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The Staff Senate

The Staff Senate
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USS Constitution with Amendments PDF





Section 1. The name of this organization will be the University Staff Senate, hereafter referred to as Staff Senate.



Section 1. To advise and assist the University Chancellor in the solution of issues and the formulation of policies.

Section 2. To advise and assist the Director of Human Resources in developing and initiating more effective personnel policies, procedures, and programs.

Section 3. To participate in the University governance system.

Section 4. To encourage all Civil Service and Administrative Staff employees to consult with members of the Staff Senate concerning issues, policies, and possible recommendations for appropriate Staff Senate action.



Section 1. The Staff Senate will be composed of twenty-two (22) voting members representing the following employee classifications:

Civil Service: Open Range/Confidential, Managerial and Supervisory Exclusions

Civil Service: Negotiated and Prevailing

Administrative Staff: Represented

Administrative Staff: Non-Represented

Section 2. Specific allocation of seats will be addressed in the Staff Senate By-Laws, but must ensure that all employee classifications are included.


Officers & Executive Board

Section 1. The officers of the Staff Senate will be: President, President-Elect, Past President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Section 2. Officers of the Staff Senate (except the Past President) will be elected by the members of the Staff Senate from among its membership, as outlined in the University Staff Senate By-Laws.

Section 3. The Staff Senate will establish an Executive Board that ensures that each employee classification is represented.



Section 1. The Staff Senate will meet monthly.

Section 2. Special meetings may be called into session by the President, or in the President's absence, by the President-Elect, or in the absence of both, by a representative from the Executive Board as delegated by the President.



Section 1.  Any member of the Staff Senate may propose an amendment to the Constitution of the Staff Senate.

Section 2. The proposed amendment will be submitted to the President-Elect in writing by the fifteenth (15th) day of the month before the next regular Staff Senate meeting.

Section 3. The President will put the item on the agenda for the next regular meeting under New Business for the first reading and discussion. After discussion, the item will be automatically tabled until the next regular meeting.

Section 4. The President, with the consent of the Executive Board, may call a special meeting to consider final approval of amendments. No meeting can take place fewer than ten (10) work days after the regular meeting.

Section 5. Proposed amendments must be voted on by secret ballot following the rules outlined in Article VI of the University Staff Senate By-Laws.

Section 6. At in-person votes, proxy ballots are allowed following the rules outlined in Article VI of the University Staff Senate By-Laws.

Section 7. To pass, proposed amendments must be approved by fourteen (14) voting members of the Staff Senate. Failure to achieve this number means the amendment(s) were not adopted.

Section 8. Amendments will be submitted to the University Chancellor for approval.



Approved by University Staff Advisory Council May 17, 1979 (its first Constitution and Bylaws) 

Approved by President June 21, 1979 (with concerns to Bylaws Art. III, Sect. 5 and Art. III, Sect. 17) 

 Approved by University Staff Advisory Council October 18, 1979 (renaming the “Council” as “University Staff Senate” and handling President’s concerns from June 21, 1979) 

Approved by Acting President May 1, 1980 (renaming to Staff Senate) 

Approved by President May 15, 1980 (revisions to remove contradictions in USS Constitution and Bylaws with Professional Staff Panel Personnel Policy) 

Change in University Governance System consisting of: University Staff Advisory Council, Student Senate, Faculty Senate and University Senate (consisted of members from all constituencies to handle matters involving all other bodies).  Dr. Shaw’s revision to the governance system with the new constituency groups: 
Civil Service:  Open Range; Confidential, Managerial and Supervisory Exclusions 
Civil Service:  Negotiated and Prevailing 
Professional Staff (approved and added to USS Constitution 1985/86) 

Amended by Staff Senate April 19, 1984 (changes to USS Constitution:  Art. II, Sect. 1-2; Art. III, Sect. 2; Art. IV, Sect. 1; Art. V, Sect. 2; Art. VI, Sect. 2-4. Title changes and typos) 

Approved by Staff Senate – May 17, 1984 (Addition of Art. VI, Sect. 5 as “Amendments will be submitted to the President of the University for approval.”) 

