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The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 2:35 p.m. in the Mississippi/Illinois room of the Morris University Center by Duff Wrobbel, President.

Present: Agustin, Alexander, Bharati, Carstens-Wickham, Celik, Comrie, Covington, Dixon, Fahsl, Foster, Fujinoki, Gillespie, Hale, Harward, Hershberger, Kelly, Kerber, Latorre, Love, McAndrews, McCommas, McCracken, Navin, O'Brien, Pearson, Pettibone, Pietroburgo, Puchner, Schmidt, Schmitz, Shaw, Smith, Staples, Szabo, Theodore, Thomason, Timpe, Vogrin, Watson, Welch, Weyhaupt, Wiediger, Willmott, Wrobbel, Yancey, Tianlong Yu, William Yu, B. Zhou, J. Zhou

Absent: Bolander, Duhigg, Milsk-Fowler, Rose-Green, Solares, Thornton

Announcements: Duff welcomed all the new Senators and Chairs and opened an introduction of each member.

Consideration of Minutes: May 1, 2008 - Corrections were made to the minutes. A motion was made by Mary Sue Love to approve the minutes as corrected and seconded by Peter Theodore.

Action Item: Approval of Welfare Council Co-Chairs Lisa Welch and Tianlong Yu.

A motion was made by Stephanie McAndrews to approve the Welfare Council Co-Chairs Lisa Welch and Tianlong Yu. Laurie Puchner seconded and the motion was approved.

Reports from Standing Committees:

UPBC - John Navin reported that the UPBC is a Council that is advisory to the Chancellor. There are two Ex Officio members; the Chancellor and the Budget Director for the University. Members consist of staff and faculty appointed by the representative Senates, as well as the Past President of the Faculty Senate (Kay), Larry LaFond and Susan Breck, Jane Gillespie and the UPBC Past President. The list of members, minutes and operating papers are on the UPBC website The SIUE budget is approved. John gave a power point presentation of the budget. Julie Pietroburgo will chair CHAPA, a Standing Committee of UPBC that reviews the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors. This year Vice Chancellor Emmanuel and Vice Chancellor Neher will be reviewed.

There is no capital budget or a new science building at the present. Nothing will happen until November after the election. The 3% raise will be approved by the Board of Trustees next Thursday. It will be in the September 30th pay checks retroactive to July 1, 2008.

IBHE Faculty Advisory Council (Illinois Board of Higher Education) - Martha Latorre reported that the council will meet in 2 weeks. Martha gave a brief overview of the Faculty Advisory Council. It is made up of 30 members who meet once a month, 10 months out of the year and meet at different campuses across the country.

Technology Advisory Council - Hiroshi Fujinki reported that the council will meet this month. Spring 2008, the council decided that they will meet every month. Hiroshi briefly explained what the council will be doing this year.

Reports from Council Chairs:

Curriculum Council - Tom Foster reported that the council will be working on getting the University Policy and the Curriculum Council operating papers in line with each other. The council will work on putting Form 90s online.

Graduate Council - Stephanie McAndrews reported the responsibilities of the Graduate Council and the different committees. Graduate Council is responsible for organizing and supervising the graduate programs which go through a review. They coordinate research efforts. Stephanie explained grants such as the new University Research Grant.

Faculty Development Council - George Watson gave a brief overview of FDC and his role as Chair to promote developmental activities such as teaching service or research, oversee the Excellence in Education program in the spring and work with the Provost to establish some opportunities in terms of Faculty Symposiums. George would like to propose a comprehensive process for the Faculty Development that takes in consideration the different needs of our faculty.

Rules & Procedures Council- Mary Sue Love reported the responsibilities of the Rules & Procedures Council. The Council looks at university and senate rules and policies to make sure they are up to date and current. The council looks at Senate apportionment and does reviews of the Chancellor and Provost. This year the Chancellor will have a four year review.

Welfare Council - Tianlong Yu and Lisa Welch are co-chairs. Tianlong reported the different responsibilities of the Welfare Council. There are two standing committees; the Faculty Status Committee and the Faculty Benefits and Facilities Committee. The Welfare Council will form ad hoc committees from time to time. This year it will develop new Operating Papers for the revised Faculty Grievance Policy. Attention this year will go to the Emeritus and Retired Faculty Policies, Family Friendly Policies, funding of co-authored papers, the definition of 'family' and Salary Equity issues.

