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Applying for Graduation

You can apply for graduation on CougarNet using a valid ID and PIN, by completing an Application for Graduation form at the Service Center, Rendleman Hall Room 1309, or by printing and completing the Graduation Application on this website at the link below.

If you changed your degree, major, minor, or concentration during the current term, you must complete the paper Graduation Application, as your new program will not be reflected on the CougarNet application until final grades for the term are processed.

Download a Graduation Application

Graduation Application Instructions

1. Application Deadline - Applications for Graduation are due on the first day of the term in which you expect to complete degree requirements.

2. Changes to Graduation Term - Once you submit your graduation application, you must report any changes in the anticipated graduation term in writing to the Service Center, Rendleman Hall Room 1309 or by fax to (618) 650-3332 no later than the first day of the term you plan to graduate.

3. Submitting the Application - The graduation fee of $60.00 is charged to your account at the time of application. If you applied on CougarNet, the charge will be billed when the application is submitted. You may pay this bill at the Office of the Bursar, Rendleman Hall Room 1101 or online. The paper application may be submitted to the Service Center, Rendleman Hall Room 1309, or mailed to the Service Center, Box 1080, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL 62026. If you wish to enclose payment when you mail your application, payment should be made by check or money order payable to SIUE.

4. Waiver of Application Fee - If you are attending under the following Illinois Legislative Scholarships, you are not required to pay the graduation fee: Teacher Special Education Scholarship; General Assembly Scholarship; Illinois ROTC Scholarship; POW/MIA Scholarship; and Illinois National Guard Grant. If you complete the Application for Graduation form, you should have your graduation application validated in the Office of Student Financial Aid, Rendleman Hall Room 2308. If you apply using CougarNet, you should go to the Office of Student Financial Aid to have a Graduation Fee Waiver Form completed. If you are a participant in the Meridian Scholarship Program, you are also exempt from the graduation fee. If you complete the Application for Graduation form, you should have your graduation application validated in the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Rendleman Hall Room 3102. If you apply on CougarNet the graduation application fee will be removed from your account when Graduation staff confirm you are a Meridian Scholar during application processing.

5. Application for more than one degree - If you wish to receive two degrees and apply for graduation on CougarNet you should submit two applications, one for each degree. If you apply by completing the Application for Graduation form, you must submit two applications. You will be billed twice for the graduation fee. Undergraduate students completing two degrees must complete a minimum of 150 semester hours. Undergraduate students with a double major who do not wish to receive two degrees must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours and submit only one graduation application. Graduate students completing two degrees or a double major may consult with the adviser or Graduate Records for additional information.

6. Financial Aid - If you have federal student loans (Direct and/or FFELP) for the fall term and you are applying for graduation for the fall term, please be aware that your loans will be decreased/prorated based on the number of hours in which you are enrolled. Before you submit your application for graduation for fall term, check with the Office of Student Financial Aid for your decreased/prorated loan amount.

7. Transfer Credit - Undergraduate students with additional credit to be transferred from another school to meet graduation requirements (major/minor) should obtain approval in advance to ensure the credit is applicable. For major/minor requirements, contact your program advisor. For General Education or elective credit, contact Transfer Center staff at or visit Rendleman Hall, Room 1218. Graduate students who have credit to be transferred from either unclassified status or from another institution should use the Graduate Student Request Form available at the Service Center, Rendleman Hall Room 1309, or online to request approval to transfer credit. Official transcripts reflecting successful completion of coursework needed to fulfill degree requirements must be on file by the last day of the term in which you plan to graduate.

8. Career Development Center - Students are encouraged to register with the Career Development Center for resumé referral and other services at Student Success Center Room 0281.

9. Commencement - Commencement is held at the end of Fall and Spring terms. Students are eligible, pending adviser approval, to participate in the commencement ceremony held at the end of the term in which degree requirements will be completed. Summer graduates may participate in the following Fall commencement ceremony or in the preceding Spring commencement ceremony if they will be within 9 hours of degree completion at the end of Spring term and have applied for graduation by the first day of Spring term. Graduation staff will notify you if your adviser has determined you are not eligible to participate in commencement. Students may not participate in more than one commencement ceremony for the same degree. Arrangements for caps and gowns must be made through the University's Bookstore on-line pre-order form. Participation in a commencement ceremony does not guarantee that your degree requirements have been completed.

10. Failure to Complete Degree Requirements - Students who are unable to satisfy degree requirements during the initial application term will be considered for the following two consecutive terms without re-applying or paying an additional fee. However, students who fail to meet graduation requirements within three consecutive terms, beginning with the initial application term, will be required to re-apply and pay an additional $60.00 fee by the first day of the term in which requirements will be completed.

11. Diplomas - Diplomas will be sent to your mailing address approximately ten weeks after all graduation requirements have been completed. Please note that it is important to keep your address information up to date. Addresses can be changed by contacting the Service Center or online by accessing CougarNet. Your diploma will not be mailed if you have an outstanding financial obligation to the University. If you have questions about your account, please contact the Office of the Bursar at (618) 650-3123

12. SIUE Alumni Association - Students will be automatically inducted into the SIUE Alumni Association upon graduation. The Alumni Association provides a wide range of services, including career development and mentoring services, networking opportunities and the ability to stay connected with and influence future generations of Cougars.

13. Have Questions? Contact the Graduation staff at


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