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Policy Creation, Revision, Enactment and Implementation

In accordance with the SIUE Policy Development and Implementation Policy, all newly created and revised SIUE University-wide policies and procedures must be reviewed by the SIUE Policy Council. "The Policy Development and Implementation Policy provides a standardized and centralized process under which a proposed policy may be initiated, developed, reviewed, approved, implemented and disseminated in accordance with applicable standards of SIUE." For further information and guidance please see Chapter 7.

Volume I

Chapter 1 - Academic Affairs Policies, Regulations, and Procedures

  1. Academic Units
  2. Academic Programs
  3. Courses
  4. Degrees
  5. Admissions
  6. Graduation
  7. Advisement
  8. General Education
  9. Student Academic Standards and Performance
  10. Grading and Evaluating
  11. Examinations
  12. Graduate School
  13. Research, Grants and Export Control
  14. Publications
  15. Educational Outreach
  16. Textbook Rental
  17. Miscellaneous
  18. Honors and Recognitions

Chapter 2 - Employment Related Policies, Regulations, and Procedures

  1. Statement on Personnel Policies
  2. Selection and Evaluation, Specific Positions
  3. Miscellaneous
  4. Information Technology

Chapter 3 - Student Affairs and Services Policies, Regulations, and Procedures

  1. Residency
  2. Housing
  3. Student Rights and Conduct
  4. Student Publications
  5. Intercollegiate Athletics
  6. Miscellaneous

Chapter 4 - Student Fee/Charge and Financial Assistance Policies, Regulations, and Procedures

  1. Student Financial Aid Policies
  2. Student Employment Policies
  3. Miscellaneous Fees and Fee Policies
  4. Tuition and Fee Deferments and Refunds
  5. Tuition Waiver Policies

Chapter 5 - Finance, Budgeting, and Administrative Policies, Regulations, and Procedures

  1. Budgets
  2. Contractual Matters
  3. Purchasing
  4. Local Funds Use and Regulation
  5. Hosting and Hospitality
  6. Miscellaneous

Chapter 6 - University Property and Facilities Policies, Regulations, and Procedures

  1. Buildings and Facilities
  2. Broadcasting Services/Telecommunications/Electronic Mail Communications
  3. Alcoholic Beverages
  4. Motor Vehicles
  5. Expressive Activity
  6. Miscellaneous

Chapter 7 - Policies and Procedures

  1. Guidelines

Complete Listing

Volume I

Chapter 1 - Academic Affairs Policies, Regulations, and Procedures

Academic Units

  1. Definition of Academic Unit (1A1)

Academic Programs

  1. Administrative Guidelines for Extramural Instructional Programs (1B1)
  2. Termination of Academic Program (1B2)
  3. Modifying Existing Programs (1B2a)
  4. Eliminating Portions of Existing Programs or Entire Programs (1B2b)
  5. Faculty Employment Review for Program Termination (1B3)


  1. Guidelines for Course Categories, Class Scheduling and Publications (1C1)
  2. Modifying, Dropping or Adding Courses (1C2)
  3. Course Credit Hour Listings (1C3)
  4. Policies and Guidelines for Courses to be Offered Off campus for Undergraduate Credit * (1C4)
  5. Guidelines Pertaining to Certain Off-Campus Courses (1C5)
  6. Withdrawal from Classes (1C6)
  7. Student Program Changes and Late Registration (1C7)
  8. Guidelines for Submission of Experimental Courses and Experimental Programs (1C8)
  9. Disenrolling Students for Lack of Prerequisites (1C9)
  10. Approval to Teach Courses Offered for Graduate Credit (1C10)
  11. Courses Offered Off campus for Graduate Credit * or On campus Graduate Courses in Nontraditional Formats (1C11)
  12. Numbering of Courses Carrying Academic Credit and Use of Course Numbers (1C12)
  13. Course Auditing Policy (1C13)
  14. Credit Earned by Extension or Correspondence Courses (Undergraduate) (1C14)


  1. University-Wide Criteria for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), and Professional Baccalaureate Degrees (1D1)
  2. Policy on the Award of Posthumous Degrees, SIUE (1D2)
  3. Policy on Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Service Awards (1D3)
  4. Options for Undergraduate Academic Program and General Education (1D4)


