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Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Regulatory Policies - 6D1

  1. Southern Illinois University property is under the ownership and control of the Board of Trustees. University roads shall not be deemed public highways or public roads.
  2. Permission to bring motor vehicles on University property is conditional upon compliance with applicable Federal, State and local laws, these regulatory policies, regulations adopted pursuant to these regulatory policies, and directives of duly authorized security officers. Persons failing in this compliance shall be deemed trespassers.
  3. Permission to bring motor vehicles on University property is subject to the condition that the University is not responsible for the care or protection of any motor vehicle or its contents at any time.
  4. The Chancellor of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville shall have general jurisdiction over matters relating to parking and traffic, including the establishment of vehicle registration/parking fees, the authorization of signs regulating traffic and parking, designation of parking areas, and the institution of regulations implementing these regulatory policies.
  5. University authorities are authorized to impose sanctions for violations of regulations adopted by the University including, but not limited to, monetary assessments, withdrawal of permission to bring motor vehicles on University property, withdrawal of parking privileges, removal of trespassing vehicles at the several expense of the driver, registrant and owner, recommendation of internal disciplinary action, or any combination of the above.
  6. Alleged violators shall be entitled to at least one appeal, with the nature of the hearing on the appeal to be appropriate to the offense.
  7. Cognizant University authority is authorized to adopt vehicle registration parking fees to help defray the cost of motor vehicle registration, enforcement of regulations, parking facilities, roadways, and walkways.
  8. The assessment and collection of hourly or daily parking charges by meter or otherwise is hereby authorized. The rates of such fees shall be established by the cognizant University authority.

Approved by President effective 3/2/15
This policy was issued on March 11, 2015, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 6D1
Origin: VIII Code C; OC 4/17/84; OP 7/23/91; OP 3/2/15

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