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Media Advertising Policy [ Publications ] - 5F1

  1. University-affiliated media, receiving support through University funds, including those of officially recognized student organizations, may solicit and sell, and publish, broadcast, or otherwise communicate commercial advertising on a more than occasional basis, only in accordance with this policy.

  2. Any organization engaging in commercial advertising activity under this policy shall comply with the following conditions:

    1. In the case of student organizations or activities, the persons selling advertising must be currently enrolled students of the University, who are members of the organization and under the guidance and supervision of a faculty or staff advisor.

    2. The advertising activity must be conducted in full compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations related thereto.

    3. Each organization shall operate in accordance with appropriate ethical codes in the interest of maintaining acceptable standards of fair play and social responsibility. Examples of such codes are the Code of Ethics Statement of Sigma Delta Chi, and the Code of the National Association of Broadcasters.

    4. Each organization shall establish working papers to govern the advertising activity which must be submitted to the Chancellor or his or her designee for approval.

    5. Each organization must maintain fiscal responsibility and, as required by University regulations, have a faculty or staff member as fiscal officer.

    6. A report shall be filed at the end of each fiscal year with the appropriate Vice Chancellor showing the source and amount of non-advertising funds or support devoted to the medium involved, the operating costs attributed to publication or broadcasting activities, and the gross revenue derived in the preceding year from advertising.

    7. Direct or indirect University support given such organizations or media for media purposes shall not, in any fiscal year, exceed the difference between earned media income and actual operating costs of the media (including appropriate reserves).

  3. The working papers of each organization engaging in commercial advertising under this policy shall include the following:

    1. Identification of the faculty or staff advisor, fiscal officer, and where applicable, the student editor or station manager of the organization (to be submitted annually).

    2. A general statement of the types of advertising to be carried.

    3. Assurance that the editor or manager and advisor are conversant with the prevailing laws of libel, obscenity, privacy, and other laws, regulations, or ordinances affecting the publication or broadcast activity.

    4. A statement of orderly procedures for the filing and disposition of complaints concerning the advertising activity which specifies the appropriate University channels through which responses to such complaints may be administratively reviewed. Disposition of these complaints shall be maintained in writing and open to public scrutiny.

  4. Whenever a complaint is filed which provides substantial evidence that a University-affiliated organization under this policy is competing unfairly in the advertising market with private media, or is being subsidized unfairly in an amount beyond that necessary to continue it, such complaint shall be reviewed by the Chancellor (or his or her designee) for the purpose of determining:

    1. Whether or not University-affiliated organization is competing fairly and equitably with private media of similar character in respect to charges, prices, and other rate considerations for advertising; and,

    2. Whether University funds, or direct or indirect University support, being provided such University organization should be adjusted in any way in view of income being generated by advertising activities, and in deference to Paragraph 2(g) above. Subject to meeting a standard of substantial fairness in rates charged for advertising, University-affiliated media shall be permitted to continue advertising activities, although the Chancellor (or his or her designee), pursuant to such review, may require and effect such adjustments in direct or indirect University support to such media as may be necessary to assure that the "no-profit" guideline under Paragraph 2(g) above is maintained.

  5. This policy is intended to provide a statement to govern the advertising activities of University-affiliated media at Edwardsville, while at the same time is intended to insure and protect the rights of freedom of press and academic freedom.

Approved by Chancellor effective 12/20/82
This policy was issued on November 14, 2002, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 5F1
Origin: OP 12/20/82

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