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SIUE offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for prospective students. While students who are admitted as Meridian Scholars are automatically enrolled in SIUE’s Honors Program, this is only one point of entry. Students who meet the basic eligibility (link) for SIUE’s Honors Program, but are either applying for non-Meridian scholarships or not applying for scholarships at all, are encouraged to submit an application to the Honors Program.

Statement of General Scholarship Opportunities

Participation in SIUE's Honors Program is compatible with other scholarship opportunities available at SIUE. Those who are selected as Meridian Scholars are required, as a condition of their scholarship, to participate in the Honors Program.  Johnetta Haley Scholarship applicants, Cougar Pride Scholarship applicants, and Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship applicants are encouraged to apply to the Honors Program if their GPA and ACT scores are close to the requirements for consideration in the Honors Program.  Prospective students or their parents with specific questions are encouraged to contact the Director of the Honors Program or the Office of Admissions if there are questions.

Meridian Scholars

Meridian Scholars are the recipients of SIUE’s premier academic scholarship.  They receive 8 semesters of full tuition, fees and room and board. For more information about the Meridian Scholarship, see the Financial Aid homepage.  As part of their scholarship, Meridian Scholars are required to participate in the Honors Program.  Meridian Scholars play an especial role in the overall Honors Program.  Meridian Scholars help set the curriculum of SIUE’s Honors Program.  As part of our pro-seminar experience, each year Meridian scholars selected a concept or problem they feel is pressing and urgent and that requires examination.  In response, the Director sends out a call to faculty seeking pro-seminars addressing that topic.  These pro-seminars appear the following year as Honors 391.  By giving Meridian scholars some responsibility for the curriculum f the honors Program, the University recognizes the unique talents and gifts they constantly bring.  Their leadership and acumen helps constantly refresh and update the Honors Program:  honors students always know that at least part of their curriculum is the product of discussions and choices of other students.  In addition, by giving Meridian Scholars this responsibility, they are given an opportunity to learn about leadership in the academy from a practical point of view.

Meridian Scholars Photo
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