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The Faculty Senate
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September 2, 2010

Approved Minutes

The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 2:33 p.m. on September 2, 2020 in the Morris University Center Mississippi Illinois Room by Jonathan Pettibone, President.

Present: Agustin, Alexander, Bharati, Carstens-Wickham, Celik, Chen, Comrie, Duckham, Duvernell, Fahsl, Foster, Fries, Gillespie, Goebl-Parker, Harrison, Hershberger, Mark Hildebrandt alt for Grossman, Hinz, Kapatamoyo, Kelly, Kerber, Kolling, Latorre, Love, Maatita, Thad Meeks alt for Ferguson, Paul Wanda for McCracken, Miner, Pettibone, Savoie, Schmidt, Tim McPherson for Schober, Schoenecker, Schmitz, Shaw, Taylor, Thomezek, Thornton, Steve Rigdon for Weyhaupt, Wiediger, Aminata Cairo for Willmott, Yu

Absent: Chleboun, Frick, Hinz, Poonam, Kirk, Pannirselvam, Pearson, Seyer, Siganga, Smith, Yager, Yan

Jonathan Pettibone welcomed Senators for the 2010/2011 year and let them introduce themselves after an introduction from the Council Chairs.

Consideration of Minutes: Musonda Kapatamoyo made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Paul Wanda seconded. The minutes were approved as written.

Chancellor Vandegrift spoke briefly to the Senate regarding the budget and presented briefly a contingency plan that will be presented at the next Board of Trustees meeting. SIUC is still owed $18 million from the State. The plan had four major points preceded by a preamble; if there are any additional cuts in the SIU system, SIUE wants to manage their own. There is extra help being hired for reduced rates and only 900 hours. Purchases are slowed down, and travel limited. About $7 million has been set back for FY11 to mitigate any possible future cuts. If SIUE has to go beyond what can be done with the $7 million, it would consider these options but not in any particular order.

1. There are 70 vacant positions (3% of all positions on campus) at this time that do not include faculty or instructional positions, and those positions would be looked at to possibly eliminate some if found to not be needed.

2. Closing the University for one day as a University Administrative Closure would generate $500,000 per day. Everyone would lose pay for such a day. It would be a day when classes weren't meeting.

3. General campus wide layoffs. Does not affect tenured track/tenured faculty.

4. Reduce Non Academic Programs/Areas.

The President and Chancellor decided that Faculty raises would be discussed at the Board meeting after the holidays. The Chancellor said there is still $1,000,000 available for faculty equity.

UPBC Chair Timothy Schoenecker gave a PowerPoint presentation about the UPBC, its members and what it does. Historically, the UPBC plans two years out.

Reports from Standing Committees

UPBC: above

IBHE Faculty Advisory Council: Martha Latorre gave a brief summary of the membership and work of the FAC. The meetings are held at the different universities in the state of Illinois each month. Martha is Vice Chairman this year and attends the executive meetings, also. The president of FAC attends the IBHE meetings.

ATISC (Academic Technology Issues Steering Committee): Susan Yager gave a brief description of the charge of the committee.

Reports from Council Chairs

Faculty Development Council: Susan Wiediger reviewed the past functions of the Faculty Development Council. Currently, the Council participated in the All Faculty Meeting regarding the Teaching Center and the Faculty Symposium in conjunction with the Provost's Office and ITS held in August.

Graduate Council: Rakesh Bharati gave a brief summary of the different committees within the Graduate Council. Michael Shaw reviewed the past year's accomplishments.

Curriculum Council: Geoffrey Schmidt reviewed the work of the Curriculum Council including the Form 90s and the different committees within the Council. Geoffrey reported that the Council will be working on their operating papers and the ethics of instruction.

Rules and Procedures Council: Karen Kelly reviewed the work that was done in the past and the ongoing evaluations.

Welfare Council: Susan Yager gave a brief summary of work the Welfare Council is charged with along with the current and ongoing work. They are responsible for the evaluations of the Ombuds program, overseeing the Honorary Degree and Distinguished Award program and anything regarding the welfare of the faculty.

Past President: Allison Fahsl reported the different committees she is serving on as the Past President of the Faculty Senate. Allison is also on a governance subcommittee for the NCAA Committee for Division I.

President Elect: Jane Gillespie will be on the University Quality Council. Jane gave a brief description of the council and the current plans which include approvals for the Lincoln Plan, placement testing, staff engagement, curriculum review of form 90s and student evaluation of teaching, which are AQIP projects. Jane asked for any ideas for her project this year as she serves as President elect.

Unfinished Business: none

New Business

Jonathan tabled the Operating Policy in the Event of Inclement Weather and Other Special Conditions until Human Resources Director Sherrie Senkfor can attend a future meeting.

Adjournment: Marcus Agustin made a motion to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

October 7, 2010 Approved as written by the Faculty Senate

Vicki Kruse/University Governance

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