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Exploring Major Options

Did you know that it is very common to start college undecided in your major and even more common to change majors?  Between 20-50% of college students are undecided in their first semester.  Some studies indicate that up to 80% of undergraduate students will change their majors at least once!  And that it ok!  Students are actually more likely to graduate if they change their major after figuring out what they like and where their strengths are compared to students who come to school decided and never consider alternatives.

If you are undecided or considering a major change, than we encourage you to meet with a Career Counselor.  Professionals in the Career Development Center can assist you by providing assessments and leading your through career exploration. 

Your academic advisor can also help you in your career/major exploration journey.  Your advisor can help you consider your strengths, interests, experiences, pre-requisites, time to degree completion, and requirements of professional/graduate programs.  Make an appointment with your advisor to get started.

You can also check out the following resources to do some research on your own:

  • What Can I Do With This Major - Click on the link from the Career Services Website to utilize this site without having to pay a subscription.  This website is great in providing details on the types of jobs you can get with a variety of majors, the type of work you would do, and tips to help you get there.
  • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook- This site provides a wealth of information about most types of jobs including average national salary, job environment, required degree level, and whether or not the job market is growing.
  • Are you interested in medical/health fields?  Check out the resources available on the SIUE College of Arts & Sciences Advising page- click on the Health Professions Advising links in the lower portion of the left-hand menu.
  • SIUE Majors & Minors- this compiled list shows you the major and minor options at SIUE broken down by subject area.  You can also quickly see which majors require college algebra or above, and which majors require a minor.
  • SIUE Majors in Helping Fields- Did you start off at SIUE intending to major in nursing but were unable to apply or did not get in?  Our nursing program is competitive and we always recommend that students consult with the School of Nursing regarding their potential to apply and requirements.  If you decide that nursing is not the path for you than you are in luck- SIUE has a number of other major options that will allow you to work in helping fields!  Many students who start off nursing do so because they want to help people.  You can still pursue a career in which you make a different in people's lives.
  • Are you interested in business fields such as management, human resources, marketing, public relations, etc., but college algebra, economics, and statistics are just not your thing?  You can still pursue your goals in a variety majors- check out this list!
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