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Records Management

Records Management
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The SIU Board of Trustees (5 Policies of the Board F) requires the University to have a Records Management program. Records Management manages University digital and paper records. Records Management uses principles of the document life cycle from its creation to disposition in assisting University staff to better manage their records. Proper records management will ensure federal and state record compliance, reduce litigation risks and minimize storage requirements.

Information Technology Services, and Records Management provide and support the ImageNow system which is used by many departments to maintain, route, share, and safely retain documents. Additional file storage technologies including shared drives and Sharepoint document libraries can be made available to assist in these efforts. If your department is using any of these technologies as part of a formal records management program please contact ITS/Records Management. If you have any questions or would like to discuss, contact ITS/Records Management.

Running out of Office Space?

Records Management is currently updating the University’s Records Retention and Disposition Schedules. Your department’s schedule can be found here. If you cannot find your schedule, call Records Management at 3982.

If you are a new employee and manage University records, please call Records Management for a records consultation meeting.  Staff orientation does not cover your responsibilities in managing University records.

If you are running out of office space due to storing records in closets, under or on top of desks, or in classrooms, call Records Management. We have solutions to reduce your records storage.


Kurt Schoenborn
Records Management Officer

Cindy Warden
Microfilm Operator Technician III

Don Gibson
Microfilm Operator Technician I


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