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Learning cannot effectively occur in a chaotic environment of disrespect and incivility toward one another. It is an active enterprise characterized by the sharing and discussion of ideas. You play a role in maintaining classroom behavior that is professional, courteous and sensitive to the rights of others.

• Attend each class meeting and come to class on time. Entering late disrupts the class for the instructor and your classmates.

• Be prepared for each class. Raise your hand and ask to be recognized if you want to contribute to a discussion or ask a question. Do not interrupt.

• Leave personal stereos at home or stow them in your backpack. Do not use them during class. This is both rude and disrespectful.

• Turn off your cell phone. Calls can be returned later.

• Know and follow instructions on course syllabi. Fulfill assignments according to the standards required by the instructor.

• Complete class assignments, projects, and activities on time.

• If you have a problem or a question that requires discussion, make an appointment with your instructor during his/her office hours. Your instructor may have a class immediately before your class, after your class, or both. Catching them in the hall on the way to class or while leaving class is not a good idea in most cases.

• If you disagree with something, do it in a tactful and professional way. Yelling and screaming will get you nowhere. Respect the rights of instructors and students in the classroom. Resolve conflicts, disputes, and differences by thoughtful discussion.

• Treat everyone in the class, including your instructor, as you wish to be treated. Respect the rights of others to hold various points of view.

• Become familiar with the program requirements of your major.

• Follow the Student Conduct Code and Academic Honesty policies.

• Balance obligations toward family, work, and education responsibly.

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