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Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Regulations, SIUE - 6D2


Article I/General

  1. These regulations shall apply to owned, leased, or rented facilities in Edwardsville, East St. Louis, and Alton and any other facility under the jurisdiction of the Chancellor of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

  2. Persons having complaints, suggestions, or questions regarding these regulations or their enforcement may direct such complaint, suggestion, or question to the Parking and Traffic Committee; Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; Edwardsville, Illinois 62026-1001. Any person may request a hearing before the Parking and Traffic Committee to lodge a complaint or make a suggestion. The Parking and Traffic Committee may take appropriate action within its jurisdiction, or may refer such complaint or suggestion involving personnel to one of the following offices for investigation and such remedial action or recommendation as appropriate:

    • Staff - Vice Chancellor for Administration
    • Faculty - Vice Chancellor for Administration
    • Students - Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Article II/Traffic

  1. Regulations

    1. The maximum speed limit is 45 miles per hour unless posted by sign for lesser speed. In marked and posted pedestrian crossing areas, the pedestrian has the right-of-way. The maximum speed limit in such areas is as posted.

    2. All traffic accidents involving property injury shall be reported as soon as possible to the University Police by owners or operators of the vehicles involved.

    3. The current vehicle traffic regulatory signs consisting of color-coded symbols are hereby considered official for use at their present locations.

    4. Through truck traffic is not permitted on campus roads. Trucks are defined as commercial type vehicles with Gross Vehicle Weight (G.V.W.) of 8,000 pounds or more. Truck traffic is not permitted except for delivery of goods, services, and official business.

Article III/Parking

  1. Regulations

    1. Parking of motor vehicles on all property of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is by permit only. Parking for students, faculty, and staff is permitted only when properly registered vehicles display registration permits.

    2. Major parking lots are color-coded by signs to match student, faculty, and staff registration permits. Vehicles may be parked only on lots color-coded to match registration permits.

    3. Manned pay parking lots and metered spaces are open to all registered vehicles. Visitors may use only pay lots or metered spaces, unless other arrangements have been made for them. (See Article VI for guest parking regulations at Cougar Village)

    4. Metered pay parking lots are open to all vehicles, including registered vehicles and visitor or guest vehicles.

    5. Parking in loading zones is not permitted except for cargo loading and unloading which may be accomplished on a short-time-limit basis. Access will be controlled.

    6. Construction forces not a part of the University staff will be permitted to park within or near the confines of the construction sites with appropriate permits.

    7. Parking in areas other than designated parking lots and parking areas is forbidden.

    8. The current designated use of parking lots and areas is hereby adopted.

  2. Enforcement Assessments (Parking)

    1. Parking a vehicle in a lot authorized for permits of a color other than that color displayed on the vehicle's registration permit, parking in a no parking zone, or a citation for a registration violation shall subject the vehicle registrant or violator to a violation assessment of $15.00 (for a first offense) payable within ten (10) working days. This fine increases in $10 increments to $55.00 for the fifth and subsequent offenses. If the assessment is paid in person to Parking Services, or by mail in the envelope which accompanies the citation, or appealed within ten (10) working days, the fine is reduced by $5.00.

    2. Hazardous or blocking parking violations shall subject the vehicle to tow. The driver, registrant, and owner of the vehicle will be severally liable for payment for such towing and storage.

    3. Vehicles of repetitious violators shall be subject to tow or immobilization (booting).

    4. Parking in areas other than designated parking lots and parking areas shall subject the vehicle to tow. Parking in no parking zones and unauthorized parking in wheelchair spaces and fleet zones may subject the vehicle to tow.

Article IV/Registration

  1. Regulations

    1. Registration of vehicles parked on University property by students, faculty, and staff is mandatory. Parking on campus for students, faculty, and staff is controlled and permitted by the use of official registration permits.

    2. Information regarding the procedures that dictate the issuance of permits may be obtained from the Parking Services website.

    3. Every permit must be clearly displayed according to instructions from Parking Services.

  2. Disability Permits

    1. Disability permits are issued to permanently disabled persons possessing Illinois handicapped license plates or hangtags and to those individuals certified by Health Service as permanently disabled.

