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Help questions for faculty

  • Can CAPP be used to determine graduation eligibility?
    • No, CAPP is an advising tool only.
  • Whom should I contact if I don't have access to CAPP?
    • ALL faculty and staff designated as advisors have access to CAPP. You may request access to CAPP by emailing Chris Leopold.
  • If I need help running an audit or have questions about Degree Evaluation (CAPP), whom should I contact?
  • What if a student has a catalog term prior to Fall 2005?
  • Does Expected Graduation Term imply when the student should graduate?

    • No, the Expected Graduation Term is a system-generated calculation used in the transmission of enrollment information to the National Student Clearinghouse. The term listed here has no bearing on your actual path to graduation, nor is it taken into consideration when you run a Degree Evaluation (CAPP) Compliance.
  • If I have a question about transfer work, whom should I contact?

  • If I have questions about an SIUE academic record, whom should I contact?
    • For Undergraduate academic record contact Records
    • Graduate academic records click here
  • What do the abbreviations under Source mean?

E - from the student's Test Score
H - from the student's Institutional Course Academic History
P - from the student's Planned Course
R - from the student's In-Progress Course in Registration
T - from the student's Transfer Course Academic History
Z - from the student's Student Attributes

  • Can CAPP use courses students are currently registered for?
    • Yes, CAPP has the ability to use in progress courses or not use them. When using "In-Progress Courses," CAPP will assume the student will pass the course with a passing grade. These courses will be identified by no grade in the Grade column and a "Source Code" of "R." Once the student receives a grade (and the grade is rolled into student's history), a new compliance must be generated in order to reflect the new grade.
  • Can Degree Evaluation (CAPP) accommodate dual degrees, majors or concentrations?
    • Degree Evaluation (CAPP) cannot accommodate dual degrees, majors or concentrations at this time. It is recommended, at this time, to run a what-if analysis for each degree, major or concentration individually.
  • Will CAPP know the difference between a graduate level course and undergraduate level course?
    • Yes, only undergraduate-level credit is used in undergraduate program compliances. Undergraduate language courses (i.e. FR 101, 102, 201, 202) are reviewed to satisfy the foreign language requirement in the graduate Biology, English, and History programs. Outside of this exception, only graduate-level credit is used in graduate program compliances.
  • Is there a difference in the compliance between students and advisors?
    • There is no difference in the compliances run by students or advisors.
  • What do the grades in parentheses ( ) mean?
    • Transfer grades appear in parentheses ( )
    • Grades of "TR" indicate that the external grade was not entered
    • Source code on compliance = T
    • Count toward earned hours only
    • Does not calculate into SIUE GPA
    • Transfer credit course is given direct SIUE equivalent subject and course number, if available.
    • Transfer credit course is given SIUE equivalent subject (i.e. PHYS, MATH) if no direct equivalent is available.
    • Transfer credit course is given TRF (Transfer) subject when no direct equivalent SIUE subject code is available.
    • Course numbers if no direct equivalent is available will be assigned as follows:
      • Undergraduate Levels
        • 1XX (100-level)
        • 2XX (200-level)
        • 3XX (300-level)
        • 4XX (400-level)
      • Graduate Level
        • 5XX (any approved graduate-level class)
  • What do the grades with an asterisk (*) mean?
    • SIUE grades with asterisks (*) are courses not applied toward the current program. These will only appear on courses from 1984 - Summer 2007 (pre-Banner). The asterisked grades represent:
      • Undergraduate courses not available for graduation purposes (i.e. AD 065)
      • Graduate courses not available for graduate graduation purposes
        • Graduate unclassified credit not transferred to the degree program
        • Graduate courses asterisked when a second graduate degree GPA was calculated (1984-1992 time frame)
        • Undergraduate 400-level courses completed as a graduate student (1984 - Summer 2007).

Note: all undergraduate courses completed as a graduate student from 1984-Summer 2007 will appear on the transcript with an asterisked grade. However, only 400-level courses will appear in the CAPP compliance because CAPP cannot determine if the 400-level class was a graduate-level class completed as an unclassified graduate or an undergraduate-level class completed as a graduate

  • Will there still be manual graduation checks?
    • The graduation process will remain the same as it was before CAPP became available. CAPP is an advising tool.
    • Undergraduate students
      • 60 Senior College Hours - may have to be manually reviewed by Credit Articulation to determine 4-year institution transfer credit.
    • Graduate students
      • Graduate policy requires the completion of all Incomplete grades prior to graduation. Graduate Records will check the student's record for any unresolved Incomplete grades or SIUE unclassified credit that needs to be transferred before clearing a student for graduation.
  • How will Substitutions and Waivers be handled with CAPP?
    • Substitutions
      • Substitutions for undergraduate program requirements are initiated by the advisor on the approved Substitution/Waiver form.
        • Substitutions regarding transfer credit should be directed to the Transfer Center
        • Substitutions regarding SIUE coursework should be directed to Records.
      • Substitutions for graduate program requirements are submitted to Graduate Records by the Graduate Program Director via memo or Graduate Student Request Form.
    • Waivers
      • Waivers of undergraduate major program requirements are initiated by the advisor on the approved Substitution/Waiver form and submitted to the Registrar's Office.
      • Waivers of graduate prerequisite/foundation courses in the School of Business are submitted to Graduate Records by the Graduate Program Director via memo or Graduate Student Request Form.
      • No graduate major program requirement is waived outright. The Graduate Program Director may inform Graduate Records of a substitution, if necessary.

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