  1. University Admission Policies (1E1)
  2. Admission Appeals (1E2)


  1. Graduation Requirements (1F1)
  2. Commencement Policy (1F2)


  1. Student Academic Advisement (1G1)
  2. Testing Program and Requirements Concerning Academic Deficiencies (1G2)

General Education

  1. General Education Program (1H1)
  2. General Education Requirements for Honors Scholars Students (including Chancellor's, Deans' and Presidential Scholars) (1H2)
  3. Transfer Equivalency for General Education Requirements (1H3)

Student Academic Standards and Performance

  1. Academic Probation and Suspension, Undergraduate (1I1)
  2. Regulations Concerning Academic Suspension (1I2)
  3. Undergraduate Student Course Loads (1I3)
  4. Homework (1I4)
  5. Declaration of a Major or Minor (1I5)
  6. Plagiarism (1I6)
  7. Statement on Use of Commercially Produced and Purchased Term Papers at SIUE (1I7)
  8. Absence from Class for Official University Business (1I8)
  9. Class Attendance Policy (1I9)
  10. Student Volunteer Emergency Worker Policy (1I10)
  11. Credit for Prior Learning (1I11)

Grading and Evaluating

  1. Grading System (1J1)
  2. Course Repeat Policy (1J2)
  3. Grade Report Form Designations (1J3)
  4. Pass/No Credit Grading Option (1J4)
  5. Incomplete Grades (1J5)
  6. Transfer Credit (1J6)
  7. Student Evaluation of Teaching (1J7)


  1. Policy on Scheduling Final Examinations (1K1)
  2. Advanced Placement Program and International Baccalaureate Credit (1K2)
  3. Extracurricular Activities for Students During Exams Period (1K3)
  4. Undergraduate Proficiency Examination Policy (1K4)
  5. College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Policy (1K5)

Graduate School

  1. Graduate Student Course Loads (1L1)
  2. Graduate Degree Retention Policy (1L2)
  3. Teaching Responsibilities Assigned to Graduate Students (1L4)
  4. Policy Statement on Classification Pending (1L5)
  5. Policy on Graduate Student Matriculation, Advisement, Instruction, Evaluation and Assistantships (1L6)
  6. Graduate Degree Culminating Projects (1L8)
  7. Graduate Policy, Course and Program Changes (1L9)
  8. Policies and Guidelines for Off campus Graduate Degree Programs (1L10)
  9. Procedures for Graduate Program and Policy Recommendations (1L11)
  10. Second Majors, Specializations, and Degrees for Graduate Students (1L12)
  11. Post-Baccalaureate and Post-Master's Certificate Policy (1L14)
  12. Intellectual Property Policy (Formerly 1L15)
  13. Graduate Student Continuous Enrollment Policy (1L16)
  14. Combined Baccalaureate and Graduate Degrees (1L17)
  15. Graduate Student Forgiveness Policy (1L18)

Research, Grants and Export Control

  1. Overload Compensation (1M1)
  2. Policy Governing Sponsored Projects (1M2)
  3. Policy on Biosafety (1M3)
  4. University Policies and Guidelines Concerning Research and Creative Activities (1M4)
  5. Implementation Guidelines Concerning Research (1M5)
  6. Guidelines for Faculty Exchange with Industry (1M6)
  7. Policy on U.S. Export Control and Scholarship (1M7)
  8. Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects (1M8)
  9. Protection for Human Subjects (1M9)
  10. Policy on Instructional and Research Animal Welfare (1M10)
  11. Review of Compensation Charged to Sponsored Projects (1M11)
  12. Authorship Policy (1M12)
  13. Determining Funding Classification (1M13)


  1. Retention of Undergraduate Courses in Catalogs (1N1)
  2. Prerequisites Listed in the Announcements (1N2)
  3. Catalog Descriptions of Generic Courses (1N3)
  4. Guidelines for the Standardization of Catalog Course Descriptions (1N4)
  5. Requirements for Program Admission (1N5)

Educational Outreach

  1. Continuing Education Units (101)
  2. Educard Program (102)
  3. Non-credit Continuing Education (103)

Textbook Rental

  1. Textbook Rental Policy (1P1)


  1. Faculty Code of Ethics and Conduct (1Q1)
  2. Ethics of Instruction (1Q2)
  3. AFROTC Program Director Approval (1Q3)
  4. Military Prior Learning Credit (1Q4)
  5. Policy and Procedures for Responding to Allegations of Research and Academic Misconduct (1Q5)
  6. World University Declaration for Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (1Q6)
  7. Americans with Disabilities Act Grievance Procedures (1Q7)
  8. Implementation and Administrative Responsibility Policy (1Q8)
  9. Conflicts of Interest and Commitment (1Q9)
  10. Student Declaration of Current Residence and Physical Location (1Q10)
  11. Student Military Service Policy (1Q11)