    2. For short-term disabilities, a temporary permit is issued for periods of one month. Certification by Health Service is a prerequisite to receiving a temporary disability permit. Purchase of an SIUE permit is also required.

  3. Replacement Permits

    1. Replacement permits are issued at a cost of $15.00.

  4. Temporary Permits

    1. If an individual forgets or misplaces his or her permit, a temporary permit may be obtained from Parking Services. Rates are $2.00 per day. Until a temporary permit can be obtained, the motorist may pay to park at a meter or in the attended lot (Lot B).

  5. Registration Assessments

    1. Citations resulting from parking of vehicles not properly registered will result in a fine payable to Parking Services within ten (10) working days. Failure to pay a citation which has not been appealed will subject the citation recipient to further penalties and/or sanctions.

    2. Permits are at all times the property of the Board of Trustees and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Mutilation or alteration of a permit, the purchase or use of a permit under false pretense, or the production or use of a counterfeit permit constitutes a violation of the Illinois Criminal Code and may result in prosecution. In every case, however, such mutilation, alteration, or purchase or use under false pretense of permits, or the production or use of counterfeit permits shall subject the student or University employee committing such act to a violation assessment of $80.00. Such violation may further result in suspension or revocation of parking registration.

Article V/Appeals

  1. Any person who desires an administrative hearing must make an appeal with Parking Services within ten (10) working days immediately following the date of issuance of the ticket. A $5.00 partial payment is required with the appeal.
  2. Anyone who fails to pursue his or her administrative hearing waives the right to the same, and shall be subject to the monetary use charge resulting from the original ticket.

  3. Parking Services shall review all appeals submitted under these regulations and affirm the monetary use charge or determine that no monetary use charge was incurred.
  4. The Parking and Traffic Committee shall create an Appeals Subcommittee which shall hold meetings on a regular basis.

  5. Appeals denied by Parking Services may be further appealed to the Appeals Subcommittee.
  6. Citations or summons directing the alleged violator to the State court may be appealed in accordance with State law.

Article VI/Cougar Village, Woodland, Prairie and Bluff Hall Parking Regulatory Policies

  1. All contracted single residents and family residents with vehicles on campus are required to obtain residential permits from Parking Services in order to park in areas reserved for resident parking. Residents must obtain a permit for each vehicle that they have on campus.

  2. Cougar Village overnight guests will be allowed to park in residential parking spaces at Cougar Village with appropriate overnight guest passes issued in accordance with the Overnight Guest Policy. Daytime guests may register at the Commons Building for parking permits good for a maximum of four (4) hours. These guests may also park in residential parking spaces with the permits.

    NOTE: If you have a red, green, brown, blue, orange or yellow Residence Hall permit on your car, you are a visitor at Cougar Village. These permits are honored in Lots 5A and 4A at Cougar Village. No additional permits are required unless you plan to stay overnight.

    Woodland, Prairie or Bluff Hall visitors may park their vehicles, on a pay basis, in Lot B or Lot C (two-hour daily time limit) or at the meters near Woodland, Prairie or Bluff Halls. Daytime guests may also register at the front desk for parking permits good for a maximum of four (4) hours. These guests may park in residential parking spaces in Lots WH, PH or BH with these permits. An overnight guest may obtain a permit to park a vehicle in Lots WH, PH or BH when the sponsor resident completes the overnight guest form and receives appropriate approval.

  3. Residents are subject to all provisions of the Motor Vehicle Regulatory Policies of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Vehicles that are improperly parked at Cougar Village will be ticketed. Abandoned vehicles, vehicles which present a clear danger, and vehicles parked in emergency drives may be towed at the owner's expense.

Approved by Chancellor effective 1/23/07
This policy was issued on March 1, 2007, replacing the January 22, 2007 version.
Document Reference: 6D2
Origin: OP 4/27/89; OP 11/5/90; OP 4/10/91; OP 8/31/92; OP 11/5/93; OP 5/20/94; OP 6/17/94; OC 11/19/01; OC 1/10/07; OC 1/23/07

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