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Prospective Students

Welcome to Honors at SIUE

It is an exciting time to be thinking about joining the honors program at SIUE because, after more than a year of study and planning, we are about to begin a new and enhanced honors program.  You have the opportunity to be pioneers, building an honors culture on campus.

Honors at SIUE provides a distinctive, intimate experience of SIUE, providing the best of a large public university with the small classroom experience of a liberal arts college.  Honors is for highly motivated, academically successful students who want to be challenged and to grow. 

Honors in brief 

Distinctive general educational experience

15 credit-hour Honors Core (small seminar style classes)

4 credit-hour Honors Proseminar requirement (4 short, intense, discussion-focused mini-seminars)

Well, Honors Scholars at SIUE get a shorter, more distinctive and updated general education experience.  Instead of 33 credit-hours of introductory classes, honors scholars take a 15 credit-hour Honors Core of small seminars that are organized to nurture student participation and introduce Scholars to structures of knowledge with which they can subsequently organize information.  In addition, Honors Scholars take six one-credit hour pro-seminars with faculty that provide them opportunities to meet lots of faculty and engage in discussion and reflection on critical professional concepts and experiences that are practically useful.  All together Scholars have a 21 credit hour general education curriculum that does more in less time, saving them opportunities to more deeply engage in their major field of study or to shave time off of their baccalaureate experience.

In addition, from the first semester, Scholars get priority registration throughout their career at SIUE. 

Honors Scholars have the opportunity to live together during their freshmen year in a wing of a dorm with enhanced opportunities for study and fun.

And finally, Honors Scholars have the opportunity to become leaders and contribute to the community of which they are a part by engaging in 50 hours of approved service work before graduation. 

Most students apply for the honors program during their senior year in high school and join the program as incoming freshmen.  The application process can be found of the application page of our website. 

However, with our new honors program, SIUE students who did not know about honors in high school, and only find out about it when they arrive on campus, can transfer into the program.  For specifics on transfers, please see our admissions page.

Please check out the various videos and testimonials from current students and faculty to get a detailed sense of the style of the program. 

And, as always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me directly either via email or to schedule an appointment.

I look forward to meeting you and hope that you will join us.

Eric W. Ruckh, Ph.D.

Honors Program Director

Associate Professor of History

Mission Statement

The SIUE Honors Program creates, for a diverse body of high-achieving and motivated students, an inclusive community of inquiry, reflection, self-development, and experimentation. We encourage students to take risks and help them learn from and harness their failures through an innovative and challenging curriculum composed of seminar- and pro-seminar-style classes that provide students opportunities to: explore themselves and the contemporary world; examine connections between diverse times, places, cultures, and forms of knowledge; take ownership of and responsibilities for enduring questions and pressing problems, and; practice service, reflection, and contemplation. The program instills and develops an atmosphere of collegiality, respect for difference, comfort with uncertainty and ambiguity, life-long curiosity, and humility.

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