Honors and Recognitions

  1. Dean's List (1R1)
  2. Honors Program (1R2)

Chapter 2 - Employment Related Policies, Regulations, and Procedures

Statement on Personnel Policies

  1. Statement on Personnel Policies (2A1)

Selection and Evaluation, Specific Positions

  1. Procedures for Dean Selection (2B1)
  2. Procedures for Appraisal of Higher Administrators (CHAPA Policy) (2B2)
  3. Procedures for Evaluation of Deans (2B3)


  1. Operating Policy in the Event of Inclement Weather and Other Special Conditions (2C1)
  2. Media Contacts and University Positions (2C2)
  3. Identification Card Policy (2C3)
  4. Employment Under Manpower Training Programs (2C4)
  5. Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures (2C5)
  6. Workplace Violence Policies and Procedures (2C6)
  7. Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Policy (2C7)
  8. Non-Discrimination Complaint Procedures (2C8)
  9. Title IX Policy (2C9)
  10. Firearms Policy (2C10)
  11. Clear and Present Danger Reporting Policy (2C11)
  12. SIUE Threat Assessment Policy (2C12)
  13. Sexual Assault, Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence Policy and Procedures (2C13)

Information Technology

  1. Guide to the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) (2D1)
  2. Information Security Policy (2D2)
  3. Remote Access Policy (2D3)
  4. Responsible Use Policy (2D4)
  5. Electronic Signature Policy (2D5)

Chapter 3 - Student Affairs and Services Policies, Regulations, and Procedures


  1. Appeals of Residency Determinations (3A1)
  2. Residency Status Tuition/Fee Policy (3A2)
  3. Income Tax Credit Against Non-Resident Tuition Charge (3A3)


  1. General Policies and Procedures for Student Housing at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (3B1)
  2. SIUE Student Housing Residence Requirement (3B2)

Student Rights and Conduct

  1. Student Code of Conduct (3C1)
  2. Student Academic Code (3C2)
  3. Student Grievance Code (3C3)
  4. Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures (3C4)
  5. Workplace Violence Policies and Procedures (3C5)
  6. Non-Discrimination Policy (3C6)
  7. Non-Discrimination Complaint Procedures (3C7)
  8. Title IX General Policy Statement (3C8)
  9. Denial of Recommendation for Teacher Certification Grievance Policy (3C9)
  10. Responsible Use Policy (3C10)
  11. Firearms Policy (3C11)
  12. Clear and Present Danger Reporting Policy (3C12)
  13. SIUE Threat Assessment Policy (3C13)
  14. Sexual Assault, Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence Policy & Procedures (3C14)
  15. Pregnant and Newly Parenting Student Policy (3C15)
  16. Medical Leave of Absence and Retroactive Medical Leave of Absence Policy (3C16)

Student Publications

  1. Statement of Policy for Student Publications at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (3E1)

Intercollegiate Athletics

  1. Policy on the Structure and Function of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (3F1)
  2. Principles Governing Intercollegiate Athletics (3F2)
  3. Scheduling of Athletic Events (3F3)


  1. Guidelines for Distribution of Student Lists to Public Officials (3G1)
  2. Policy on Release of Student Information and Access to Student Records, SIUE (3G2)
  3. Communicable Disease Policy (3G3)
  4. Accommodation of Student Religious Observances (3G4)
  5. Student Optional Disclosure of Private Mental Health Act Policy and Procedures (3G5)

Chapter 4 - Student Fee/Charge and Financial Assistance Policies, Regulations, and Procedures

Student Financial Aid Policies

  1. Guidelines for Institutional Undergraduate Student Financial Assistance Programs (4A1)
  2. Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (4A2)
  3. Guidelines for Graduate Assistantships and Regulatory Policies (4A3)
  4. Policy on Short-Term Student Loans, SIUE (4A6)
  5. University Fellowship and Scholarship Committee (4A7)
  6. Guidelines and Policies for Eligibility and Financial Aid for Student Athletes (4A8)
  7. Return of Title IV (R2T4) (4A9)

Student Employment Policies

  1. Policy on Employment of Graduate Students (4B1)
  2. Policies Governing Student Work, SIUE (4B3)
  3. Student Wage Rate Policy (4B4)
  4. Procedures Governing Student Employment Grievances and Appeals (4B5)

