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Policy on the Structure and Function of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee - 3F1


The Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (ICAC) is constituted as a free-standing committee of the University. The Committee derives its functions from authority of the Chancellor and is responsible to the Chancellor through the designated administrative line officer.


  1. The ICAC must meet the membership criteria established by the National Collegiate Athletic Association and will consist of voting members and ex officio members without vote.

    1. The voting members will consist of seventeen persons: eight faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate, the NCAA representative appointed by the Chancellor, four staff members appointed by the University Staff Senate, and four students appointed by the Student Senate; at least one student will be a member of the Student Senate. One or two (1-2) alternate voting members will also be selected by each constituency body, and such person(s) will have the authority to vote in the absence of the designated voting member. No more than two faculty members will be selected from any one professional school, library or support unit of the University; not more than three faculty members will be selected from the College of Arts and Sciences. Appointments will be made consistent with the diverse nature of the University community.
    2. Ex officio members serving without vote shall consist of the Director of Athletics (AD) and others appointed as determined by the Chancellor.
  2. In case of resignation or other vacancies on the Committee, the appropriate constituency body shall select the replacement in the same manner as an original appointment.


  1. Voting members of the ICAC shall serve four-year terms with the initial membership staggered so that four faculty members, two staff members, and two students shall be selected for four-year terms and four faculty members, two staff members, and two students selected for two-year terms.
  2. After the initial year of operation, all selections to the Committee shall be for four-year terms. Members may be reappointed.


The ICAC shall elect a Chair annually from its faculty members. The Chair may be reelected. Elections shall be by ballot. A majority of the votes cast shall be necessary for election. Duties of the Chair include, but are not limited to:

  1. Scheduling ICAC meetings through email when maximum attendance is possible. Supplying members of the Committee with agendas and documents necessary for discussion of business to be considered.
  2. Conducting ICAC meetings according to acceptable parliamentary procedures.
  3. Ensuring that all actions of the ICAC (recommendations, reports, minutes, etc.) are distributed promptly to appropriate recipients after the action has been approved by the ICAC, and providing information on matters of general interest to the University community.


  1. The responsibilities of the ICAC are to review, develop, and make recommendations to the AD on matters relating to the Intercollegiate Athletics program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. These include, but are not limited to:

    1. Consult and assist with the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan of the Department of Athletics.
    2. Counsel and support AD on all major departmental decisions including, but not limited to: budget, compliance, policy development, academic integrity, conference affiliation, capital development, fundraising, and all aspects of the welfare and education of student-athletes.
    3. At a minimum, meet all on-campus interviewees for all Head Coach and senior Athletics administrative positions. Committee members can petition or may be asked to serve as a member of the search committees for these and other Department of Athletics positions. 
    4. Administer the duties and responsibilities mandated by the NCAA including, but not limited to: student-athlete grievances not addressed by existing University policies and procedures, eligibility for transfer, etc.
    5. Develop, implement and participate in programs that promote the health, safety, welfare and education of student-athletes while fostering leadership and community. Engage SIUE student-athletes in an intellectual community of students, faculty, and staff.
  2. The ICAC shall give adequate public notice of the time, date, and place of all its meetings. Notice shall be posted on the Athletics website.
  3. The AD is charged by the Chancellor with administrative responsibility for all aspects of intercollegiate athletics. All actions, recommendations, proposals, and reports of the Committee shall be forwarded or reported to the Chancellor, through the AD, for approval.

Approved by Chancellor effective 1/5/16.
This policy was issued on January 12, 2016, replacing the January 6, 2011 version.
Document Reference: 3F1
Origin: OP 1/7/80; OP 8/31/84; OP 5/3/89; OC 12/1/97; OC 12/8/10; OC 1/5/16

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