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Office of the Registrar
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Dropping A Class
Students who find it necessary to drop a class may do so via CougarNet through the Friday prior to the beginning of the term. Once classes begin, students must do so at the Service Center. If you simply stop attending, you are not withdrawn. It is your responsibility to drop any class you do not intend to take or complete.

Absence from a class does not constitute dropping a class or withdrawing from the University, so you must follow the instructions below to avoid the assignment of failing grades.

You must drop an unwanted class or section of a course by the end of the second week to be eligible to receive a refund.

If you do not drop unwanted classes or course sections by the end of the second week of the semester, you will be liable for all tuition and fees associated with the class or section. In addition, you may receive a grade of F or UW (Unauthorized Withdrawal) which are failing grades calculated into the grade point average.

The following grading policy applies when dropping classes or withdrawing from school.

Inquire in the Service Center for add, drop and withdrawal policies and deadlines for weekend, short-term and special format classes.

Fall and Spring Semesters Summer Semester Grading Policy
Week 1-2 Week 1-2 No entry on transcript
Week 3-10 Week 3-5 A "W" grade is automatically assigned.
Week 11-13 Week 6-8 Drops or withdrawals require the signature of the instructor and adviser. The instructor will assign a grade of either WP or WF. WF grades are calculated in the average as failing grades.
After Week 13 After Week 8 No drops or withdrawals are allowed; the instructor will assign normal grade.
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