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Income Tax Credit Against Non-Resident Tuition Charge - 3A3

Persons who are residents of states contiguous to Illinois may use the amount of personal income taxes paid to the State of Illinois to offset non-resident tuition for themselves, their spouses, or their dependent children enrolled at SIUE. The amount of taxes paid during the ten years prior to enrollment and continuing through the period of enrollment may be used to offset the non-resident charge. The earliest amount eligible to be credited shall be applied first.

In the event both spouses pay income taxes to Illinois, their combined tax amount paid may be used in determining the amount available to offset the non-resident tuition charge for either spouse or for their dependents. Likewise, the tax amount paid by a dependent may be combined with those paid by parents in determining the offset total. However, a dependent, in calculating the tuition offset, may not use the amount of taxes paid by another dependent.

The total tuition offset may not exceed the non-resident charge. That is, tuition owed by a non-resident student may not be less than SIUE's tuition charge for a resident student.

Students seeking to claim an offset of non-resident tuition charges are responsible for verifying taxes paid by submitting appropriate documentation to SIUE.

Approved by President effective 1/21/99
This policy was issued on February 9, 1999.
Document Reference: 3A3
Origin: OP 1/21/99

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