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Office of the Registrar
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Adding A Class

Students may add classes using CougarNet before the first day of the class. Once a class has started, it is considered considered "closed." All currently enrolled students must obtain both an adviser and an instructor's written approval prior to adding any undergraduate class once the class has started. This permission to gain admission to the class will generally be given on the Program Change Form which must be taken to the Service Center, Rendleman Hall, room 1309, for processing. Students must confer with an academic adviser who will approve the appropriateness of this addition to their schedule, while the instructor's written permission will be needed for admission to that class. This policy is applicable during fall and spring terms. In summer term you may add any "open" class approved by your academic adviser through the first week of the term. For any "closed" class, you must obtain a Class Permit Card signed by your adviser and the instructor of the class. During the second week of summer term, all classes are considered "closed." Exceptions must be approved by the appropriate dean and the Registrar.

If you add classes that increase the amount of tuition and fees you are required to pay, the procedure is handled in one of two ways:

1. If tuition and fees have not been paid, a new tuition calculation is completed to reflect the increased amount.

2. If tuition and fees have been paid, the additional hours will generate a new tuition cost for that term, and you will receive an additional bill in most cases.

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