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UHAC Information for Students

Mission / Rational for UHAC

The Honors Program at SIUE is run by the Director of the Honors Program and the University Honors Advisory Council.  The Council is composed of faculty, staff, and honors students from across the University.  The Honors Council assists the Director in shaping the vision, direction, and curriculum of the Honors Program.  The Council is also involved in admissions decisions and assessing the effectiveness of the program.

Two honors students serve on the Honors Council; they actively participate in the governance of the program.  Currently those two student representatives are:  Mr. Sterling Beckmann (double major: History and Political Science) and Ms. Kristina Ware (Major:  Theatre and Dance).  If you questions, concerns, or ideas related to the honors program, please feel to contact them at: ___. 

Current Membership (Academic Year 2015-2016)

2 College of Arts and Sciences representatives: Dr. Catherine Seltzer, Associate Professor of English (1st-year of 3-year term), Dr. Eric Voss, Professor of Chemistry (2nd-year of 3-year term)

1 School of Nursing representative:  Dr. Linda Alford-Omondi, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing (1st-year of 3-year term)

1 School of Engineering representative: Dr. Igor Crk, Assistant Professor of Computer Science (1st-year of a 3-year term)

1 School of Education, Health, and Human Behavior representative: Dr. Michael Dudley, Associate Professor of Psychology (2nd-year of 3-year term)

1 School of Business representative: Dr. Ariel Belasen, Associate Professor of Economics (2nd-year of 2-year term)

1 School of Pharmacy representative: Dr. Keith Hecht, Associate Professor of Pharmacy (2nd-year of 3-year term)

1 School of Dentistry representative:  Dr. Toni Roucka, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Dentistry (2nd-year of 2-year term)

1 Library and Information Services representative:  Ms. Lora Smallman, Humanities Librarian (2nd-year of 3-year term)

1 Faculty Senate representative:  Dr. Charles Berger, Professor of English (2nd-year of 2-year term)

Director of Advising (or his/her designee): Ms. Maureen Bell-Werner, Assistant Director of Academic Advising

1 Student Affairs representative: Ms. Kara Shustrin

2 Honors Students:  Mr. Sterling Beckman, Ms. Kristina Ware (each in a second one-year term)

Director of Honors Program and Chair of the Council (non-voting, except in ties):  Dr. Eric Ruckh, Associate Professor of History

15 members

Guests (non-voting) (for AY 2015-2016):  Mr. Jacob Byers (alum); Ms. Vicky Dean, Assistant Director of University Housing; Mr. Ian Toberman (Honors Advisor)

Operating Papers of University Honors Advisory Council

Opportunities for Students to Serve on UHAC

The two student seats on the Honors Council are filled for the academic year 2015-2016.

In order to be eligible to serve, honors students require must have at least sophomore standing and be nominated by a faculty member with whom they have taken either Honors 120 or Honors 320.  The Director will begin accepting nominations for the student seats for academic year 2016-2017 in January 2016.  If you are interested in serving, please contact one of the faculty members you have taken an honors seminar with, talk with them, express your interest in serving, and see if they are willing to nominate you. If you have questions about opportunities to serve on the Council, please contact the Director.

Appeals Process

The University Honors Advisory Council handles appeals to decisions the Director makes regarding requests for substitutions for courses and concerning matters of retention in the Program.  Appeals of decisions by the Director are initiated by the request of the student to any member of the Council, who then bring forward as an order of business.  Appeals of decisions by the Director must be initiated within a semester of the decision.  The determination of the Council is final.

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