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Student Employment
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Entering Student Job Finder

Enter Student Job Finder by using the following information:

User Name: Your Univ. ID (800#)

Password: Your birthdate (mmddyy)

Your password can be changed once you complete your Profile.

If you have trouble entering Student Job Finder, check to see that you meet the eligibility requirements.

Meeting Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to use Student Job Finder, you must:

· Be enrolled for the required number of hours.

On Campus Undergraduate - 6 hours for Fall and Spring semesters, 3 hours for Summer

Graduate - 5 hours for Fall and Spring semesters, 3 hours for Summer

· Be degree seeking.

Visiting students must submit documentation of degree seeking status at another institution to Student Employment.

· Be maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.

· Not be in default on repayment of a Student Loan.

· Not have an Accounts Receivable Hold

· Be registered for Selective Service if applicable.

To use Student Job Finder to search for Federal Work Study jobs, you must also:

· Have an accepted Federal Work Study award in your Financial Aid package.

· Be in good standing with certain Financial Aid requirements.

· Be current with certain Financial Aid documents.

If you meet these requirements but are still unable to enter Student Job Finder, contact Student Employment at 650-2563 or visit us at Rendleman Hall, Room 2221.

Using Student Job Finder for the First Time

Select My File and complete all sections of your Profile.

Change your password in the Personal Information section if you wish.

To add or edit information in your Profile, select Edit for the section you wish to update. Add or edit information, then select Save to return to your Profile.

Note that changing your address in Student Job Finder will not result in a change to your address anywhere else. Submit new tax cards to student employment to change your W2 address, and visit the Service Center of Admissions and Records to change your address in the University's Student Information System.

You may enter information about your special skills and abilities in the Skills Section. If you wish to enter more than one skill in a particular category, hold down the CTRL key and click the skill area with your mouse. Use the arrow to move your skills to the Selected side.

In the Additional Information section, select 'Yes" when asked if you wish to allow potential employers visiting this site to view your information. This will allow employers who use Student Job Finder on-line to recruit you as an employee regardless of whether you apply for their job or not. See the instructions for Applying for Jobs for more details.

Return to the Home or Logout.

Searching for Jobs

Select Search to view jobs currently active in Student Job Finder.

Query for various jobs by entering the desired search criteria. For example, view only on-campus jobs by selecting On-campus from the Location section of the search criteria. If you are searching by position type, you may select more than one position type by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the options you wish to choose.

Select Search.

Select Work Study Only from the Job Category section if you have an accepted Federal Work Study (FWS) award and wish to view jobs designated only for students with FWS. Remember that if you have a FWS award, you are eligible to apply for any job in Student Job Finder. However, your award cannot be utilized if you accept one of our off-campus positions. If you do not have a FWS award, you are not eligible to view Work-Study Jobs.

Click on the job title to view the description.

Applying for Jobs

Select View Contact Information from the description to get to the Job Referral Form.

Follow the Application Instructions provided by the employer near the bottom of the Job Referral Form (inquire on-line, call for appt, apply within, send resume, etc).

Print the Job Referral Form to submit to the employer if an interview occurs. You are required to submit the Job Referral Form during an interview for all off-campus employers and for on-campus employers who are not accepting inquiries on-line. Use your browser's Back button to return to the job description.

Select Inquire Now from the bottom of the description if the employer wishes to receive inquiries on-line. The option to Inquire Now will not appear if the employer does not wish to receive on-line inquiries. When inquiring on-line, type comments to the employer that will be sent along with your Profile. Select Send Inquiry.

Receiving Responses from Employers

Select My Inquiries to view a list of jobs you've inquired about.

Click on the job title to view any comments made by the employer. You may send additional comments to the employer at this time if you wish.

Select Send Comments or Cancel.

Getting Hired

Once you and an employer have agreed to establish a working relationship, go to your Profile and select "No" where it asks if you wish to allow potential employers to view your information if you are no longer actively looking for employment. You may leave "Yes" if you still want to be considered for other positions.

Follow these instructions to get hired:

On Campus Employment

Have your employer print a Payroll Authorization Form from Student Job Finder, sign it, and attach the following documents to it:

· A Student employee compliance Agreement (SECA) completed by you

· Federal and State W-4's completed by you

· An I-9 completed by you and your employer (available from your employer).

· An Ethics Compliance form

• A Sexual Harassment training form

· An Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status form

In compliance with SIUE policy, you are required to participate in Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit information is available at

All Foreign National and Nonresident Aliens must meet with the Payroll NRA Compliance Manager to complete paperwork prior to beginning work. The Compliance Manager will assist with the appropriate forms and processes to comply with federal and state payroll tax withholding requirements.

Please refer to: for more information on Foreign National and Nonresident Alien taxation.

Have your employer submit the Payroll Authorization Form to the address at the top of the form along with the attached documents.

Wait for your employer to receive approval from Student Financial Aid before you begin work. Have your employer list you on the timesheet, using the numbers provided in the approval.

Complete an Agreement of Principles with your employer as described in the Student Employment Policies, Policy 21.

Off Campus Employment (Job Locator and Development Program)

Print the Job Referral Form from Student Job Finder and have the employer sign it and submit it to the address at the top of the form.

Complete any other forms required by the employer.

Enjoy your new Job!

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