Approved by President May 23, 1984 (from Staff Senate approvals of changes on April 19, 1984 and addition of May 17, 1984) 

Amended by Staff Senate December 19, 1985 (membership established as three groups Art. III, Sect. 1 as: “Civil Service: Open Range; Confidential, Managerial and Supervisory Exclusions. Civil Service: Negotiated and Prevailing. Professional Staff.”) 

Approved by President March 7, 1986 

Amended by Staff Senate March 17, 1988 (created “Past President” as an “ex-officio member of the Senate Executive Committee for one year, after his /her current term as President has expired.” Changing Art. IV, Sect. 1-3 by adding said created title.) 

Approved by President April 8, 1988 

Amended by Staff Senate June 15, 1989 (added “Represented” and “Non-represented” under Professional Staff of Art. III, Sect. 1; changed “providing” to provided” and removed” and are employed on the date of election “from Art. III, Sect. 2) 

Approved by President July 13, 1989 (Amended) 

Staff Senate acceptance of Presidential amendments July 20, 1989 

Approved by President August 3, 1989 (previously proposed amendments to a clean copy of the Constitution) 

Amended by Staff Senate November 5, 1990 (Art. III, Sect. 1 “The Staff Senate will be composed of (16) voting members from the following groups: 1) from the Edwardsville Campus: A. three members from Professional Staff, B. nine members from Negotiated & Prevailing, C. two members from Open Range. 2) from Alton campus; one from Professional Staff, Negotiated & Prevailing or Open Range, 3) from the East St. Louis campus: one from Professional Staff, Negotiated & Prevailing or Open Range.) 

Approved by President December 11, 1990 (with editorial changes: Art. II, Sect. 2 “Director of Personnel Services” substituting “University Personnel Services”) and suggestions for the Bylaws) 

Amended by Staff Senate December 20, 1990 (recommended change to Art. II, Sect. 2) 

Approved by President January 9, 1991 (revised Constitution submitted on January 4, 1991) 

Amended by Staff Senate October 17, 1991 (unknown changes) 

Approved by President November 25, 1991 clean copy sent December 3, 1991 (not found) 

Amended by Staff Senate May 18, 1995 (Art. V, Sect. 1 Meetings: The Staff Senate will meet on the first Thursday of each month.  There will be no regularly scheduled meeting during the month of July.) 

Approved by the President (?) 

Amended by Staff Senate March 7, 1996 (All wording “President” changed to “Chancellor”) 

Approved by Chancellor (?) before December 1997 

Amended by Staff Senate October 3, 2002 (Art. II, Sect. 2 name change to “Director of Human Resources”; Art. II, Sect. 4 and Art. III all “Professional” changed to “Administrative”) 

Approved by Chancellor May 15, 2003 

Amended by Staff Senate August 6, 2015 (Art. III, Sect. 2 “term” was added in reference to Administrative employees.) 

Approved by Interim Chancellor August 17, 2015 

Amended by Staff Senate August 3, 2017 (Corrections to titles in membership (Art. III, Sect. 1 and Art. IV, Sect. 2), typos corrected from 1984 approved version, and the Amend/Approval list (Art. VI) updated to include only items pertinent to the USS Constitution from the 2015 version approved by the Interim Chancellor.) 

Approved by the Chancellor August 7, 2017 

Amended by Staff Senate June 25, 2018 (Senate Membership was expanded to twenty-two (22) voting members and allocation of seats moved to be addressed in the By-Laws; clarified procedure for amendments.)
Approved by the Chancellor July 11, 2018.

Amended by Staff Senate September 3, 2020 (Moved rules of voting and meetings to rules outlined in By-Laws.)
Approved by the Chancellor September 8, 2020


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