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Policies & Procedures - Guidelines

Policy Development and Implementation Policy - 7A1

  1. Purpose

    This Policy Development and Implementation Policy provides a standardized and centralized process under which a proposed policy may be initiated, developed, reviewed, approved, implemented and disseminated in accordance with applicable standards of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville ("University").
  2. Definitions

    1. Academic Affairs Policies: Regulations and procedures that directly impact and relate to academic affairs, such as educational standards, academic governance, academic administrative policies and procedures, course curriculum, student enrollment and admissions, student-related financial matters and aid, among other standards and processes relating to academic affairs and/or student affairs as set by the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. This definition shall not include the internal policies or procedures of respective schools or departments within the University which set forth the unique standards and expectations of a respective school or department.
    2. University-Wide Policies: Institutional standards, regulations or directives that relate to and/or affect the overall governance, compliance with applicable state or federal laws, educational mission, employment, student affairs, administrative actions and/or standards of the University as set by the Chancellor on behalf of the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University. These types of policies include non-academic policies that govern the administrative procedures, operations and governance of the University and, generally, are distinguished from policies or procedures that relate to and/or impact a specific unit, function or population on campus, such as internal administrative procedures, academic affairs (as defined herein), or student governance and/or organization issues.
    3. Policy Council: A council appointed by the Chancellor to review, process, and administer development and/or revision of University-wide policies in accordance with this Policy Development and Implementation Policy. The Policy Council shall have not less than five members with representatives from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Relations, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Office of General Counsel and other departments or units as deemed appropriate. The Chancellor shall designate two members of the Policy Council to serve as chairperson and vice chairperson, respectively, to be responsible for the administrative operations of the Policy Council.
    4. Responsible Official: An individual appointed by a vice chancellor in his or her respective functional area and/or unit level who shall be responsible, on behalf of the vice chancellor, for the development, processing, and review of proposed new or revised policies and shall serve as the primary liaison between the vice chancellor and the Policy Council. The Responsible Official may serve on the Policy Council if deemed appropriate by the Chancellor.
  3. Policy Review and Approval Process

    1. A vice chancellor or the Responsible Official for each vice chancellor shall initiate the review of a newly developed University-wide policy or change to an existing University-wide policy upon submission of the proposed policy and submission template form to the Policy Council.
    2. Upon receipt of a proposed policy and related information, the Chair of the Policy Council will call an official meeting of the Policy Council to conduct an overview of the proposed policy. The Chair will distribute the proposed policy and supporting documentation to each member of the Council prior to the scheduled meeting date. The Council will review the proposed policy and advise whether it satisfies the following factors (and any other factors deemed relevant by the Council):

      1. Whether the subject matter of the proposed policy falls within the purview or authority of the submitting vice chancellor;
      2. Whether the proposed policy meets the definition of a University-wide Policy;
      3. Whether there is sufficient information to properly process the proposed policy;
      4. Whether there are other related policies or procedures in existence that should be considered during this review;
      5. Whether the formatting, grammar, and historical references of the proposed policy are consistent with other policies;
      6. Whether the proposed policy conflicts with other University-wide policies or other related internal policies;
      7. Whether the proposed policy is consistent with applicable state and/or federal laws and regulations, court orders, arbitrator decisions and/or audit findings;
      8. Whether the proposed policy is consistent with the overall mission and governance of the University; and
      9. Whether the proposed policy has been submitted to the applicable constituency group(s) for review and input.
    3. If the Policy Council deems changes to the proposed policy are necessary, the proposed policy shall be returned to the Responsible Official with written recommendations for changes, revisions, and/or corrections. Once the recommended changes, revisions, and/or corrections are reviewed and considered, the Responsible Official shall resubmit the proposed policy with revisions, if any, to the Policy Council for further consideration. The Policy Council shall have the authority to return the proposed policy at any time to the Responsible Official with additional written recommendations for changes, revisions, and/or corrections and the Responsible Official may resubmit the proposed policy to the Policy Council after each such return.
    4. The Policy Council, upon completion of its review of the proposed policy pursuant to the factors stated at Section III(B) and having addressed all issues raised in discussions with the Responsible Official pursuant to Section III(C), shall forward written findings and recommendations and the proposed policy to the Office of the Chancellor.
    5. Upon receipt of the Policy Council's findings and recommendations, the Chancellor's Office shall submit the final proposed policy along with all related recommendations (in addition to relevant background information) to the Chancellor's Council for review and consideration.
    6. The Chancellor's Council shall issue a recommendation to the Chancellor to approve, modify or reject the proposed policy. In the alternative, if the Chancellor's Council determines that additional review or further modification is required before final action is taken, it may remand the proposed policy back to the Policy Council.
    7. The Chancellor shall, upon receipt of the recommendation of the Chancellor's Council, take one of the following actions:

