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Motor Vehicles

Student Driver Approval Procedure - 6D6

Only student employees, who are approved to drive by Transportation Service, are allowed to operate university vehicles. To initiate this process, to obtain forms or additional information, call Transportation Services.

  1. Standard Driver Approval Process

    1. All completed Student Employee Driver Approval Forms are to be sent/faxed to Transportation Service, Campus Box 1004, or Fax #3103.

    2. Students are approved for one academic term at a time. Requests for approval for multiple academic terms will be corrected. Succeeding multiple academic terms will be crossed out, and only the first academic term listed will be allowed. (SAMPLE - "fall 98; spring 99") If the requested term is written as "1998-99", or "Academic Year 98-99", or "FY 99", it shall be crossed out and the current academic term shall be listed.

    3. The form will be sent to the University Police. University Police will check the student's driving record for any moving citations. Citations posted on the student's record by any unit of authority will be listed on the form. University police will also conduct a security check to see if any records exist on the student. If so, it shall be noted on the form or on a separate sheet of paper, stapled to the form. University Police will return the form to Transportation Service.

    4. If citations are listed by the University Police, the form will be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for Administration's designee.

      Requests for approval will be denied for the following reasons:

      • Student is not enrolled or is suspended for the academic term requested to drive a University vehicle.

      • Student has two or more moving citations within one calendar year. Moving citations will be included from any unit authorized to issue citations, and failure to wear a seat belt will be considered a moving violation.

      • The campus security check shows that there is just cause/reason to deny the student's driving a University vehicle. These reasons may include, but not be limited to the following:

        1. Reports of excessive speeding in a University vehicle.

        2. Reports of excessive misuse of a University vehicle.

        3. Reports of any "Warrant for Arrest".

        4. Other security checks of incidents to provide cause not to approve a student to drive a University vehicle. Such incidents will usually be reported by the units on an attached memorandum describing the reason(s).

    5. If there is just cause/reason not to approve the student(s), the Vice Chancellor for Administration's designee will notate the form as such. The Vice Chancellor for Administration's designee will send the signed form to Transportation Service.
    6. Transportation Service will conduct final processing. The original form will be sent back to the originating department.

  2. Driver Approval Process - 14 Passenger Buses

    1. Departments and offices seeking approval for student employees to drive a 14 passenger bus shall first follow the Standard Driver Approval Process.

    2. To operate a 14 passenger bus, student employees are also required to attend the University's 14 Passenger Bus Training Program prior to operating said vehicles.

Approved by Vice Chancellor for Administration effective 2/7/06
This policy was issued on February 8, 2006, replacing the August 8, 2002 version.
Document Reference: 6D6
Origin: VCA 5/19/95; VCA 8/28/01; VCA 6/24/02; VCA 2/7/06

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