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The Staff Senate

The Staff Senate
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August 6, 2009 - 9:00 a.m.

Morris University Center Hickory Hackberry Room

Approved Minutes - revised

Introductions: Brian W. Lotz presented the Fall Staff Senate scholarships with Chancellor Vandegrift to Chelsie Lesicko and Kaitlyn Rausch with photos. Their parents Jeff and Donna Lesicko and Pat and Franklin Rausch were present for photos, also.

The regular meeting of the Staff Senate was called to order on August 6, 2009 at 9:11 a.m. in the Morris University Center Hickory Hackberry Room by Brian W. Lotz, President.


Present: Bartholomew, Downey, Dusenbery, Erb, Gaffney, Gorsage, Hamil, Herbeck, Hicks, Kremer, Lotz, Miller, McKaig, Nash, Pulley, Scaturro, Laura, Schoenborn, Stunkel, Wense, Candela

Excused: Harris, Robinson

Absent: Fetters

Guests: Jeff Lesicko, Donna Lesicko, Chelsie Lesicko, Pat Rausch, Franklin Rausch, Kaitlyn Rausch

Approval of Minutes: Bill Dusenbery made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Mike Hamil seconded, and the minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer's Report: Melanie Schoenborn submitted a report in Jesse Harris' absence. Melanie read the balances for each account. The grand total balance is 49,634.52. The report is filed with the minutes.

Old Business:

Elections - Melanie Schoenborn, Elections Chair announced results from the elections. The following were elected by acclamation:

Professional Staff; Bill Dusenbery - Senate, Cindy Gorsage - Senate, Jesse B. Harris, Jr.- Senate, Negotiated & Prevailing; Jeff Hicks - Senate, Greg Herbeck- Senate, Open Range; Catherine Miller - Panel.

Melanie apologized to Professional Staff for the error in the elections posting which stated the incorrect number of senators in the Professional Staff represented/non-represented. The problem worked itself out with the election. The Senate now has the correct number of represented and non-represented senators in the Professional Staff.

Elections Committee: Melanie Schoenborn, Chair, Bill Dusenbery, Parliamentarian, Vicki Kruse, Governance Secretary

The Election Teller's Report of the Open Range election was read by Melanie and the results announced that Kyle Stunkel won the election. The Teller's Report follows:

University Governance
Open Range Elections
Melanie Schoenborn, Chair
July 17, 2009


Number of votes cast 147
Necessary for election 147-16(spoiled)=131-50%+1=67
Catherine Miller received 63
Kyle Stunkel received 71
Illegal votes
Ballot received after July 17 1
Ballot received with no signature on envelope 1
Spoiled Ballot - no signature 1
Ballots improperly marked "check mark" not "X" 13

Elections of Executive Board vacancies:

Melanie requested nominations for President.

Michael Pulley nominated Brian W. Lotz. It was seconded by Bill Dusenbery.

Melanie asked for further nominations and there were none. A show of 8 Senators' hands; Brian W. Lotz has been elected to a one year term as President beginning September 1, 2009

Melanie requested nominations for President Pro Temp/President Elect.

Greg Herbeck nominated Michael Pulley. It was seconded by Terry Downey. Melanie requested further nominations and there were none. A show of 8 Senators' hands: Michael Pulley has been elected to a one year term as President Pro Temp/President Elect.

Melanie requested nominations for Secretary/Parliamentarian.

Michael Pulley nominated William Dusenbery. Kyle Stunkel second. Melanie asked for further nominations. There were none. A show of 9 Senators' hands; William Dusenbery has been elected to a one year term as Secretary/Parliamentarian.

Melanie asked for nominations for Treasurer.

William Dusenbery nominated Melanie Schoenborn. Jeff Hicks seconded. Melanie asked for further nominations. Vicki Kremer nominated Jesse B. Harris, Jr. Gail Erb seconded. Ballots were handed out by William Dusenbery to Senators for a secret ballot. Melanie explained the voting procedures according to Roberts Rules of Order. Brian W. Lotz, President assigned Linda Wense and Todd Bartholomew to act as tellers to tally the ballots.

Terms expiring for Panel seats are as follows:

Negotiated & Prevailing: Jeff Hicks, Vicki Kremer, Jeff Lesicko

Open Range: Laura Scaturro, Melanie Schoenborn

Represented Professional: Jesse B. Harris, Jr., Bill Dusenbery, Danita Mumphard and one vacant non-represented seat

Melanie read the results of the election by secret ballot for Treasurer: Jesse B. Harris, Jr. - 10, Melanie Schoenborn - 1. Jesse B. Harris, Jr. is re-elected for Treasurer for another term beginning September 1.

Melanie read the Staff Senate By-Laws to make sure everyone agreed to the method of ratification of the panel members.

Open Range: Mike Pulley, Chair recommends Laura Scaturro to fill the panel seat she is vacating. All Senators and all Open Range Panel members asked to show hands for Laura. There was a unanimous show of hands for Laura to continue in the Open Range Panel seat for another 2 years with her term expiring in August 2011.

Negotiated and Prevailing: Co-Chair Terry Downey submitted each of the following names whose terms were up, individually for panel seats on the Negotiating and Prevailing Panel: Jeff Hicks, Vicki Kremer and Jeff Lesicko. Melanie asked separately for a show of hands of current Senate members and Panel members of Negotiating and Prevailing. There was a unanimously show of hands for each member. Jeff Hicks, Vicki Kremer and Jeff Lesicko will continue in their panel seats for another two years with their terms expiring in August 2011. Vicki Kremer and Jeff Lesicko will submit paperwork to the Governance Office as soon as possible. Jeff Hicks submitted his paperwork to Terry Downey.

