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DECEMBER 3, 2009, 2:30 P.M.




The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 2:31 p.m. on December 3, 2009 in Morris University Center Mississippi Illinois Room by Allison Fahsl, President.

Present: Agustin, Alexander, Bharati, Carstens-Wickham, Celik, Chleboun, Sohyung Cho alt for J. Zhou, Fahsl, Foster, Fujinoki, Gillespie, Erin Heil alt for Florence C. Maatita, Hershberger, Hinz, Karanovich, Kelly, Kerber, Kolling, Latorre, Maurer, McCracken, Miner, Navin, Nwacha, O'Brien, Pearson, Pettibone, Puchner, Schmidt, Seltzer, Seyer, Kerry Shaul for Diane Sol alt. for Johanna Schmitz, Shaw, Siganga, Smith, Solares, Staples, Taylor, Thornton, Timpe, Weyhaupt, Judy Zhang for Susan Wiediger, Willmott, Wrobbel, Yager, Yancey, T. Yu, B. Zhou


Absent: Comrie, Kapatamoyo, Kirk, Love, W. Yu

Guest: Jessica DeSpain, Kristine Hildebrandt, Jennifer Rehg

Announcements: Allison announced approved policies. Tom Foster, Chair of Curriculum Council announced the Form 90s, 91s and General Education approval list.

Consideration of Minutes: The November 5 minutes were approved as written.

Action Item CC#01-09/10 Minimum Expectations for Course Syllabi

After a discussion it was decided that the Minimum Expectations for Course Syllabi will remain on Blackboard and will go back to Curriculum Council for suggested changes. It can then be brought back to the Senate.

Guest Speakers Jessica DeSpain from English and Kristine Hildebrandt from Linguistics acting as Interdisciplinary Roundtable leaders did a presentation on a Digital Scholarship Center. A handout was provided and will be filed with the minutes. Questions and answers followed. Jessica and Kristine can be contacted for other questions or comments.

Reports from Standing Committees:

UPBC: John Navin reported that President Poshard was on campus with a town hall meeting regarding the budget and how it could affect SIUE. John reported that SIUE is waiting for $16.5 million from the State of Illinois.

IBHE Faculty Advisory Council: Martha Latorre reported that Illinois Representative Chaffin Rose, a member of the Higher Education Appropriations Committee was a guest speaker last month. Martha added to her last report about the State Data Warehouse which will be a part of the new program Race to the Top replacing No Child Left Behind. The project is competitively funded with $4.35 billion for a handful of states who will follow the requirements of Race to the Top. Illinois is participating. The requirements are: national standards for students coming into college, longitudinal data system to support instruction (present system), great teachers and leaders equitably distributed and intervention in low performing schools. The purpose is to have total accountability including making universities and teachers accountable. It will be accessible to many people at different facets.

BIC (BRIDGE Implementation Committee): Jennifer Rehg reported that BIC met Thursday before Thanksgiving. There was not a quorum, therefore the implementation document revisions will be voted on at next meeting. BIC will be making a recommendation to the Faculty Senate for fast tracking the form 90s during the transition to the Lincoln Plan. Paul Brunkow is in the process of revising the overall proposal that will go to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee for next meeting.

Academic Technology Issues Steering Committee: Susan Yager reported from their initial meeting. She requested topics and areas of concerns regarding ITS from the faculty. The Academic Technologies Issues Steering Committee areas of concern:

1. Assessment software

 Unit annual reporting,

 Program annual reporting,

 Faculty reporting,

 Promotion and tenure,

 Activity reporting

 Scheduling

2. Student Evaluation of Teaching

3. Research

There was a concern about the omission of any discussion on the topic technology in classroom

Reports from Council Chairs

Faculty Development Council: Adam Weyhaupt reported changes that were made to the EUE program for FY 2011 grants; follow-up applications for multi-year funding with justification, justification of multiple PI's in the proposal and possibly a support statement from Ron Schaefer for travel abroad EUE's. EUE 2010 impact awards will not be monetary but encourage recipients of the award to apply. A symposium on technology in teaching and research is being coordinated with ITS. A committee is being formed to develop the idea of a center for faculty development. Adam welcomes any comments.

Graduate Council: Michael Shaw reported on various grants. Application deadlines: Paul Simon Outstanding Scholar - Jan 22, Hoppe Research Award - Jan 29 and Lindsey New Investigator Award - March. The Chair of the Search Committee for Ron Schaefer's replacement has finished the task, but has not announced the results yet.

Michael announced the termination of the Physics Masters program (Form 92B approval). SAGE requests from the School of Nursing and the School of Engineering were sent back for clarification. A copy of the Graduate Council minutes will be filed with the Faculty Senate minutes.

Curriculum Council: Tom Foster reported that Curriculum Council is working on the issue of experimental versus topics courses. Tom requested for faculty or their department chair contact him on how topic courses are being used as to get a broader perspective of their use.

Rules and Procedures Council: Gerald O'Brien reported that they will consider feedback from the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor on the evaluations to better tailor them to each job. Salary equity elections are presently being held.

Welfare Council: Edmund Hershberger reported that the election of the Faculty Grievance Committee may be in the spring. Edmund requested that the Senators go to their constituencies and express how important it is to address the issues of salary equity with objectivity and without an agenda to prepare them for the Equity committee and election.

Past President: E. Duff Wrobbel reported that the data collection is almost done. They have an 85% returned response.

President Elect: There was no report from Jon Pettibone.

Unfinished Business: The BIC Proposal of fast tracking Form 90s has revisions, and they will go up on Blackboard.

New Business: There was no new business.

Other Business: There was no other business.

Adjournment: Michael Shaw made a motion to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 4:02 p.m.

Approved as amended February 4, 2010 by the Faculty Senate

Vicki Kruse/University Governance

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