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The Faculty Senate
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October 7, 2010

Approved Minutes

The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 2:35 p.m. on October 7, 2010 in the Abbott Auditorium in Lovejoy Library by Jonathan Pettibone, President.

Present: Agustin, Alexander, Bharati, Carstens-Wickham, Celik, Chen, Comrie, Duckham, Fahsl, Foster, Fries, Gillespie, Harrison, Hershberger, Hildebrandt, Hinz, Kelly, Kerber, Kirk, Kolling, Latorre, Love, Maatita, Meeks for Ferguson, McCracken, Sue Cataldi for Pearson, Pettibone, Savoie, Schmidt, Schober, Schoenecker, Seyer, Schmitz, Shaw, Siganga, Smith, Solares, Thomeczek, Thornton, Weyhaupt, Wiediger, E. Duff Wrobbel for Panirselvam, Edmund Hershberger for Yager, Yu

Absent: Aminata Cairo for Willmott, Chleboun, Duvernell, Frick, Goebl-Parker, Jain, Kapatamoyo, Miner, Yan

Excused: Taylor

Consideration of Minutes: A motion was made by Bill Kolling and seconded by Melissa Thomezek to approve the September 2 minutes as written. The motion carried.

Action Items:

Dean Review Committee Appointments

1. Valerie Yancey from Nursing to serve on the School of Dental Medicine Dean Review committee, Ron Worthington from School of Pharmacy to serve on the School of Nursing Dean Review committee and Ayse Evrensel from School of Business to serve on School of Education Dean Review committee. There were no objections therefore they will serve by acclamation.

2. Since there were three nominees for the School of Business appointment to the Dean Review committee: Kung Hee Leem from College of Arts and Sciences, Eric Kirk from School of Education and Paul Anthony from the Library, there was a ballot vote taken. Allison Fahsl was assigned to count ballots. Jonathan Pettibone continued with business while ballots were counted.

Academic Technology Issues Steering Committee Appointment

3. Jonathan made a request for a nomination to replace Susan Yager on the Academic Technology Issues Steering Committee. Since there were none, the Senate was asked to let Jonathan know of anyone who may be interested in that seat.

Welfare Council Annual Report:

4. Edmund Hershberger presented the Annual Report in place of Susan Yager. The Report was approved as submitted. A question was asked about the status of the Family Leave (Family Friendly) policy. Jonathan will check on the status. It was decided to send a copy of that proposed policy to Director of Human Resources Sherrie Senkfor.

The Ombuds Evaluation

5. was moved forward by Edward Hershberger for approval. There was a question regarding people surveyed; it was answered by Edmund. The Evaluation was accepted as it stands.

The reappointment of Seran Aktuna

6. as Ombuds representative for second term was brought forth by Edmund Hershberger. The reappointment of Seran Aktuna was approved.

WC#14-07/08, Policy for Retired and Emeriti Faculty Members

7. was brought forth by Edmund Hershberger with the addition of a phrase that was inadvertently omitted when it was sent for approval earlier. The Policy was approved.

General Education Committee Chair Approval:

8. Curriculum Council Chair Geoffrey Schmidt brought forth the name Debbie Mann as Chair. There was no discussion. Debbie Mann was approved as Chair of the General Education Committee.

Jonathan Pettibone announced the result of the vote for the Dean Review Committee for the School of Business as Paul Anthony. 36 votes cast, 13 (1/3 +1) necessary to be elected.

Faculty Senate October 7, 2010


Number of votes cast


Necessary for election

Kung Hee Leem (CAS) received


Eric Kirk (Edu) received


Paul Anthony (Library) received


illegal votes



UPBC: Tim Schoenecker had no report but requested everyone's presence at President Poshard's Town Hall meeting tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.

Everyone agreed to go out of order to accommodate schedules of Human Resources Director Sherrie Senkfor and the ICAC (Intercollegiate Athletic Committee) Chair Anne Powell.

Sherrie Senkfor took questions from the Senate regarding the Inclement Weather Policy. The questions included topics of; cell phones/e-alert included in policy, safety issues while holding classes with power outage, night class safety issues, emergency procedures for stairwells/emergency lights, safety at night/violation, wheelchairs, ADA violations/upper floors/elevators/, fire department local emergency responders and Alton Dental School campus/class closures/weather. Sherrie will bring these to the Vice Chancellor of Administration and the Provost.

ICAC Chair Ann Powell presented the proposed changes to two policies; Policies & Procedures, Intercollegiate Athletics, Policy on the Structure and Function of the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee-3F1 and Policies & Procedures, Student Academic Standards and Performance, Absence from Class for Official University Business-1I8. There was a question and answer session while ICAC Chair Anne and ICAC member Bill Retzlaff answered questions. Both policies will go on the next Faculty Senate agenda for a vote. A question was posed to Anne Powell about plagiarism software and athletes. She will check and let the senate know.

IBHE-FAC: Martha Latorre reported about the first FAC meeting at IIT in Chicago. Issues they will focus on this year are; retention, articulation and college readiness. IBHE has a new president this year. Member structure of the Board of Higher Education now includes a faculty member, but the governor filled that position with an Emeriti retired member instead of a current faculty.

Faculty Development Council: Susan Wiediger reported that Faculty Development Council was making plans for the year including working on EUEs and gathering faculty development information.

Curriculum Council: Geoffrey Schmidt reported that new chairs for subcommittees were appointed. Johanna Schmitz will chair the programs committee again, Vance McCracken will chair the undergraduate courses committee and Ryan Fries will chair the policy committee. The Council will be revising operating papers and reviewing the minimum expectations for syllabi.

Graduate Council: Rakesh Bharati reported three items of business being considered at this time; program committee, Dean Hansen Emeriti status and Graduate committee on assessment.

Welfare Council: Edmund Hershberger reported for Susan Yager that subcommittee chairs have been identified. The Council is working on the Policy on Tenure and Promotion revisions at this time.

Rules and Procedures: No report.

Past President: No report.

President Elect: Jane Gillespie reported that she attended the University Quality Council meeting and they approved the SET (Student Evaluation of Teaching) as an action project.

Adjournment: There was no other business so Jonathan adjourned the meeting at 3:46 p.m.

November 4, 2010 Approved as written by the Faculty Senate

Vicki Kruse/University Governance

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