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Waitlists are available for some classes. A waitlist is a way for you to express your interest in enrolling in a class that is closed. If a waitlist is available, you will have the option of electing to be waitlisted at the time of registration. When you add your name to the waitlist of a closed class, you are NOT registered for that class. You do not pay fees for that class, nor can you check out textbooks for that course; a waitlist is only a list of the students who wanted to register for the class after it closed.

Being on a waitlist does not guarantee eventual registration in that class. If space becomes available in the class either as a result of an added section or previously enrolled students dropping, the department may change your status from waitlisted to registered. You should check your schedule on CougarNet before the term begins to determine whether the class was added to your schedule. If your plans change, and you no longer wish to be either waitlisted or enrolled, you should drop the class by selecting "Drop" as the action to the right of the class.

If your status changes to registered, you are considered officially enrolled in the class. However, when sufficient space is not available to allow your enrollment prior to the first day of class, you may elect to attend the first day in the event that space becomes available on that day. If the instructor authorizes enrollment on the first day of class, you must bring the signed authorization to the Service Center to complete the registration. Waitlists will not be monitored for potential enrollment after the first day of the class.

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