Professional Staff: In place of Jesse B. Harris, Jr., Chair's absence, Cindy Gorsage nominated Bill Dusenbery to serve on the Panel for Professional Staff - represented. There was a majority show of hands of Senators and Professional Staff panel member and Bill Dusenbery will continue another 2 year term on the panel of the Professional Staff-represented expiring in August 2011. Cindy Gorsage nominated Jesse B. Harris, Jr. to the Panel of Professional Staff - represented. There was a unanimous show of hands of Senators and Professional staff for Jesse and he will continue for another 2 year term on the panel which will expire in August 2011. Cindy Gorsage nominated Danita Mumphard for another term on the Professional Staff-represented panel. With a majority show of hands of the Senators and panel members of Professional Staff, Danita Mumphard will serve another 2 years on the panel with her term expiring August 2011.

Executive Board Elections of the Chair seats

Melanie requested a nomination for a Chair of the Negotiated and Prevailing Panel. Terry Downey nominated Jeff Hicks. It was seconded by Greg Herbeck. Jeff accepted the nomination. Melanie requested a show of hands of the Negotiated and Prevailing panel members. By unanimous vote Jeff Hicks assumed the Chair seat for the Negotiated and Prevailing.

There was a discussion of the status of the Open Range Chair. Melanie requested a nomination for a Chair of the Open Range Panel. Michael Pulley nominated Alan Gaffney to become the Chair of the Open Range panel. It was seconded by Laura Scaturro. Melanie requested a show of hands of Open range panel members. By unanimous vote Alan Gaffney will be the next Chair of the Open Range panel.

Melanie requested a recommendation for Professional Staff Chair. William Dusenbery prefers to wait until the next meeting; therefore, no recommendation was made for Professional Staff Chair.

Melanie asked Brian Lotz if he would like to choose chairs for ad hoc committees at this time. Brian asked to choose at a later date.

Other Old Business: Todd Bartholomew asked a question about unexcused absences and a discussion pursued.

Point of order was made by Melanie Schoenborn that a motion was not made before the discussion.

Greg Herbeck made a motion to have section 16 of the By-Laws sent out to everyone by email. It was seconded by Melanie Schoenborn. Terry Downey requested a friendly amendment to also have the section 16 of the By-Laws mailed out in Campus mail for those who do not have access to email on their jobs. It was agreed by Greg Herbeck and Melanie. There was discussion. The motion carried with the friendly amendment.

Break - Brian Lotz called a 10 minute break at 10:20 a.m.

Brian Lotz called the meeting back to order at l0:30 a.m.

New Business: Melanie read an email from Jesse Harris requesting a need for the emcee for the Ice Cream Cabaret. Melanie will not be at the Cabaret because of a family commitment. Gail Erb volunteered to help in Melanie's place. Melanie handed out 10 Cabaret tickets per Senate member to sell and Cabaret flyers for everyone to hang in their office. Brian requested help from Narbeth Emmanuel and will send him a letter regarding the request.

Other New Business: none


Ex-Officio Reports

SURS - no report

SUCSAC - Linda Wense announced that a representative from EAC would be here in October, and if anyone has any inquiries for the representative, please let her know.

Linda's EAC term is up in October, but Linda will run one more time. If anyone is interested in running let her know. She explained what the position entailed and the time commitment. There are at least 8 out of town meetings a year during University time and travel is involved but compensated. There is an EAC meeting on Thursday, October 22 and dinner Wednesday night at "Lotta Watta." If anyone is interested in attending dinner, let Linda know.

Linda had a positive meeting with Sherrie Senkfor, Human Resources Director

Panel Reports

Negotiated and Prevailing: Todd Bartholomew reported that an issue with employee sick time has been resolved.

Open Range: No report

Professional Staff: Melanie requested election paperwork from panel members.

Satellite Campus Reports

Alton: Jackie Candela reported of various ongoing construction projects.

E. St. Louis: Bill Dusenbery reported of an additional stop sign being added at the entrance by Building C.

UPBC: no report

Policy Review Committee: no report

Scholarship Committee: Melanie Schoenborn reported the use of the changes the Senate voted on in the last scholarship. It seemed to only have one minor problem, but didn't affect any of the applications.

Fundraising Committee: Melanie reported that the Valentine Dinner was turned down by Greg Conroy. Jesse has been in contact with someone else for the entertainment. The committee is still working on an event to be held the weekend (Saturday evening) of Valentines Day 2010.

Goals Committee: no report

Newsletter: Mike Hamil handed out a draft of newsletter. Deadline for articles to be submitted is August 14.

Council of Councils: Michael Pulley reported the next meeting is Tuesday August 11. Schedule is being hashed out for the event. Legislators will still need to be scheduled depending on their sessions. The committee has received several donations, thanks to Shrylene Langston.

Other Reports: A question was asked about the status of an Employee Appreciation Day. Kyle is to send the information to Brian for the Chancellor.

Brian reported that Duff Wrobbel ordered a red stole/sash embroidered with the words Staff Senate for the President to wear during commencements (a duty of the Staff Senate President). Brian also, acknowledged and thanked everyone in the Staff Senate for their service.

Terry Downey asked about the questions that were presented to Kenn Neher about University Park. Brian does not have an answer yet.

Adjournment: Bill Dusenbery motioned to adjourn the meeting at 11:30 a.m.

Approved as amended September 3, 2009
Vicki Kruse/University Governance

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