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The SIUE regional Science and Engineering Research Challenge hosts the finest 5ththrough 12th grade student projects from the region. Projects take advantage of a child’s natural curiosity, stimulate the imagination and encourage independent critical thinking. While working on projects, students learn to apply the scientific method which includes observing, inferring, measuring, collecting data, and forming conclusions to interpret interactions between experimental variables. Students become aware of the interdisciplinary nature of science as they apply not only reading and writing skills but also mathematics and art to communicate their research findings. This unique educational opportunity enables students to understand that science is an integral part of life and participation fulfills many of the Illinois State Goals and Learning Standards.

2018 Results

Congratulations to all of our award winners, and especially to our top-placing students. You can find a full list of the prizes here.

  • Abril Hunter, Governor French Academy, Best in Challenge
  • Rebecca Thomas, Liberty Middle School, First Place Junior Division
  • Kolton Ackerman, Edwardsville High School, First Place Senior Division
  • Caleb Chu, Maryville Christian School, Second Place Junior Division
  • Sam Berkley, Governor French Academy, Second Place Senior Division
  • Margaret Paty, Liberty Middle School, Third Place Junior Division
  • Gabe Lewis, Waterloo High School, Third Place Senior Division
  • Rebecca Thomas, Liberty Middle School, First Place Paper Competition
  • Abril Hunter, Governor French Academy, Second Place Paper Competition

SERC 2019

The date for the 2019 Science and Engineering Research Challenge for Region 12 will be announced soon. If your school is preparing to take part there are some things to take care of to get ready.

  • Make sure your school is registered with IJAS (you can check at and send them your $75 registration fee. After December 31 the fee goes up so get it done this fall if you can.
  • We need a list of your regional fair participants (the winners of your school fair) as soon as you have them.
  • We need time to go through all the projects to provide feedback on them so we need to see those. We will go through those and return them in order for you to revise them and get a final copy back.
  • Final copies of all the projects need to be back to the STEM Center (via mail or email) a week before the Research Challenge.
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