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Motor Vehicles

Employee Driver Approval Process - 6D4

  1. New Applicants

    The Office of Human Resources will identify all civil service positions which require an employee to possess a valid State of Illinois driver's license.

    1. The Office of Human Resources will retain a machine copy of the applicant's driver's license and forward the copy of the applicant's license to the hiring unit along with the candidate's Application for Employment.
    2. The Hiring Unit is responsible for initiating the employee driver approval process as defined herein.
    3. The results of the driver approval process shall be provided to the Office of Human Resources by the Hiring Unit prior to any offer of employment.

  2. Standard Driver Approval Process

    1. All completed Employee Driver Approval Forms are to be sent to Transportation Service, Campus Box 1004. A fax with the relevant information will be accepted. (The fax number is 618-650-3103.)

      1. Units with Department-Assigned Vehicles

        An Employee Driver Approval Form shall be completed for employees who utilize a department-assigned vehicle.

        On those occasions where an employee outside the unit may use the vehicle, the fiscal officer shall, at a minimum, request proof of a driver's license from the employee prior to letting the employee use the vehicle. If it appears that the employee does possess a valid driver's license, the fiscal officer may proceed with letting the employee use the vehicle. The Employee Driver Approval form shall be completed concurrently or after the fact, and sent to Transportation Service. It is believed that this process will not impede vehicular usage, yet it will allow for approval or disapproval of future requests for use of the department-assigned vehicle by that employee.

      2. Fleet Vehicles

        Frequent users of fleet vehicles should submit an Employee Driver Approval Form to Transportation Service.

        Non-frequent users shall be required to provide proof of a license at the time of vehicle checkout. The Employee Driver Approval Form shall be completed concurrently and/or after the fact, so as not to impede vehicular usage, yet allow for approval or disapproval of future requests for use of fleet vehicles.

    2. Employee and Fiscal Officer Responsibility

      1. Employees are responsible for reporting the revocation or suspension of their driver's license to their immediate supervisor. If the driver's license is revoked or suspended, the employee shall have no authority to continue to operate a University, rental or leased vehicle. The employee's supervisor/fiscal officer is responsible for providing written notice to:

        1. The Office of Human Resources
        2. Transportation Service

        Use of a University, rental or leased vehicle may not be resumed until application has been reinstituted via the standard Employee Driver Approval process described herein.

      2. Employees are responsible for providing accurate information concerning the status of their driver's license and driving records as it pertains to any citations issued. The University's Driver Approval Process is based on honesty from its employees.

      3. The University assumes no liability for accepting information from employees, which is later discovered to be false. In addition, the University recognizes that there may be a data entry delay in the State's database concerning the employee's driving record. Should it later be discovered that an employee provided false information, or withheld vital information pertaining to the status of their driver's license or driving record, the employee may be held personally liable for an "at fault" accident. University driving privileges may also be revoked or denied. Discipline, up to and including termination, may also be imposed.

  3. Driver Approval Process - 14 Passenger Buses

    1. Drivers seeking approval to drive 14 passenger buses shall adhere to the Standard Driver Approval Process.
    2. To operate a 14 passenger bus, employees are required to attend the University's 14 Passenger Bus Training Program prior to operating said vehicles.


Except for new hires, Employee Driver Approval forms shall be submitted to Transportation Service on an annual basis. Transportation Service will provide a renewal form to the department one month prior to expiration; however if it is easier for the department, they may file according to the following timetable, as in the past:

Functional Area Renewal Date
Administrative Affairs March 1
Academic Affairs April 1
Student Affairs August 1
Chancellor's Office August 1
University Relations October 1
ESL Center Operations October 1

Approved by Vice Chancellor for Administration effective 2/7/06
This policy was issued on February 8, 2006, replacing the August 5, 2004 version.
Document Reference: 6D4
Origin: VCA 7/96; VCA 8/28/01; VCA 2/7/06

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