Past President - Kay Covington explained the active role of the Past President and President Elect and some of their responsibilities. As Past President Kay will be serving on the Bridge Implementation Committee and keeping the Senate abreast of what they are doing.

President Elect - Allison Fahsl will be learning about her role as President for next year. Allison will be on the Freshman Seminar Implementation Committee and inform the Senate on its progress.

New Business:

Belinda Carstens-Wickham volunteered to be the Parking and Traffic Committee Representative from the Faculty Senate requested by Bob Vanzo.

Duff asked for suggestions for the appointment of a CAS Dean's Selection Committee Representative. The election will be held in two weeks. There was a discussion of what criteria will determine the appointment. If there are any requests or nominations, they are to be brought to Duff.

The Teacher-Scholar Philosophy will be discussed at the next FSEC meeting. The document is on the Graduate School Web Site.

Kay reported how Blackboard could be utilized by the Faculty Senate for its communications and committee work. There was a discussion.

Mary Sue Love made a motion to move official business to Blackboard. Mike Shaw seconded. There was more discussion. Peter Theodore moved that a friendly amendment be made to agree to move the Faculty Senate stuff to Blackboard without being specific yet. The Senate agreed unanimously. There was additional discussion. The motion carried. Kay will get more information and possibly have Steve Huffstutler from ITS come to a meeting to answer questions.

Kay reported that The Freshman Seminar Committee in the past reviewed proposals. The new Freshman Seminar Implementation Committee is to plan, implement and plan proposals with the New Lincoln Plan, the undergraduate general education program. It will be proposed to the FSEC to be a more active committee and be similar to the BRIDGE Implementation Committee. Kay provided a list of committee members and Sharon James McGee as Chair. The committee has to be approved by the Faculty Senate.

Kay answered question from the Senate. The New Lincoln Plan Committee, the BRIDGE Implementation Committee and the Freshman Seminar Implementation Committee will have to work close to make sure it is an ongoing experience.

The UNIV 112 taskforce chair is working on the Freshman Seminar Implementation Committee. The UNIV 112 is a two hour process class. There was a discussion about UNIV 112 course.

Kay will bring the Freshman Seminar Implementation Committee list with the two new members; one from each of the BIC (BRIDGE Implementation Committee) and the COA (Committee on Assessment) to the Senate for a vote in October.

Old Business: Duff reported that the Listserv changeover occurred a few days later than expected, but it is up and running.

Other Business: none

Adjourn: Mike Shaw made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 3:52 p.m.

Approved with corrections October 2, 2008 - Vicki Kruse, University Governance



Larry LaFond July 1, 2008 June 30, 2011

John Navin (Chair) July 1, 2007 June 30, 2010

Jane Gillespie July 1, 2006 June 30, 2009

Susan Breck July 1, 2008 June 30, 2011

Dianne Kay Slattery July 1, 2007 June 30, 2010

Steve Hansen (Dean) July 1, 2008 June 30, 2011

Kay Covington (past Pres.) August, 2008 August, 2009

Vaughn Vandegrift (ex officio) July 1, 2004

Scott Gluntz July 1, 2008 June 30, 2011


Jesse Harris July 1, 2006 June 30, 2009

Todd Bartholomew (past Pres.) July 1, 2008 June 30, 2009

Bill Winter (ex officio) January 1, 2004


Dominique Majors July 1, 2008 June 30, 2009


Chair Sharon James McGee (English Language and Literature)

College of Arts and Sciences Lynn Maurer (Political Science)

Laura Perkins (Speech Communication)

School of Engineering Cem Karacel

School of Education Greg Everett (Psychology)

School of Business Bijoy Bordoloi (Computer Management & Information Systems)

School of Nursing Ann Popkess (Primary Care & Health Systems)

Lovejoy Library Julie Hansen

Curriculum Council Tom Foster (Physics)

Academic Counseling & Advising Cheryle Tucker-Loewe (Acting Director)

Instructional Services Chad Verbais (Writing Center Coordinator)

University 112 Lisa Israel (Housing)

CAS Dean's Office Carl Springer (Associate Dean)

Office of the Provost Sue Thomas (Associate Provost)-ex officio

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