Miscellaneous Fees and Fee Policies

  1. Recreation User's Fee Policy (4C1)
  2. Approval of Fees and Charges (4C2)
  3. Lovejoy Library Circulation Policies (4C3)
  4. Policy on Voluntary Student Fees (4C4)
  5. Mandatory Student Health Insurance Policy (4C5)

Tuition and Fee Deferments and refunds

  1. Tuition and Fee Deferment Policy (4D1)
  2. Tuition and Fee Refund Policy for Physical or Financial Hardship (4D2)
  3. Installment Plan for Payment of Tuition and Fees, Financial Holds and Past Due Accounts (4D3)

Tuition Waiver Policies

  1. Summer Tuition Waivers for Former Graduate Assistants (4F1)
  2. Tuition Waivers for University Affiliated Personnel (4F2)
  3. Waiver of Tuition for Faculty and Staff (4F3)
  4. Tuition Waivers for Employees Terminated or Laid Off (4F4)
  5. Tuition Waivers for Dependents of Deceased Employees (4F5)
  6. Waiver of Tuition for Retirees (4F6)

Chapter 5 - Finance, Budgeting, and Administrative Policies, Regulations, and Procedures


  1. University Budget Calendar (5A1)
  2. Consultative Procedures to be Followed in the Event that Cuts in Programs and/or Salary Lines Become Necessary (5A2)

Contractual Matters

  1. Authorization of Contracts and Leases (5B1)
  2. Review and Approval of Externally Funded Projects (5B2)


  1. Elimination of Confirming Purchasing Transactions (5C1)

Local Funds Use and Regulation

  1. Policy Statement Covering Distribution of Indirect Cost Funds from Externally Sponsored Grants and Contracts (5D1)
  2. Policy on Expressions of Sympathy Involving the Use of University Funds (5D3)
  3. Use of Vending Operation Revenues (5D4)

Hosting and Hospitality

  1. Guidelines Concerning On-Campus Meal Purchases with University Funds (5E1)
  2. Policy on Expenditures for Guest Hospitality and Support of In-House Meetings (5E2)


  1. Media Advertising Policy (5F1)
  2. Coordination of External Advertising (5F2)
  3. Logo and Trademark Licensing Administrative Policy Statement (5F3)
  4. Freedom of Information Act Policy (FOIA) (Formerly 5F4)
  5. Social Media Policy for University Accounts (5F5)
  6. Policy for Center Review (5F6)
  7. SIUE Volunteer Policy (5F7)
  8. Creation, Move or Revision of Administrative Unit and Title (5F8)
  9. People-Focused Health and Safety Policy (5F9)

Chapter 6 - University Property and Facilities Policies, Regulations, and Procedures

Buildings and Facilities

  1. Policy on the Naming of University Buildings and Facilities (6A1)
  2. Smoke-Free Campus Policy (6A2)
  3. Policy Governing Lease of University Space or Real Property (6A3)
  4. SIUE Solicitation Policy (6A4)
  5. SIUE Open Flame Policy (6A5)
  6. Policy Governing Advertising on Campus Properties (6A6)

Broadcasting Services/Telecommunications/Electronic Mail Communications

  1. General Policies Governing Broadcasting Services at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (6B1)
  2. Wireless Phone Policy (6B2)
  3. Employee Listserv Policy (6B3)

Alcoholic Beverages

  1. Regulations Governing Alcoholic Beverages at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (6C1)

Motor Vehicles

  1. Motor Vehicle Regulatory Policies (6D1)
  2. Motor Vehicle Regulations, SIUE (6D2)
  3. Use of University, Rental, or Leased Vehicles (6D3)
  4. Employee Driver Approval Process (6D4)
  5. Fleet Safety Program for University Vehicles (6D5)
  6. Student Driver Approval Procedure (6D6)
  7. Non-Employee Driver Approval Process (6D7)

Expressive Activity

  1. Policy on Expressive Activity (6E1)


  1. University Policy on Pets and Animals (6F1)
  2. Key and Lock Policy, SIUE (6F2)
  3. Campus Safety and Security Video Surveillance and Monitoring Policy (6F3)
  4. Policy on the Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (6F4)
  5. Bicycles, Roller and In-Line Skates, Skateboards, Scooters and Electric Powered Vehicles Policy (6F5)

Chapter 7 - Policies & Procedures


  1. Policy Development and Implementation Policy (7A1)
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