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The Staff Senate

The Staff Senate
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University Staff Senate Bylaws

University Staff Senate Constitution

  1. How do I become a part of Staff Senate?

    To become a part of the Staff Senate you can fill out Candidacy forms, which are available at the University Governance Office or online at CANDIDACY FORMS.  Submit the completed form to a Senator in your constituency or turn the form in to the Governance Office.  During the regular election, senators will be elected by their respective constituency (Article I., Section 5-15 and Article V., Section 2).
  2. What does the Staff Senate do?

    The duties of the Staff Senate are to advise and assist the Chancellor of the University in the solution of issues and the formulation of policies. To advise and assist the Director of Human Resources in developing and initiating more effective personnel policies, procedures, and programs. To participate in the University governance system. To encourage all Civil Service and Administrative Staff employees to consult with members of the Staff Senate concerning issues, policies, and possible recommendations for appropriate Staff Senate action. Please refer to Article II., of the University Staff Senate Constitution.
  3. How will being on the Staff Senate benefit me?

    Being a member of Staff Senate can make it easy to network with co-workers across the university. You can get involved on committees that are of interest to you, by helping on committees you have the opportunity to gain great experience by learning about shared governance and how you can be involved; learning parliamentary procedure can be a benefit in future endeavors. You will also have the opportunity to meet with supervisors and department leaders informally. It will also be beneficial to learn more about SIUE as a whole, instead of just the department in which you work. The Senate meetings are a good place to make sure your voice is heard. You can serve as a liaison for your department to the Staff Senate. You will also be learning about University initiatives first hand. 
  4. How much time would I have to dedicate to the Staff Senate?

    As a senator it is mandatory to attend the regular monthly meeting; in the case that you cannot attend an alternative can attend in your absence, but be mindful, your vote is important to the Staff Senate.  As a member of a University Wide Committee (by appointment from the Staff Senate president), you can become involved as much or as little as you want. Before involvement in the Staff Senate be sure to talk to your supervisor and come to an understanding about the time commitment. For more information regarding alternates, P lease, follow the Bylaws link at the top and refer to Article I, Section 17.a.

  5. How often does the Staff Senate meet?

    The regular Staff Senate meeting is held the 1st Thursday at 9:00 a.m. of every month. The Executive meeting, which comprises of president, past president, president elect, the chair of each constituency, secretary and treasurer, meets the third Thursday at 9:00 a.m. of every month. Meetings typically last 1.5-2 hours
  6. How long is one term?

    The term for a senator is 4 years.
  7. How many terms could I serve?

    There is no term limit to be on the Staff Senate.  Please follow the Bylaws link at the top of the page and refer to Article I, Sections 5-10for more information regarding terms.
  8. What committees are available to serve on?

    The Staff Senate consists of the following committees: Staff Senate Executive Committee, Scholarship Committee, Fundraising Committee, Scholarship Committee, Goals Committee, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, and Election Committee.  In addition, there are University Wide Committees that one can serve on even if you are not on the Senate. See University Wide Committee for a list.
  9. Who do I contact regarding Staff Senate?

    For information regarding the Staff Senate it is best to ask any current member or the current President. Also, feel free to contact the University Governance office Secretary, Anne Hunter, at ext. 2770.
  10. If I join and my workload picks up during the semester, what do I do?

    Don’t panic! If you ever get to a point when you feel like you can no longer allocate time to the Staff Senate, you have the choice to have an alternate who will attend Senate meetings for you (Please refer to section 17.A of the Bylaws).  If you wish to remove yourself from the Senate, you can do so by contacting to the current President of the Staff Senate.
  11. Is there a place where I can go regarding concerns or issues?

    As stated in the Bylaws (Article II., Section 32), the Senate Secretary will serve as Chairperson of the Public Relations Committee and will keep all Civil Service and Administrative Staff Employees advised of any significant matters, including findings and recommendations on issues and questions referred to the Staff Senate by the constituencies represented.

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