      1. Approve the proposed policy and implement said document as an official University regulation.
      2. Remand the proposed policy with suggested comments or changes to the Policy Council for further review.
      3. Refer the proposed policy to a specific group or organization for review, discussion and/or input in accordance with subsection V(A).
      4. Reject the proposed policy.
    8. Any action by the Chancellor to either approve or reject a proposed policy herein shall constitute a final action for purposes of this Policy Development and Implementation Policy. There shall be no individual right under University policy to appeal, dispute, grieve or seek a review of the Chancellor's action.
  4. Post-Approval Procedures

    1. The Office of the Chancellor shall delegate the responsibility of disseminating and publishing approved policies to the appropriate campus offices. Dissemination and publication shall include the following:

      1. Finalize the approved policy in regard to formatting, grammar, notations and/or references, if any; and
      2. Submit in print form for inclusion in all applicable or relevant University printed publications;
      3. Post on the official SIUE website;
      4. Publish to the affected group or population through an informational email notification;
      5. Publish, post, or disseminate in any other manner or method as determined by the Chancellor to be reasonable and necessary.
    2. All colleges, schools, departments, and units of the University publishing or posting an approved University-wide policy on their respective web pages shall post a link to the official SIUE website where the University-wide policies are published.
    3. All applicable and relevant records and documents created or reviewed by the Policy Council, including any historical information, shall be maintained in the Office of the Chancellor.
    4. Printed versions of the policy shall include a disclaimer that the official SIUE website should be consulted for the latest version.
  5. Miscellaneous Rules and Procedures

    1. If the Chancellor's Council or the Policy Council determines that a University-related constituency group, committee, and/or task force should review a proposed policy, the Chair of the Policy Council shall refer the proposed policy to the appropriate vice chancellor or Responsible Official to effect such a review.

      1. Solicited constituency groups, committees, and/or task forces may review the proposed policy and submit recommendations to the vice chancellor or Responsible Official. The recommendations shall then be forwarded to the Chancellor's Council and/or the Policy Council for consideration.
      2. Recommendations from constituency groups, committees, and/or task forces, if any, must be received by the vice chancellor or Responsible Official within forty-five (45) calendar days from the time assigned to constituency groups, committees, and/or task forces by the vice chancellor or Responsible Official, unless the vice chancellor or Responsible Official deems circumstances warrant extending such review period.
    2. The discussions, opinions, drafts, recommendations, and individual votes of the Policy Council shall be considered confidential in nature. Any and all documents of the Policy Council, including official and approved minutes of meetings, shall not be subject to disclosure except as provided by law.
    3. When submitting a new policy proposal or a modification to an existing policy, the initiating unit or individual shall complete the Policy Submission Template Form and the Policy Implementation Routing/Checklist Form which shall be attached to the front of the policy standard template to be used by each functional area during the policy development and implementation process for all University-wide policies. These forms are: Policy Format Template, Policy Submission Template Form, Policy Implementation - Routing Checklist Form.
    4. Only policies approved in accordance with this Policy Development and Implementation Policy shall have the force and effect of an official University policy, except as provided elsewhere herein. In the event of a conflict between an approved University-wide policy and an internal administrative procedure or school or departmental policy or procedure, the University-wide policy shall be the controlling authority and supersede all other conflicting policies or procedures.
    5. The Chancellor, or his designee, may unilaterally approve and implement the following types of policies which shall not be subject to the Policy Development and Implementation Policy, unless the Chancellor deems otherwise:

      1. Policies that are regulatory in nature and are required in order to comply with a mandated or regulatory directive or rule under federal or state law, judicial order, or applicable external agency directive or audit finding; or
      2. Policies that are adopted in accordance with the University's revenue bond repayment requirements; or
      3. Policies that are adopted by the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University for the purpose of directing, enforcing and/or regulating the educational, operational and administrative standards and procedures of both the Edwardsville and Carbondale campuses (ex: tuition, financial or budgetary issues, or any topic or subject that is under the full authority of the President's Office or the Board of Trustees and has not been delegated to the Chancellors).
    6. The Office of the Chancellor shall retain, to the extent reasonably practicable, an official record and archive of all University-wide policies, including the effective date of said policies and any modifications or amendments.

Approved by the Chancellor effective 4/30/21
This policy was issued on April 30, 2021, replacing the May 6, 2011 version.
Document Reference: 7A1
Origin: OC 1/19/11; OC 4/30/21

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