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The Staff Senate
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AUGUST 7, 2008



Announcement: Todd Bartholomew, President introduced and welcomed Cindy Gorsage scheduling, Dianne McKaig, Nursing, and Alan Gaffney, ITS to the meeting. Everyone around the table welcomed the guests.

The regular meeting of the Staff Senate was called to order on August 7, 2008, at 9:05 am in the International Room at Morris University Center by Todd Bartholomew, President.

 Present: Bartholomew, Downey, Dusenbery, Hamil, Harris, Herbeck, Hicks, Kremer, Lotz, Pulley, Robinson, Schoenborn, Stunkel, Wense, Candela

 Excused: Erb

 Unexcused: Blackwell, Fetters, Loring, Miller, Turley

 Guests: Gaffney, McKaig, Gorsage

Approval of July 10, 2008 Minutes: Corrections were made to the minutes. A motion was made by Melanie Schoenborn to accept the minutes as corrected. It was seconded by Jesse Harris. The motion carried.

Treasurer: Jesse Harris reported the June 30, 2008 balances of each of the accounts:

USS Benefit 6,949.52

USS Scholarship 2,246.49

USS Endowment 34,713.16

Faculty Senate Development 169.19

SIUE Faculty for Collective Bargaining Scholarship 1,939.43

SIUE Faculty for Collective Bargaining Reserve 14,418.24

TOTAL 60, 436.03

Jesse gave a copy of a letter to Todd Bartholomew, President to be given to the Building Services Trade requesting Funds for the Scholarship Committee for filing.

Contributions from employees from payroll deductions totaled $39.00 in the July 31, 2008 statement.

Old Business:

Goals Committee - no report

Newsletter - Mike Hamil presented the draft of the Fall Newsletter for review and editing. Mike Pulley praised Mike Hamil for his work on the Fall Newsletter.

Melanie moved that we finish updating and submitting all the corrections and elections info for the newsletter and do labels the week of August 11, 2008. Jesse seconded and the motion carried.

Constitutional Convention Discussion - Melanie informed the Senate about two issues and provided handouts regarding both; the vote regarding an Illinois Constitutional Convention (Con Con) which will be on the ballot in November and the Capital Plan which would affect the State Pension and construction projects in education.

Other Old Business - Todd presented the postcard for the Postcard campaign and anyone who wanted one to send to their Representative took one.

Issue regarding the Staff Appreciation was brought up by Kyle Stunkel. Brian is to talk to Chancellor Vandegrift.

Elections and Passing of the Gavel

 Melanie announced Brian Lotz as the new President; the Past President is now Todd Bartholomew.

 Melanie announced that Gail Erb ran unopposed for Negotiating and Prevailing Senate and Panel member and Vicki Kremer ran unopposed for Negotiating and Prevailing Senate member.

 Melanie offered Diane McKaig open range panel seat and Alan Gaffney open range panel seat to be approved. It was seconded by Kyle Stunkel. Motion carried. All were welcomed to the Senate.

 Open position, represented Professional Staff Jesse brought the name of Cindy Gorsage represented Professional Staff Senate forward to be approved and seconded by Bill Dusenbery motion carried. The Senate welcomed Cindy.

 Melanie passed the gavel to Brian Lotz for the new term.

Brian Lotz, President called a 5 minute recess at 9:55 am

Brian called the meeting back to order at 10:00 am

New Business:

Jesse nominated Bill Dusenbery as the secretary and parliamentarian for the 2008/2009. All members present were in favor of Bill as Secretary and Parliamentarian.

Bill Dusenbery nominated Jesse Harris as Treasurer for the 2008/2009 year all. No other nominations. All were in favor of Jesse as Treasurer.

Melanie announced Todd as the Past President who becomes the UPBC committee member and reports to the Staff Senate. Someone will need to inform John Navin, Chair of the UPBC of the change in committee members. Melanie reviewed the Bylaws Section 4.

No nominations were made for the President-Elect. Elections Chair is open for appointment.

Other new Business

 Kyle Stunkel informed the senate about Molly Fedor retired from the ICAC and a new person needs to be appointed by Staff Senate. Brian Lotz will need to follow up. Discussion was held regarding Staff Senate representation on different committees.

 Jesse brought up business about the non rep professional staff policy regarding a document we submitted and now has been with the legal team1 1/2 years for review. The question is where is and what is happening with it?


Ex-Officio Reports

Personnel - no report

SURS - no report

SUCSAC - Linda Wense reported that she as a representative of SUCSAC will plan to host EAC next year and the Staff Senate could sponsor in October. Linda referred Andy Small from Northern Illinois University for a contact. First step would be to talk to Shyrlene Clark Langston in Human Resources regarding where to begin the process.

Panel Reports

 Negotiated and Prevailing - Greg Herbeck reported about contracts with Plumbers and Pipefitters. Todd Bartholomew of the Buildings Services reported a 5 year contract was signed yesterday by employees.

 Open Range - Melanie of Open Range Professional Staff opened a discussion regarding the pay raise and health benefits.

 Professional Staff - Bill Dusenbery (represented) reported contract ratification on proposal of 5 year contract beginning next year.

 Satellite Campus Reports

Alton - Jackie Candela reported that the construction is moving along.

E. St. Louis -no report

 UPBC - minutes posted on Todd Bartholomew as Past President will serve on the University Planning and Budget Council. (UPBC)

 Scholarship Committee - Melanie announced the 4 new scholarship awardees: Allie Rose Herbeck, Ashley Louise Herbeck, Kara Rae Skogley and Kaitlyn Rausch. Presentations will be at 1:00 pm with the Chancellor and Brian Lotz, Staff Senate President, Todd Bartholomew, Past President, Jesse Harris, Scholarship Chair and as many Staff Senators as can be there.

Brian appointed Melanie as Scholarship Chair for next year.

 Policy Review Committee - no report

 Fundraising Committee - Jesse reported a commitment form VC of student Affairs, and Mary Robinson through Trish for technical set up. Still need more entertainment. Laura Scaturro agreed to be Door Prize Chair. Vicki Kremer will help with awards the day of the event. Melanie will see if Catherine Miller will help again this year and Pam Fetters will be contacted.

Jesse reported the update of the Historical Power-Point Presentation of the Staff Senate. Jesse said that discussion had been made that the University Governance will upload it onto the Staff Senate Website.

Melanie asked what the status was on ticket sales for the Ice Cream Cabaret.

 Other Reports/Other Business - Bill Dusenbery reported the new option for buying parking passes via pre tax payroll deduction. If using a credit card to purchase the parking pass the credit card processing fee is passed on to the buyer.

Open Range Panel Chair Melanie called for a nomination for Open Range Panel Chair for 2008-2009. Kyle Stunkel nominated Mike Pulley. All accepted the nomination.

Professional Staff Panel Chair Bill Dusenbery nominated Jesse Harris for Professional Staff Panel Chair

There were no nominations for Negotiating and Prevailing Chair- This election item will go to the September meeting.

Linda Wense announced that her EAC term is up next Oct 09. She explained what type of a long term commitment it is and that it is necessary to go to all meetings.

Adjournment: Melanie made a motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 11:05 am

Next meeting


Next regular meeting is on Thursday, September 4, 2008, 9:00 am in the International Room.

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