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May 6, 2010 - 2:30 P.M.

Approved Minutes

The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 2:31 p.m. on May 6, 2010 in the Morris University Center Mississippi Illinois Room by Allison Fahsl, President.

Present: Agustin, Alexander, Bharati, Chleboun, Comrie, Fahsl, Foster, Gillespie, Hershberger, Karanovich, Kelly, Kerber, Kirk, Kolling, Latorre, Love, Maatita, Johnston, McCracken, Miner, Nwacha, O'Brien, Pearson, Pettibone, Puchner, Joel Hardman alt for Schmidt, Schoenecker, Seltzer, Seyer, Schmitz, Shaw, Siganga, Thornton, Timpe, Weyhaupt, Wiediger, Wrobbel, Yager, Yancey, T. Yu, Ying Shang alt for W. Yu, B. Zhou, J. Zhou

Excused: Morris, Navin, Smith, Staples,

Absent: Carstens-Wickham, Celik, Fujinoki, Hinz, Kapatamoyo, Solares, Willmott

Announcements: Tom Foster announced the approved Form 90s and Form 91As

Consideration of Minutes: The minutes were approved as written.

Action Items (clickers were used for voting)

 Ethics of Instruction: Tom Foster presented revisions and there was discussion. It was decided to send the Ethics of Instruction back to Committee for revisions and bring back to the Senate in the fall.

 SET Committee Report: Jonathan Pettibone presented the report which recommends the Committee to continue the work to create an instrument for Student Evaluation of Teaching as an AQIP. There was a discussion. Michael Shaw made a motion to accept the report with the recommendation of the change of percentages--- and Rakesh Bharati seconded. 34 people voted, Yes 88%, No 9%, Abstain 3%. The SET Committee Report was approved with the amendment.

 UPBC Operating Papers: Tim Schoenecker presented a change to the Operating Papers: Under Section I. Membership, A, "d. the immediate past presidents of the Faculty and Staff Senates for one-year terms." Changed "d" to read: "the immediate past presidents of the Faculty and Staff Senates until the current president is replaced". E. Duff Wrobbel made a motion to accept the change. Michael Shaw Seconded. 36 people voted, Yes 97%, No 3%, Abstain 0%. The change was approved.

 Welfare Council Items: Edmund Hershberger presented three items.

1. Promotion Policy and Guidelines: Edmund Hershberger presented a recommended revision to the policy regarding the timing of promotion to be consistent for the rank of assistant professor and associate professor both applying at the beginning of the sixth year.. There was discussion and an edit was made in the second paragraph deleting "full" in reference to Professor. A vote with the amendment yielded 34 votes. Yes 100%. The recommendation to the Promotion Policy and Guidelines was approved.

2. Family Leave: Edmund presented the new policy for approval. There was no further discussion. 37 people voted. Yes 92%, No 3% Abstain 5%. The Family Leave policy was approved.

3. Proposed Tenure Policy revisions VII. Probationary Period for Tenure-Track Faculty and X. Criteria for Evaluating Tenure-Track Faculty: Edmund presented the revisions. There was no further discussion. 36 people voted. Yes 94%, No 3% Abstain 3%. The revisions were approved.

 Slate of 2011 Council Chairs

Curriculum Council: Geoffrey Schmidt

Faculty Development Council: Sue Wiediger

Rules & Procedures Council: Karen Kelly

Welfare Council: Susan Yager

Graduate Council: Rakish Bharati

36 people voted. Yes 100%. The Slate of 2011 Council Chairs was approved.

The 2011 President-elect is Jane Gillespie.

Reports from Standing Committees

UPBC: Tim Schoenecker reported that the Chancellor and the Budget Director are confident that SIUE will have enough payments from the State to make payroll through the end of the fiscal year. The new Budget Web Site is up now and can be accessed from the Chancellor's home page. It can be accessed throughout the summer. Tim clarified that the new furniture that Peck Hall will be getting is from building renovation fee that the students passed a few years ago. It is restricted money and cannot be used for the State budget, but can be used for the purchase of new furniture.

IBHE FAC: Martha Latorre reported how other Illinois university campuses have been affected by the budget crises.

ATISC (Academic Technology Issues Steering Committee): Susan Yager reported on four topics from the April 16 meeting.

1. A third software vendor for testing in a unit on campus.

2. A request for representatives from across the college and schools to estimate administrative time used to produce annual reports in order to justify cost of software.

3. An announcement of a digital dashboard to enable persons to have a single computer 'sign on' for all programs such as Blackboard, Luminus, etc

4. Instructional technology that would help out in classes

Reports from Council Chairs

Faculty Development Council: Adam Weyhaupt reported that funding recommendations for EUE grants were forwarded to the Provost's Office. The Provost will announce his funding decisions for the EUE grants in August. Technology proposals are being accepted now for the Faculty Symposium on Technology in Teaching and Research in August.

Graduate Council: Michael Shaw reported the approvals of Art & Design and Music program reviews and a Policy for Responsible Conduct in Research.

Curriculum Council: Tom Foster gave a brief summary of the Curriculum Council's committee work. Revisions have been made to the Operating Papers and will be brought forward to the Senate this fall.

Rules and Procedures Council: Gerald O'Brien reported on the Chancellor's and Provost's evaluations as Mary Sue Love handed out the results. The elections for Faculty Senate and Graduate Council are finishing up. The Grievance Committee is in except for the School of Education. The Grievance Committee will begin their work this fall with an orientation with Jeff McClellan.

Welfare Council: Edmund Hershberger reported that the Ombuds survey is done with 192 responses.

Past President: E. Duff Wrobbel gave a summary of The Senate Project "Strengthening Shared Governance" by Graduate Assistant Umina Long and himself this past year. The document and appendix will be posted on Blackboard.

President Elect: No report.

Unfinished Business: Allison gave a summary of work that will continue into fall semester.

New Business: Allison announced the next Faculty Senate meeting on September 2. The first FSEC which consists of both the outgoing and incoming Executive Committee meeting for fall will be on August 26th instead of the 19th.

Other Business: Allison thanked Senators for their service this year and look forward to Senators coming back.

Adjournment: Jonathan made a motion to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

Approved as written September 2, 2010 by the Faculty Senate

Vicki Kruse/University Governance

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