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Keys to Abbreviations

Abbreviations used to indicate the Origin of a policy. Origin references are shown in the footer information at the bottom of each policy.

[ NOTE : On 1/1/96 the titles President and Chancellor were exchanged; thereafter President refers to the chief executive officer of Southern Illinois University, and Chancellor refers to the chief operating officer of SIUE. Origin references for acts prior to that date were not changed ("President" referring to the head of SIUE and "Chancellor" to the head of SIU) to retain the historic accuracy of the references.]

Abbreviation Explanation
AAT ________
A policy announced and distributed through an Academic Affairs Transaction issue and the issue number.
(Roman (letter)
A policy that was included in the Code of Policies of the Board of Trustees (which was replaced by the Policies of the Board publication). The Roman numeral indicates the Code chapter and the letter indicates the subdivision of the chapter where the policy was located.
EB ______-______
A policy announced and distributed through an Edwardsville Bulletin and the volume and issue number of the Bulletin.
OP _______
A policy approved by the President and the date of the action.
OC _______
A policy approved by the Chancellor and the date of the action.
PVC ______
A policy approved by the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs the date of the action (formerly abbreviated as PVP).
VCA ______
A policy approved by the Vice Chancellor for Administration and the date of the action.
CC )


GV )

GR )____-____
(#) (year)
PC )

RP )

SA )

WC )
A policy recommendation originating in the former University Senate or in the Faculty Senate. The two letters designate the council of origin, the number and year designate the policy recommendation number assigned by the respective senate. For example, Graduate Council policy recommendation #1-70/71 is abbreviated, GR 1-70/71. The council abbreviations are: CC = Curriculum Council; FDC = Faculty Development Council; GV = Governance Council; GR = Graduate Council; PC = Planning Council; RP = Rules and Procedures Council; SA = Student Affairs Council; and, WC = Welfare Council.
General resolutions passed by the Faculty Senate are not assigned a council policy recommendation number. If approved, they are referenced under the date of approval by the Chancellor, as an OC reference, or the date of approval by the President, as an OP reference, if the matter required the President's approval.
UC ___/___


GC ___/___


A policy appearing in the Undergraduate Catalog (UC) or the Graduate Catalog (GC), and the volume/issue numbers of the catalog, or in the School of Dental Medicine Bulletin (SDMB) and the year of issue of the Bulletin.
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