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The Staff Senate

The Staff Senate
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December 3, 2009 - 9:00 a.m.

Morris University Center

Mississippi Room

Approved Minutes

The regular meeting of the Staff Senate was called to order on December 3, 2009 at 9:05 a.m. in the Morris University Center Mississippi Room by Brian W. Lotz, President.

Present: Bartholomew, Dusenbery, Erb, Gorsage, Harris, Herbeck, Hicks, Lotz, Miller, Pulley, Robinson, Schoenborn, Stunkel, Candela, Turley. Panel: Gaffney, McKaig, Mumphard, Scaturro

Excused: Downey, Hamil, Kremer

Absent: Fetters

Announcements: Brian Lotz and Chancellor Vandegrift awarded Ashley Herbeck the Faculty for Collective Bargaining Scholarship along with Jesse B. Harris, Jr. and Melanie Schoenborn, Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs. Bill Brinson was there to photograph the moment. The Civil Service Banquet Committee members Trisha Simmons, Gail Munneke, Jackie Twitty and Diane McKaig presented the Staff Senate Scholarship Co-Chairs a check for $300.00 from the Banquet for the Scholarship Fund. Brian presented a floral arrangement to the Governance Secretary from the Senate as a thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Approval of Minutes: The November 5 minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer's Report: Jesse B. Harris, Jr. gave the quarterly Treasurer's report and submitted a copy for filing with the minutes. The report was accepted.

Old Business: James Pennekamp and Kenn Neher will be at the January meeting to answer unresolved questions about University Park. Brian Lotz sent a letter regarding absenteeism with Section 16 of the By-Laws to everyone on the Senate. The Senate requested that Brian send the information out.

Jesse Harris reported that work is being done regarding the Non Represented Professional procedure of Grievance Policy and requested participation in the process. Greg Herbeck has a report under Policy Review Committee that will elaborate on policy changes.

New Business:

Catherine Miller reported that Kevin Adkins of SOS (Student Organization for Sustainability) is requesting a member to represent the Staff Senate to their organization. Catherine expressed that she was interested. He and Kenn Neher would like to attend a Staff Senate meeting to inform the Senate what the SOS does and how staff can get involved.

Cookbook and Craft Fair: Melanie Schoenborn reported that the Staff Senate has already made enough from sales to pay for expenses.

There was some discussion about budget issues regarding the State of Illinois and a Brown Bag lunch with David Gross from SIU.

Brian called a 10:00 minute break at 9:35 a.m.

Brian called the meeting back to order at 9:48 a.m.

It was agreed to change the order of the agenda to accommodate people that have to leave early.

Parking: Laura Scaturro gave a report on the loss of parking space in Lot E because of construction for the new Science Building, and how Parking and Traffic Services are going to recover parking spaces. The entrance into the E lot will be rerouted. There was discussion and questions for Laura and Bill Dusenbery. The sealer on some of the lots here and in Alton caused sealer to be tracked onto carpets. Laura will take the information back to the committee to investigate further.

Ex-Officio Reports

Personnel: There was no report.

SURS: There was no report.

SUCSAC: There was no report.

Panel Reports

Negotiated and Prevailing: There was no report.

Open Range: There was no report.

Professional Staff: There was no report.

Satellite Campus Reports

Alton: Jackie Candela reported that siding was being put on the gym. The old clinic is torn down. Windows are being replaced in a few buildings.

E. St. Louis: Bill Dusenbery reported that Building B is recently being tuck-pointed on the brick facing to repair the wall from pulling away.

UPBC (minutes are posted on Alan Gaffney reported that he asked John Navin at the last meeting if the web site could be updated with the minutes and current CHAPA membership. Human Resources Director Sherrie Senkfor gave a presentation at the UPBC meeting that has been requested for her to do at a Staff Senate meeting in the future. Brian will contact her.

Policy Review Committee: Greg Herbeck reported that he, Brian Lotz, Linda Wense, and Terry Downey met with Human Resources Director Sherrie Senkfor regarding policies for staff. Policies are being updated and the committee wanted to have some input or be able to give feedback during the process. Sherrie seemed very cooperative and will email policies to the Policy Review Committee for discussion and possible feedback keeping in mind that the policies will have already gone to Legal Council first. There was discussion on how the Committee will proceed. Members of the committee are Greg Herbeck, Chair, Jesse Harris, Kyle Stunkel, Linda Wense, Terry Downey, Jeff Hicks and Cindy Gorsage. Todd Bartholomew requested to be an alternate if one was needed. There was a discussion about grievance policies.

Scholarship Committee: Jesse Harris reported in Melanie's departure about progress. The FOCB Scholarship was awarded today. The Scholarship Selection Committee will receive their letter of thanks soon.

Fundraising Committee: The cookbooks are on sale for $5.00 at the Staff Craft Fair table today, December 3 and were also on December 2. Jesse Harris reported that there is money to deposit from the Ice Cream Cabaret, $300.00 from the Civil Service Banquet and money from the Staff Senate Craft Fair Table. The February fundraiser will not happen for 2010. Jesse reported that Melanie Schoenborn submitted paperwork for the Humanitarian award nomination.

Goals Committee: There was no report.

Newsletter: Brian asked if everyone received their copy of the email from Kim Durr complementing on the online version sent over the Listserv instead of hard copies in light of the budget.

Council of Councils: Cindy Gorsage gave a final report that attendees want copies of the handouts and Michael Pulley will get that together and send them. The next Council of Councils will be at Governors University in Chicago

Other Reports: Jesse Harris reported that Joseph Pearson of the University Center Board wants it conveyed to everyone to be patient that shortness of staff might mean long lines.

Bill Dusenbery provided a map of parking around the Science Building with construction changes. Bill explained the University's long term plan that includes possible new buildings and parking was reflected on the map.

Brian read a thank you letter from Ashley Herbeck for her scholarship award. It will be filed with the minutes and a copy will be put in the Scholarship file.

Adjournment: Bill Dusenbery made a motion to adjourn and Jesse Harris seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 10:48 a.m.

January 21, 2010 Approved as written by the Staff Senate

Vicki Kruse

University Governance

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