bank. This was made possible by the initiatives of from the Student Center Senate and student requests from the suggestions Box.

Adjournment: Michael Pulley made a motion to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 11:07 a.m.

Approved as amended October 1, 2009
Vicki Kruse/University Governance

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