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The Staff Senate

The Staff Senate
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March 5, 2009 - 9:00 a.m.
MUC International Room
Approved Minutes

The regular meeting of the Staff Senate was called to order on March 5, 2009 at 9:05 a.m. in the Morris University Center International Room by Bill Dusenbery, Parliamentarian.

Announcements: Bill Dusenbery opened the meeting for Brian Lotz, President who was on vacation.

Present: Bartholomew, Downey, Dusenbery, Fetters, Gaffney, Gorsage, Hamil, Harris, Herbeck, Hicks, Kremer, Miller, Nash, Pulley, Wense, Candela

Excused: Erb, Loring, Lotz, Stunkel, Schoenborn

Approval of Minutes: Terry Downey made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Todd Bartholomew seconded. The minutes were approved as written.

Old Business: Brown Bag Lunch update - Good comments from employees.

Treasurer's Report: Jesse Harris submitted the Treasurer's report for filing. In addition to the balances of the funds, he reported the transfer of funds from the Benefit account to the Scholarship Fund of $2,500 and another transfer of $3,000 from the Benefit account to the Endowment account. The foundation accepted the checks of donations of the Building Services Union and the Civil Service Banquet. A total of $750 deposited into the Endowment account.

New Business:

Summer Scholarship 09 availability. Jesse Harris gave a recommendation for funds availability. Spend no more than $1500. To be distributed at the discretion of selection committee.

Jesse Harris made a motion for the summer to be at $500 and the fall $1,000, the dispersion of which to be at the discretion of the Scholarship Selection Committee. Mike Hamil seconded and the motion carried.


Ex-Officio Reports:

Personnel: no report

SURS/SUCSAC: no report. There was a discussion regarding SUCSAC. Linda Wense explained the purpose of the organization is to handle state statutes and rules. It is not a campus service, but governs civil service rules.

Panel Reports:

Negotiated and Prevailing: Todd reported that he is now President of the building services union.

Open Range: no report

Professional Staff: no report

Satellite Campus Reports:

Alton: Jackie Candela reported that March 18 was the date of the Alton Campus Brown Bag lunch with John Nehrt (contact of Jesse Harris) from the Alton Social Security Office. So far, thirty people have signed up for it.

East St. Louis: no report

UPBC: Jesse and Todd reported the committee is waiting to here more from the State's budget.

Policy Review Committee: no report

Bill Dusenbery called a 10 minute break at 9: 35. BBQ tickets were distributed among senators and panel members during the break.

The meeting resumed at 9:45 when Bill called the meeting back to order.

Fundraising Committee:

BBQ: requests were made for birdhouses, donations, a possible doghouse, bird feeders (Jack will check on the feeders) Donations of desserts. Everyone is to bring 2 desserts. Contact Melanie Schoenborn or Governance Secretary if you have any donations for the BBQ.

Jesse will contact the new director of Dining Services for the food order. There was a discussion concerning portion size, decreasing or increasing the food order from Dining Services.

Jesse Harris made a motion to proceed with ordering the food same as last year for the BBQ. It was seconded by Pam Fetters. The motion carried.

There was a discussion about set up and construction at the VC. Jesse suggested some entertainment for the BBQ, like music.

Future ideas: After planning for the BBQ there was a discussion about a dinner theater for a future fundraiser led by Jesse Harris. Pam Fetters volunteered to help and Jesse with a committee. Pam Fetters requested to include faculty.

There was a discussion to have separate tickets at the BBQ to take to the drink table. Jesse suggested video clips at the BBQ and to utilize the monitors in the MUC to advertise the Staff Senate events. Cindy Gorsage will check into using the monitors.

Goals Committee: No report. Jesse Harris commented on the success of transparency of documents and that the Civil Service handbook will soon go online. Greg Herbeck relayed that HR will have policies on line soon and that will fulfill one of the Staff Senate goals. Brian is waiting for the original layout of Employee Appreciation Day from Kyle.

Newsletter: If anyone has anything else for the newsletter, get it to Mike before April 1. It was discussed to possibly take a Staff Senate group picture at the Alton meeting next month.

Council of Councils: Mike Pulley reported that the next committee meeting will be the middle of the month. There was a discussion about the progress of the committee, the Web Site to be up after Brian writes his letter. Speakers have been lined up. Brian will send a letter to the Mayor of Edwardsville. There was a discussion about the preparation for the event by the Staff Senate. The event will run from 8:30-4:30 on October 23. Mike will check with Legal Council to see if there are any restrictions in regards to having the event recorded. SUCSAC will be here 2 days prior to the event.

Other Reports: none

Adjournment: Mike Hamil made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:30 a.m.

Approved with corrections April 9, 2009
Vicki Kruse
University Governance

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